Everything You Need to Know About For Honor’s Season Two Gear Changes

Everything You Need to Know About For Honor's Season Two Gear Changes

With Season Two of For Honor’s Faction War beginning tomorrow, Ubisoft implemented four distinct changes to gear. The developers aimed to reduce the gap between high and low level gear, have more stat varieties, show the actual stat values each piece carries, and introduce the Epic rarity sets. In addition, the costs to craft gear has been significantly reduced, though the salvage values after dismantling gear has been slightly reduced as well.

All of these gear changes will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC alongside For Honor Update 1.07, tomorrow on May 16.

Base Gear Stats

When you have basic gear (gear score zero), you should still added bonuses:

  • Arms: defense + 0.8%
  • Body: + 0.9%
  • Head: + 0.6%
  • Weapon 1: + 0.8%
  • Weapon 2: + 1.0%
  • Weapon 3: + 1.2%

For example: Weapon 1, 2, and 3 would be the blade, crossguard, and hilt, respectively.

Developer comments: We observed difficulties for certain players to play with new heroes without gear with the new gear values. To help this, default gear now has stats. To note, this does not apply when gear stats are disabled.

Epic Gear

Once Update 1.07 arrives, you should be able to scavenge Epic gear post-match if you are at least Reputation level five.

for honor season two gear

Because of the new gear rarity, the scavenging rules have been tweaked:

  • Rare gear loot rules changed from Reputation level one up to the end of Reputation level six to Reputation level one to the end of Reputation level four.
  • Heroic gear loot rules changed from Reputation level three until Reputation level 30 to Reputation level three to the end of Reputation level six.
  • Epic gear loot rules added to Reputation level five until Reputation level 30.

Developer comments: To accommodate the addition of the new gear, we tweaked the way the gear is looted. To make sure the progression is comfortable, we reduced the amount of levels at which could be looted Rare and Heroic gear.

Overall Gear Stats Revamp

for honor season two gear

Gear Stats have been rearranged on all stats bundles and gear slots:

  • Weapon 1: Attack, Defense Penetration, Block Damage
  • Weapon 2: Attack, Execution Regen, Revive Speed
  • Weapon 3: Attack, Revenge Gain, Revenge Mode Attack
  • Helm: Defense, Exhaustion Duration, Debuff Resistance
  • Chest: Defense, Revenge Mode Defense, Revenge Mode Duration
  • Arms: Defense, Stamina Use, Stamina Regen

Developer comments: To support all our balancing changes, we removed, merged and moved stats to better focus on interesting and varied builds, with more meaningful choices.

New Gear Stat Values

  • Lower rarity gear now has higher modifiers than before.

Developer comments: Common gear wasn’t impacting the gameplay as much as we would have liked. With higher starting values, gear of all levels now feels more satisfying.

  • Modifiers increase faster per level at lower rarities than at higher ones.

Developer comments: Players advising each other on gear strategies always said the same thing: Save your steel for Heroic gear. This means that many players saw very little gear progression until they got their first hero up to Reputation 3. Something that takes a long time. So by making the curve steeper at the low end and flatter at the top, we hope that players will see it as valuable to buy and craft gear of all rarities.

  • Stat penalties have been increased significantly.

Developer comments: Players were hard pressed to even notice the effect of their penalties at anything but the highest gear levels. We hope that by increasing the size of the penalties and removing skills that are of limited use we’ll make all your future gear decisions that much more interesting.

  • New type of stats offering only small and balanced bonuses even at high levels.

Developer comments: We needed to offer a more moderate option for players regarding gear, for players that liked the initial balance of the hero and didn’t want to upset it with powerful bonuses and penalties.

UI Change to Represent Gear Stats

for honor season two gear

  • You can now see the exact numeric values of all stat bonuses.

Developer comments: While gauges are excellent at showing relative strengths and weaknesses of the gear, it was hard to decipher the impact they would have on the gameplay. To actually allow players to make meaningful choices and know the effect of their gear, we changed it to numbers.

  • Added a proportional indicator when comparing gear

Developer comments: To allow to choice gear at a glance and evaluate gear quality, we added arrows right of the gear stat values when comparing gear.

Attack Stats No Longer Affect Feats

  • The gear stat Attack now only affects normal attacks and not Feats or Bleeds.

