Glacier White PS4 Slim to Launch in India Next Week

Glacier White PS4 Slim to Launch in India Next Week


  • The Glacier White PS4 Slim will be available in India from next week
  • It will not come with any games or other freebies
  • It will be listed by most online retailers soon

India gets another variant of the PS4 Slim. According to several retailers speaking to Gadgets 360, Sony India will release the Glacier White PS4 Slim 500GB console. It will cost Rs. 27,990 and be available from next week. No games or PS Plus subscriptions will be a part of the offer. Something to keep in mind, if you were expecting freebies along with the purchase.

Expect the likes of Amazon India, Flipkart, and Games The Shop to have it listed today or by next week at the earliest. For the longest time, Sony India has stayed away from coloured consoles, bringing them in extremely late in the PS3’s lifecycle and ignoring coloured versions of the PS Vita altogether.


And while the PS4 has seen several colour options since its inception, this is the first time the company has decided to release the PS4 in a colour that isn’t black.

We can’t help but feel Sony has dropped the ball by not including any games along with the package. More so when Rs. 27,990 gets you a PS4 with two controllers or a PS4 with Horizon Zero Dawn. For Rs. 1,000 more, you get Horizon Zero Dawn, Ratchet and Clank, Driveclub, and three months of PS Plus along with a PS4.

Suffice to say, if you’re really hankering for a PS4 that stands out from the crowd, this could be an option. Confused as to which PS4 to buy? We have you covered with our comprehensive guide.


Black to white: How money becomes legitimate

Black to white: How money becomes legitimate

Moneycontrol News

Renukamata Credit Society, located in one of the oldest areas of Kalbadevi in Mumbai, has seen more than Rs 2,000-crore worth inflow and outflow of cash.

The small group accepts cash deposits of any amount and transfers it to anyone in any city on the depositor’s instructions. They follow a strict ‘no-question policy’ – which means no questions are raised on the funds, depositor or where the funds go.

According to a report in the Economic Times, there are no clues about the identity of the depositors. The IT wing has passed on the details to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for further investigation. However, tailing it might prove to be a tough task.

The task of keeping these transactions ‘layered’ lies with intermediaries or handlers on the lookout for people, mostly small labourers or workers, who willingly share their personal details for a meagre Rs 2500-3000.

Some deposit slips have initials and first name of people who deposited the cash. But while there is an upper limit of Rs 9 lakh for deposits, there is no limit on number of transactions by an account holder. So multiple transactions worth Rs 9 lakh are common.

There are also no defaults here – the depositors fill e-KYC (know your customer) and admit to depositing the money.

This is not the only branch of Ahmednagar-headquartered Renukamata Society. The Society has various branches across Maharashtra and also in Chennai and Hyderabad.

Chairman, Prashant Bhalero told ET the credit society is registered under the Multi-State Societies Act, 2002.

He said people who want to avail their services have to first become the Society’s member by submitting photo ID, residential proof, thumb imprint and photograph. They also have to pay entry fee and share subscription amount.

Considering these multi-state co-operatives societies are safe haven for money launderers, there have been suggestions to bring them under the newly-introduced statement of financial transactions that record high-value transactions.


The Author Tried the New White House Facebook Chatbot. Here’s What Happened.

The Author Tried the New White House Facebook Chatbot. Here's What Happened.

Have you ever wished getting in touch with the president was as easy as IMing your friends?

Well, you can now send President Obama private messages through the White House’s Facebook page. The Facebook messages will be among those considered for the 10 personal letters the president reads each day. (Although, disappointingly, because the White House is on Facebook as a page, not a person you can friend, there doesn’t seem to be a way to “poke” POTUS on the social network to get his attention.)

White House chief digital officer Jason Goldman pitched the new Facebook messaging feature this week as a way for the administration to “meet people where they are” online.

The new feature relies on a chatbot that simulates a conversation but doesn’t directly respond to questions. Instead, it guides users through sending feedback to the administration.

But the actual process of using the White House chatbot feels more labor intensive than another digital messaging option available to citizens since 1994: email.

Sending an email to the White House is pretty straightforward: There is a basic contact form you fill out and then submit.

