Why every big car launch has a woman next to the vehicle

Why every big car launch has a woman next to the vehicle

The power and drive of owning an A class car can only be more gratifying than the power and drive of possessing an A-class woman. At least that’s what modern day advertising would lead us to believe – the launch of every second vehicle is accompanied by sexily dressed women seated on the bonnets with their toned pins on display.

Last week Malaika Arora was one of the ladies behind the launch of a major car brand, where she was certainly the object of much attention.

She wore a black dress by Lebanese designer Rayane Bacha, with lace trimmings on the torso and the skirt. In the past, actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Jacqueline Fernandez and Katrina Kaif have attended car launches looking equally dolled-up for a night out while they stood near the extravagantly-priced vehicles.

Here’s a look at the reason behind to seduce potential buyers. What the connection is between a car and a hot woman is not exactly obvious, but it is evident that it appears to be a big hit. No wonder, then, that every major player from Audi to BMW, Volkswagen, Tata Motors and Nissan have turned to pretty models and actresses to get the message across.

Magda Kay at Psychologyformarketers. com explains, “Cars have been associated with sex for better sales for many years now. It is one of the products that easily link to erotic messages. Producers want their cars to be perceived as sexy, fast, daring, and so most of the advertising using sex, will work perfectly for cars.”

In case you’re wondering why it ticks, the answer lies in your brain – more specifically, in what’s known as the ‘old’ or the ‘lizard brain’.

This reptilian part of the brain developed over 100 million years ago and its chief goal is to ensure survival, and among other things, sexual behaviour. In an article called ‘Triggers of the Reptilian Brain’, Alex from Feedtherightwolf.org explains, “The reptilian brain is motivated by visual images, sounds, touch, smell, and taste… The visual stimulation is the strongest, since we process about 80 per cent of our daily informational intake through our eyes.”

What that really means is that when a product is linked with anything sexual, advertisers target the instinctive part of the mind to convey it as a desirable product. However, with the rulebook of censorship around, the game becomes to push the limit and keep it as risque without getting caught.

That is why when an attractive lady poses with a car – or a deodorant or even a glass of mango juice – the overly sexualised image with the fitted dresses, deep necks and pouty lips plays an important role in the overall message. The trick isn’t new at all, though – over a century ago, Pearl Tobacco placed the painting of a naked woman on the cover of the cigarillo boxes in 1871.

Needless to say, there has been no looking back ever since. In fact, just last month Scottish football club Ayr United decided to launch their away kit with the shoot of a model wearing the yellow and white jersey painted onto her body.

The sponsor’s founder Calvin Ayre has said, “We hope the pictures will give The Honest Men the boost they need for promotion and a good Cup run too. Mon Ayr! ” True, this is just the boost they would need to win. After all, who needs training, talent or even a half-thinking mind when you’ve got other assets on display?


Top Gear America’s first trailer looks exactly like every other Top Gear

Image result for Top,Gear,America’s,first,trailer,looks,exactly,like,every,other,Top,GearThe first trailer for BBC America’s rebooted American Top Gear has finally been released. It’s short, but we do get a glimpse at the new crew driving the Acura NSX, a Lamborghini Huracán Spyder, and a few other wild rides. The series premieres on July 30th at 8PM ET.

Top Gear America’s first season will consist of eight hour-long episodes. It stars eternal “that guy” William Fichtner (The Dark Knight, Contact, Armageddon), professional drag racer Antron Brown, and British automotive journalist Tom Ford. From the trailer, it looks just like other versions of Top Gear, meaning this show’s not going to reinvent the format of “three dudes + fast cars + antics = TV show.”

That means it will probably be a decent show — if it ain’t broke, why wrench it? — but I’d be surprised if Top Gear America surprises me, because all the different permutations of Top Gear never seem to stray from that equation.

The Top Gear that most people think about — which itself is a reboot of a show from the 1970s — is still airing new episodes in the UK on BBC. It’s currently hosted by Friends star Matt LeBlanc, car enthusiast and reviewer Chris Harris, and automotive journalist Rory Reid. They took over hosting duties from the most well-known Top Gear trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

The LeBlanc-led version of the show spent one season in transition rotating hosts from a cast of about eight, but that really, truly didn’t work out. The current hosts emerged from that wreckage and have developed a pretty good chemistry, which is a minor miracle, but the show’s format is still airtight. There’s a few serious segments about specific cars, a celebrity guest, and typically one goofier segment. BBC essentially pulled the idol-for-bag-of-sand switch from Indiana Jones here — it just happened to spill a lot more sand than the fictional archeologist.