Developer comments: Having gear affect feats and bleed was both hard to understand and very powerful at higher levels.

New Crafting Prices

Here are the new Salvage Material costs to improve gear:

  • Upgrade Cost in salvage material for Common gear
    • From: Level 1: 20 / Level 2: 30 / Level 3: 40 / Level 4: 50 / Level 5: 60
    • To: Level 1: 10 / Level 2: 13 / Level 3: 16 / Level 4: 19 / Level 5: 23
  • Upgrade Cost in salvage material for Rare gear
    • From: Level 1: 100 / Level 2: 150 / Level 3: 200 / Level 4: 250 / Level 5: 300
    • To: Level 1: 55 / Level 2: 80 / Level 3: 110 / Level 4: 130 / Level 5: 155
  • Upgrade Cost in salvage material for Heroic gear
    • From: Level 1: 260/ Level 2: 390 / Level 3: 530 / Level 4: 660 / Level 5: 790
    • To: Level 1: 195 / Level 2: 255 / Level 3: 295 / Level 4: 335 / Level 5: 375
  • Upgrade Cost in salvage material for Epic gear
    • Level 1: 400/ Level 2: 520 / Level 3: 650 / Level 4: 800 / Level 5: 960

Here are the new Steel costs to improve gear:

  • Upgrade Cost in steel for Common gear
    • From: Level 1: 30 / Level 2: 55 / Level 3: 75 / Level 4: 100 / Level 5: 125
    • To: Level 1: 25 / Level 2: 30 / Level 3: 35 / Level 4: 40 / Level 5: 45
  • Upgrade Cost in steel for Rare gear
    • From: Level 1: 150 / Level 2: 170/ Level 3: 195 / Level 4: 220 / Level 5: 245
    • To: Level 1: 75 / Level 2: 85 / Level 3: 95 / Level 4: 105 / Level 5: 115
  • Upgrade Cost in steel for Heroic gear
    • From: Level 1: 270/ Level 2: 290 / Level 3: 315 / Level 4: 340 / Level 5: 360
    • To: Level 1: 150 / Level 2: 170 / Level 3: 190 / Level 4: 210 / Level 5: 230
  • Upgrade Cost in steel for Epic gear
    • Level 1: 270/ Level 2: 290 / Level 3: 315 / Level 4: 340 / Level 5: 360

Here are the updated salvage values rewarded by dismantling gear:

  • Salvage Value for Common gear (unchanged)
    • From: Level 1: 5 / Level 2: 6 / Level 3: 7 / Level 4: 8 / Level 5: 9 / Level 6: 10
  • Salvage Value for Rare gear
    • From: Level 1:30 / Level 2: 35/ Level 3: 45 / Level 4: 50 / Level 5: 55 / Level 6: 65
    • To: Level 1: 20 / Level 2: 23 / Level 3: 26 / Level 4: 29 / Level 5: 32 / Level 6: 35
  • Salvage Value Heroic gear
    • From: Level 1: 95/ Level 2: 110 / Level 3: 125 / Level 4: 145 / Level 5: 165 / Level 6: 190
    • To: Level 1: 55 / Level 2: 60 / Level 3: 65 / Level 4: 70 / Level 5: 75 / Level 6: 80
  • Salvage Value for Epic gear
    • Level 1: 100/ Level 2: 115 / Level 3:130 / Level 4: 145 / Level 5: 160 / Level 6: 175

Developer comments: Our data showed players had a hard time to level up new heroes and would not craft early gear as much while having an excess of crafting material at higher levels. To improve this, we changed the cost of steel and crafting material as well as salvage value for gear. We hope to offer a smoother curve while keeping higher level gear a long term goal for high level players.

All of For Honor’s gear changes and class changes in Update 1.07 will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 16.

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Georgia downs Georgia Tech, takes season series

April 25, 2017, Atlanta: Georgia Tech infielder Austin Wilhite takes the throw catching Georgia’s Mitchell Webb stealing second for the out during the sixth inning in a NCAA college baseball game on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, at Russ Chandler Stadium in Atlanta. Curtis [email protected]

Georgia’s season has been a bit on the forgettable side, but the Bulldogs can claim the season series with Georgia Tech for the second year in a row. Georgia exploited two fruitful innings and an effective start from Kevin Smith to beat the Yellow Jackets 7-5 at Tech’s Russ Chandler Stadium Tuesday night.

