Snapchat Gets ‘Stay Tuned’, a 3-Minute News Show Produced by NBC News

Snapchat Gets ‘Stay Tuned’, a 3-Minute News Show Produced by NBC News

NBC News launched a news show Wednesday on Snapchat, a first-of-its- kind broadcast aimed at wooing a younger audience.

The program “Stay Tuned,” produced by a 30-person team, resembles a regular news broadcast in that it is presented by a journalist seen on-screen. But it lasts just three minutes and consists of a rapid-fire series of video clips, none lasting even 10 seconds.

Like other news organisations that broadcast content on social media, mainly Facebook, NBC News uses subtitles on “Stay Tuned” so people can watch videos without sound.

NBC News will run the program live twice daily during the week and once a day on weekends. Recorded versions can be seen on Snapchat’s Discover platform.

NBC will sell ad space for the program and share the revenue with Snapchat, CNBC reported. NBC News did not respond to an AFP request for confirmation of this.

NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC and a unit of cable operator Comcast, invested $500 million (roughly Rs. 5,222 crores) in Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, when it went public in March.


20 Taboo Topics to Stay Away From on Your Company’s Social Media Channels

If you use social media to promote your business online, you should be aware of these 20 things to never post on social media.

If you use social media to promote your business online, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into what types of posts to share. But sometimes it can be just as important to consider what NOT to post on social media.

Sensitive or taboo topics that don’t really relate to your audience can actually hurt your business if you post about them on social media without a strong purpose. Here are 20 taboo topics that most businesses should avoid posting about on social media.

Things to Never Post on Social Media

Complaints About Customers

You likely want to use social media as a way to connect with your customers. But if all you do is trash them online, it can obviously have the opposite effect. Even the occasional complaint about customers can be enough to damage your brand.

Complaints About Employees

Another kind of trashing you probably want to avoid is complaining about your employees online. The customers you connect with want to know that you have a strong team behind you that they can trust. So don’t take to social media to share complaints or rants about the inefficiencies of that team.

Angry Rants

In fact, any anger you have toward others, whether it’s the barista down the street who got your name wrong or the person who cut you off in traffic on the way to work, is probably best saved for venues other than social media.

Unconstructive Criticism About Public Figures

It’s also fairly likely that you’ll have some negative feelings toward public figures at some point, whether that’s politicians, celebrities or anyone in between. But if you’re going to criticize them in a way that’s totally unconstructive, it can come across as petty to your social media followers.

Divisive Political Opinions

You probably also have followers with a large assortment of different political beliefs. So it’s not always a good idea to share political opinions or views that are divisive or might alienate some of your followers.

Religious Rants

Religion is another tricky area. Unless your business or brand is targeted at a certain religious group or your posts don’t specifically alienate other groups of people, it’s probably best to steer clear.

Intrusive Questions

You also don’t want to be too intrusive when asking questions of your followers, either when posing general questions or interacting with people individually.

Ridicule of Any Group of People

If you use humor in your social media accounts, you need to be very careful who you might offend with your jokes. A silly tweet is fine now and then, but making fun of specific groups of people can go over the line.

Fake News

There are so many sources of fake news online, whether created on purpose for clicks or just because of lazy reporting. So be careful not to share anything that’s not true, as it can make your business look bad and lead to your followers being misinformed about important issues.

Trashing of the Competition

Healthy competition can be good for a business, even if you take that rivalry to social media. But there’s a big difference between a friendly back-and-forth and legitimate trash talking, which can make your business look petty.

Confidential Customer Information

Social media also isn’t the place for you to share any sensitive or confidential information about your customers. That probably seems obvious. But since some businesses use social media as a way to settle customer service issues, it is something that might come up from time to time.

Complicated Customer Service Issues

For that matter, it’s worth noting that social media really isn’t the place for you to settle customer service issues that can’t be handled with just a tweet or two. You can respond to customers’ original posts, but then try to move it to email or another format if you need more information.

Medical Issues

Medical issues, whether they relate to you, your team, your customers or anyone else, are also best saved for forums other than social media, if you even need to discuss them at all.

Personal Drama

Social media also isn’t the place for any drama related to your personal life. Even if you are part of your business’s brand, people don’t need to hear about personal drama that’s probably irrelevant to them anyway.

Apathetic Updates

Even though everyone has those days where they’re really just not feeling enthusiastic about work or business, your customers don’t need to hear about it. So don’t share with your followers every time you’re having a bad day or just feeling “blah” about your business.

Party Photos

Sharing photos of your team can be a great way to make your business more relatable on social media. And posting a casual photo at a local happy hour after work might be okay. But avoid the shots of the people who stayed at the office party until 2 a.m. and maybe overdid it. Those images will probably not instill your customers with confidence in your professionalism — or convince others following on social media to do business with you.

