Artist enjoys creativity of watercolor

Loknath Das

Artist enjoys creativity of watercolor

I met Caleb Quire via local musician, Fleming Moore, several months ago out at one of the “Black Water on the Ashley” music nights in Summerville. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Caleb has lived in South Carolina since he was a small child.

Regan: Where are you from and what brought you to Summerville?

Quire: According to my parents, I spent a couple of my early years in Jacksonville before we made the move to North Charleston and slowly, but surely, found our place in Summerville. Some of my best childhood memories are biking up to Guerin’s Pharmacy with my brothers in search for snacks — so I’ve known Summerville as a hometown since I was young.

R: Did you study art in college or are you mostly self-taught?

Q: Yes and no. I studied graphic design in college and use a lot of that knowledge and influence in all my artistic projects. However, I did not seek out any other art classes outside of school and basically bullied my way around with the help of books and determination until I got to where I am now.

R: You paint with watercolor; you draw (pencil & charcoal); you do graphic design (logos, block printing), photography and video. What is your favorite medium to work with and why? Favorite subject to draw?

Q: I have the most experience drawing with a pencil and with charcoal but I truly enjoy watercolor the most at this stage of my career. I like being able to play with colors in such a special way that other painting mediums cannot give you. I feel I am barely tapping into what I can do with watercolors and enjoy challenging myself to be better. My favorite subject to draw or paint would be the quirks of people. I am fortunate enough to paint a lot of pups and cats which keeps me smiling all day long but I do love the challenge that painting people offers.

R: Your new endeavor of is unique. Talk about that.

Q: I teamed up with a good friend of mine, Paul Smith, to provide a complete gift that holds great significance. Our House-Drawn Team hand-draws, inks, and colors, the homes of your childhood; or, it might even be your very first house. We mat, frame, wrap, and box the Masterpiece and ship it to you. Homes hold so much emotion and it is a great reminder of the good times when seeing that Masterpiece on your wall. You can go to to learn more.

For more information, go to

Q: I’m just in the beginning stages of a new watercolor series that sprung on me out of nowhere and I’m really excited about all of the creative juices I’ve got swimming around in my brain with that one. I am also starting to play around with block printing and apparel which will be something we will all see more of come this spring and summer.

R: Any art showings, courses/workshops, festivals, or other art events planned?

Q: I do not have any guaranteed showings or events planned but you can expect tutorial videos and painting walk-throughs coming out soon. It has been a long time coming but who doesn’t need a Bob Ross-inspired watercolor painter? As most people know, Bob Ross is a famous oil painter who created easy going and happy painting episodes on “The Joy of Painting” (from 1983 to 1995) on PBS-TV — way before I started art as a kid.