The Bulldogs, last in the SEC in ERA (5.11 coming into Tuesday’s game), have now held Tech to six runs in their two wins. Georgia beat 5-1 April 11 in Athens. Georgia will go for the sweep in the series finale at SunTrust Park May 9. The Bulldogs have not swept Tech in a season series of three or more games since 1984.

“This is a huge game for Georgia Tech fans and for us, so to lose it, just disappointing,” Tech coach Danny Hall said.

Smith went four innings, giving up five hits and walking one while giving up one run, to earn the win. Schniederjans took the loss.

Georgia (17-25) had lost six of seven after beating Tech (20-20) in Athens.

“This is our biggest rival,” Stricklin said. “For a lot of our players, for a lot of our fans, this is the biggest series of the year, no matter what, so it’s big to win the series. It’s important. They’re a good team, but to win the series means a lot to us.”


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Whatever your thoughts are on the PFA Team of the Year – and most of those thoughts might simply be “where’s Toby Alderweireld?” – you are bound to think that some players were unfortunate to miss out.

But one of those names probably isn’t Ross Barkley .

The Everton midfielder’s efforts over 2016/17 have pretty much mirrored those of his team . He’s occasionally been very good, but just seems to lack the consistency required to kick on and be considered among the very best.

Or does he?

Just looking to create another chance (Photo: Rex Features)
No wonder he’s happy about it (Photo: Jan Kruger)

Because a look at Opta’s chances created stats would suggest that Barkley has outperformed a number of the Premier League’s so-called brighter stars in one key area – his ability to create chances.

In fact, only Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen and Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne have created more than him in the division this season.

Here’s the top 10:

Chances created in the Premier League this season

Christian EriksenKevin De BruyneRoss BarkleyDimitri PayetDavid SilvaAlexis SanchezRoberto FirminoMesut OzilGylfi SigurdssonEden Hazard020406080100

So the Blues and sometime England midfielder sits above the likes of Eden Hazard, David Silva, Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, while Everton fans will be happy to see him above Liverpool duo Roberto Firmino and Philippe Coutinho, who sits 13th.

Enough to suggest that Barkley should have found a place in the Team of the Year?

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Apple Products, Phablets Top List of Most Popular Mobile Devices This Holiday Season

Apple Devices and Phablets Were the Best Selling Mobile Tech During the 2016 Holidays

Post-holiday season, you’re most likely to find traffic to your site or eCommerce store coming from Apple devices or phablets– if any brand.

That’s because both Apple devices and, more generally, phablets were among the top gifted mobile devices this holiday season.

Best Selling Mobile Tech During the 2016 Holidays

Apple Devices and Phablets Were the Flavors of the Holiday Season

According to a report by mobile analytics company Flurry, 44 percent of new phone and tablet activations were Apple devices this year in the week leading up to Christmas and Chanuka. The report also looks at app activation for the major devices to reach its conclusions. In comparison, 21 percent of new activations were on Samsung devices, up one percent from last year.

Phablet devices also continued to increase their holiday share, eating away at the market for medium phones, the report said.

Huawei, LG Gain Momentum While Google Loses Ground

Other manufacturers that made it to the list include Huawei and LG. That’s surprising because both manufacturers do not have any individual device within the top 35 devices activated.

Not surprisingly, Google Pixel is missing from the list. With just two new devices, the Pixel and Pixel XL, and mixed response from the market, Google has so far struggled to make an impression with holiday sales. That’s judging from activations leading up to the holidays alone.

Businesses Must Keep an Eye on Apple

So what does all this mean for your business? Well, in addition to the fact that many of your customers and clients may be using Apple mobile products, there’s also the question of what to consider for your own next business mobile device.

Here are some of the main features of Apple’s iOS 10 for you to consider.

First, the operating system comes with comprehensive privacy and advanced security features. So customers may be able to significantly curtail the amount of their data available when visiting your online store or other site. And that should be a consideration when creating your marketing plan.

From the perspective of using a device for business, Apple’s multilingual typing feature could be a great tool to reach international customers.

Meanwile, popularity of larger phablets over smaller phones of any brand means larger screens to better view and interact with apps and mobile sites so keep this in mind when updating both for your business.

iPhone 7 Photo via Shutterstock