Anything Illegal

It should also be fairly obvious that posting anything illegal, whether it’s drug use or even just speeding, is a very bad idea. Ad it might get you not only duped by clients but even prosecuted.

Risque Photos or Content

You should also stay away from posting any sexually suggestive photos or other content.

Controversial Re-posts

Even if you weren’t the original creator of a post, it can still make your business look bad if you re-post it. So stay away from retweeting or sharing any content that could be considered controversial.

Anything Irrelevant to Your Audience

The types of posts listed above can potentially make your business look bad on social media. But to be safe, it’s also best not to post anything that’s irrelevant to your audience. Sticking to only the essentials can help you avoid posting anything that’s going to hurt your business or your brand.

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Apple WWDC 2016: how to Watch stay and what to anticipate From the Keynote

Apple WWDC 2016: How to Watch Live and What to Expect From the Keynote

WWDC 2016 stay move could be to be had for a selection of devices.
windows 10 gadgets also can access the WWDC live movement.
fundamental software program modifications are expected at Apple’s developers convention.
Apple’s annual WWDC developers conference is set to begin in some hours. The keynote will kick off on the bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco at 10am PST (10.30pm IST), where the tech massive isanticipated to unveil a number of software updates. you could comply with stay updates from the eventthrough our stay blog.

As already mentioned, the Apple international builders conference could be stay streamed on Apple’sevent internet site via all iPhone and iPad devices jogging iOS 7.0 or above, and on Mac devices with Safari and OS X v10.eight.five or later. The WWDC 2016 stay stream can also be seen on 2ndand thirdera Apple television containers strolling version 6.2, apart from fourth technology Apple tvpacking containers. The WWDC iOS app will even stay stream the occasion from bill Graham Civic Auditorium. And just like ultimate 12 months, home windows 10 laptop users with the Microsoft edgebrowser may also be able to observe the WWDC live circulation.

(also see: Apple to live circulation WWDC 2016 Keynote cope with; Microsoft to Throw After birthday celebration)

because it usually does at its softwaretargeted developer occasion, Apple is predicted to makeannouncements around iOS, OS X, tvOS, and watchOS – revealing their subsequent variations. Siri is also broadly predicted to obtain a selection. There have been loads of leaks walking up to the release, and we take a comprehensive look at what can be expected from Apple’s WWDC event this year.

Siri SDK
in all likelihood the biggest headline grabber can be the release of Siri SDK to third birthday celebrationdevelopers. this could permit apps and web sites to combine Siri into their platform, inadvertently making Siri more useful. it’s far rumoured that this move by using Apple is to in addition its attempt into making an Amazon Echo-like rival. it’s far mentioned that Apple is already tying up with 0.33birthday celebrationservices like Yelp to get the ball rolling.

(additionally see: Apple to Unveil Siri SDK at WWDC, running on Google home Rival: record)

furthermore, Siri is likewise anticipated to be brought on the Mac or OS X platform. Brian Romelle wrote on Medium that while experimenting with the voice assistant on its phone, Siri could begin giving the ‘Finder’ app in its responses. while the Finder app is not on the iPhone, it does exist on the Mac. Siri on Mac isanticipated to paintings simply within the way it works on iOS gadgets.

Apple song revamp
The track app unveiled closing year can also see a first-rate layout overhaul. There were numerousreviews pointing to the revamp, and speculations of a black and white UI are rife. This design template is to position more emphasis at the album artwork, and artist pix.

(also see: Apple tune to Get ‘quit-to-give up‘ Overhaul in June: document)

moreover, the agency is expected to do away with the join section that enabled users to hook up withmusicians. The function did now not snowball as was hoping, and Apple may just kill it for what its well worth. There are also rumours of a new ‘For You’ section this is aimed toward helping human beingslocate new music.

iOS 10
because the way of life is going, Apple will lift the curtain at the new edition of its iOS cell and tabletworking gadget at WWDC. the biggest adjustments that are already expected, are those who we’vealready cited, the hole up of Siri SDK, and Apple tune revamp.

but, there is probably a few design modifications to the OS, and Apple may additionally make it greatercolourful with new app icons and symbols. The images app is said to get an improve with new modifyingtools like the ability to draw, write texts, and area images on pictures.

New name for OS X
Apple is basically anticipated to rename the Mac operating machine to macOS, for you to constructuniformity in its OS naming scheme. the brand new call will now be similar to the manner differentsystems are written – iOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

In 2012, Apple had changed the name of the working system from Mac OS X, to simply OS X. the new OS is said to be the biggest upgrade but, but there hasn’t been lots leaked on that front.

watchOS and tvOS
even though there hasn’t been many leaks for those running systems, Apple is without a doubtanticipated to launch updates for the two OS’ as nicely. extensively, Apple released new guidelines to app builders declaring that new apps launched after June 1 at the watchOS will must be local appsconstructed with the watchOS 2 SDK.