The chatbot is more complicated.

Once this reporter opened the messenger window to ask a simple question – “Are there any plans to allow people to ‘poke’ the White House on Facebook?” – I first had to click the “Let’s Go!” button after waiting for the chatbot to say hello.

After a few minutes, the bot repeated my question back to me to confirm it was all I wanted to send. Then it asked me for my contact information over the course of five questions – with lag time between each. Then it asked me to confirm my contact information after I handed it over.

The runaround took about 10 minutes – significantly longer than if I’d just submitted the same question through the White House’s email form. But at least the White House Facebook bot did end our exchange with a smiley face emoji.

The chatbot fits into a larger digital legacy that Obama will be leaving behind when he departs the Oval Office next January. In 2008, his presidential campaign leveraged social media for organizing and fundraising. And the administration has made a clear effort to stay engaged with the public through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Medium and even Snapchat.

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wealthy individuals consider old white men the maximum

rich old white guy

Horse Racing – Royal Ascot – Ascot Racecourse – A racegoer reads the newspaper, June 16, 2015
FA Insights is a each day publication from commercial enterprise Insider that grants the pinnacleinformation and remark for monetary advisors.
wealthy individuals believe old white guys the most for economic recommendation (InvestmentNews)

A Spectrem organization survey observed that when individuals with $100,000 to $5 million to make investments were asked to pick a economic adviser primarily based most effective on a photo of 8human beings (four women and 4 guys), approximately one-third of them decided on the older white male, reviews Liz Skinner.

the percentage turned into even extra when buyers had extra investable property: approximately forty%of these with $five million or greater selected the older white male.

whether or not you take a look at the responses from adult males versus females, or amongexceptional age cuts, or maybe amongst various ethnicities, the older white male turned into the only thegreatest percent picked,” stated Randy Wostratzky, a director at research company Spectremorganization.

three motives why you should not freak out approximately China just but (The BlackRock weblog)

although most oldsters are pessimistic approximately China, BlackRock’s Terry Simpson delineates threemotives why we should not freak out approximately it simply yet.

China’s debt stage is a problemhowever it’s now not at an drawing close debt-crisis degree.
The chinese financial system still has the capacity to develop, although it might not be within thedouble-digit charges anymore.
Policymakers understand what needs to be accomplished in terms of implementing reforms.
backside line: don’t give up at the chinese language economic system and chinese language equitiessimply yet, but be organized for marketplace volatility as China’s new chapter is written,” argued Simpson.

here‘s wherein people are moving in the US (business Insider)

the use of the Census Bureau’s today’s estimates, enterprise Insider’s Andy Kiersz created a map showinginternet domestic migration between July 2014 and July 2015 as a percentage of the 2014 population inthe united states‘s huge towns.

maximum of the kingdom‘s metro regions noticed net bad migration, proven in crimson at the map, at the same time as some metro regions, specially inside the South, had greater human beings circulate in than go away, indicated in blue:

metro area domestic migration thumb
enterprise Insider/Andy Kiersz, data from US Census Bureau

scholar debt is an obstacle for millennial buyers (FA magazine)

a new look at from the Plan Sponsor Council of the usa (%), a Chicago-primarily based now not-for-profitrepresenting company sponsors of retirement plans, determined that 27% of retirement plan sponsors saida “slight variety” of millennial personnel have referred to pupil loan debt as an obstacle to saving.

furthermore, nine% stated hearing a “excessive degree” of millennials complaining approximatelystudent loans, reports Christopher Robbins.

There are a gaggle of various strategies advisors can use to entice prosperous clients (monetarymaking plans)

John J. Bowen Jr., the CEO of CEG worldwide, mentioned several techniques that advisers can use to lureaffluent customers. among the techniques he recommends are telling your private tale, tapping into social media, and providing yourself as a resource.

these techniques do not rely upon conventional marketing or advertising. instead, they use emotion and fascination to place advisers as cross-to professionals of their markets,” he wrote. “They leveragepresent relationships in innovative methods to assist advisers get extra introductions to new prospects.and that they use era to assist advisers reach out to the exact types of clients they’re searching for.”