Apple Pay
if you want to provide it greater relevance, Apple Pay payments might also now increase aid from simplyapps, and paintings on cellular websites as well. it’s going to dispose of the want to enter credit scorecard and billing facts each time a buy is made on web sites, and is expected to arrive on the cease of theyr. There also are separate reviews that propose Apple Pay would possibly arrive on iMessage in order topermit individual-to-individual bills.

iMessage for Android
some other huge declaration anticipated, is that Apple may announce the appearance of its iMessagecarrier on Android. this is reportedly Apple’s way to tackle Google’s new Allo app which also comes withcease-to-end encryption, and additionally comes with inbuilt Google search.

(also see: Apple to Announce iMessage for Android at WWDC 2016: report)

The reported circulate will open up the area of interest service to a large target market, and the integration of Apple Pay is just to provide it a bit more leverage.

Apple Watch 2
curiously, the brand new Apple Watch 2 is also tipped to launch at WWDC. the brand new watch isanticipated to be 20 to forty percentage thinner than its predecessor. it’s also expected to recreation asubstantially higher battery life, and come with cellular connectivity.

(additionally see: Apple to launch New MacBook Air With Minor Refresh in June: file)

other info on the smartwatch continue to be scarce for the time being. To be referred to is that currentrumours anticipate there to be nearly no hardware launches at WWDC, making the possibility of an Apple Watch 2 unveil low.

Thunderbolt display
Apple is operating on an upgraded version of its Thunderbolt show which are walking out-of-inventory at Apple shops. it’s miles stated to be running on an external 5K show so one can characteristic acommitted GPU included on board. on line reports claim that the new Thunderbolt show will game ascreen resolution of 5120×2880 pixels. moreover, Apple has taken the decision to combine the GPU into the show to make the new Thunderbolt presentations future ready. once again, it’s miles uncertain if Apple will certainly use WWDC as the platform to launch the new screen.

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Hulu to sell internet television package deal With stay Programming

Hulu to Sell Internet TV Package With Live Programming

Hulu is expanding its internet television programming with a subscription service imparting a mix of staycable and broadcast alternatives with a purpose to consist of news and sports.

The pass will pit eightyrvintage Hulu, a streaming provider created via tv networks to counter the riskposed with the aid of Google’s YouTube, towards similar cable-like bundles already being supplied over the internet with the aid of Dish’s Sling television and Sony’s playstation Vue.

Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins confirmed his carrier‘s foray into live programming at a Wednesday presentation inthe big apple. however he did not imparting many specifics, consisting of how tons a month-to-monthsubscription will cost or how many channels can be available.

“Very soon, fanatics will be able to enjoy favorite suggests and cheer for favorite groups, all on Hulu,” in a “deeply personalized revel in,” he stated.

Hulu has connections in Hollywood due to the fact it’s far co-owned via three of the essential players in cable and broadcast programming – 21st Century Fox, Walt Disney Co. and Comcast’s NBC common.

Forrester studies analyst James McQuivey said he believes programmers are trying out the economics oflivetelevision subscriptions over the internet with smaller structures earlier than they commit to most important era businesses including Apple and YouTube, which have each expressed interest in sellingcomparable viewing options.

Hulu expects to have 12 million subscribers with the aid of June, however YouTube’s free internet sitealready draws an target market of greater than 1 billion human beings and Apple has constructed a fiercely unswerving following a number of the clients who own its iPhones, iPads, Macs and television-streaming packing containers.

no one is going to hand the keys of the content material nation over to Apple or YouTube till theyrecognize how this all works with the lesser gamers,” McQuivey stated.

Streaming offerings are trying to create alternatives to conventional pay-television packages in an try to attraction to a growing variety of american citizens who are canceling or refusing to enroll in the networks bundled together through cable and satellite tv for pc vendors.

This target market of so-referred to astwine cutters” alternatively is gravitating to net video offeringsfrom Netflix, HBO and that price $8 to $15 in line with month and permit visitors to observe atelevision show or movie on every occasion they need on a spread of internetrelated devices. Hulu itself sells a businessfree bundle of formerly broadcast television shows.

Now, the race is on to create subscription bundles of channels that may be watched stay over the internet.

Apple has publicly acknowledged its hobby in imparting a subscription package deal of net televisionchannels, but has reportedly been stymied in its tries to attain licensing agreements with programmers.

YouTube also is also hoping to introduce an internet subscription package presenting cable and broadcast channels by means of next year, consistent with a Bloomberg news record posted Wednesday.

The service can be called “Unplugged,” according to Bloomberg, which stated unidentified human beingsfamiliar with its plan. YouTube, although hasn’t yet signed any deals with programmers.

YouTube declined to remark Wednesday.

one by one, Hulu, which released a virtualreality app in March, said it will partner with event enterprisestay country leisure Inc. to create a VR concert series later this yr.

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