The trio of Clarkson, Hammond, and May now have their own show on Amazon called The Grand Tour, which is headed into a second season, and follows a similar (but slightly remixed) format. They split off from the BBC show after Clarkson was fired for attacking a producer. The show leans even harder into the personalities of its hosts, which is a bold move considering Clarkson’s brutish behavior kept the hosts’ Top Gear tenure in the crosshairs for years.

Top Gear America isn’t the first attempt to bring Top Gear to the US. A&E Networks recently aired five seasons of a show called Top Gear USA on the History Channel, but that was canceled last summer. Its hosts — median Adam Ferrara, Rallycross driver Tanner Foust, and NASCAR personality Rutledge Wood — had developed a pretty good rapport by the end of the run, but it seemed to survive so long almost because of, not in spite of, its obscurity. It was as inoffensive as Top Gear gets.

The point is, we’ve seen Top Gear with all sorts of different (male) hosts, but it’s always still just Top Gear. I don’t know what Top Gear could or even should evolve into (how about more women hosting!), but it is exhausting that the BBC keeps trying to arrive at a different answer by running the same equation. Of course, looking at how well reboots and sequels do for Hollywood, the video game industry, and even modern television, I understand why the BBC keeps trying.


New Promo Feature from Slidely Aims to Make Every Marketer Into a Video Creator: But Does it Succeed?

New Slidely Promo Feature from Slide.ly Aims to Make Every Marketer Into a Video Creator: But Does it Succeed?



Promo by Slidely brings video content to any business, small, medium or large, to help them participate in the video age. With Promo it is now possible to effortlessly create instant, affordable promotional videos with access to premium footage from Getty Images – the same premium footage used by the biggest name brands.

The current surge of videos in content marketing and social media channels is almost a clear indication of the ever increasing demand for visual content. In the past year alone, Facebook averaged about 1 billion video views per day and with the realization of just how effective videos can be, many businesses are now turning to videos to promote their products and services.

Nonetheless, creation of video content, especially high-quality video content can be time consuming and expensive too, but it no longer has to be as Slidely, a social video creation platform, recently announced a partnership with Getty Images that allows marketers, businesses and agencies to create instant, stunning promotional videos for social platforms.

The new Promo by Slidely platform allows you to upload photos, video, music and create a snappy looking product in minutes. Slidely’s partnership with Getty Images means that you now also get exclusive access to a deep library of nearly two million high quality stock video clips – the same premium footage used by the biggest name brands.

“The Social Media world and marketing professionals understand that video is the future of digital advertising and that it takes more than a single video to create impact.  However, professional promos have been difficult and expensive to produce until now. Promo is an effortless way to generate super engaging promotional videos tailored to your brand in a matter of minutes. Promo is not just about engaging more eyes; it’s about bringing more hearts into your brand’s world.” the CEO and Founder of Slidely Tom More told the Small Business Trends.

A Look at Slidely Promo

Getting Started

Getting started on Promo is pretty easy. You can either log in using your Facebook account or enter your details, which includes your name email address and password.

Slidely Promo - Getting Started

Next, you will be prompted to choose your business type. Choose form the simple drop-down menu. You can as well enter your sub-category details for best results.

Slidely Promo - Choose Your Business Type

Become the Video Director

Choose your preferred footage from the over 2 million footages in the video library. You can search using specific keywords. The good thing is that they allow you to preview the videos, so you can always try out a few.

Customize your Video

This is where you perfect your marketing video with your message, logo, and music. Select licensed music from their collection and you can as well add a message using their built-in editor. You can also edit fonts, color as well as replace footage during the edit process.

Slidely Promo - Customize Your Video


Promo provides you with a free account that you can use to learn the ropes and also experience what the platform has to offer before you register for the paid versions. Their pricing, however, might seem a bit high for startups given that you will have to part with $49, $99 for four videos per month and $199 for 10 videos per month. Nonetheless, having access to more than 2 high quality videos together with an easy to use platform somehow makes the packages worth the price. You probably won’t be able to get the same level of quality you get here at a lower price.

At the moment, Promo only has a desktop version but the company says that the Android and iOS versions will soon be available.

Image: Slide.ly


Meem Creates a Smartphone Backup Every Time You Recharge

Meem Creates a Smartphone Backup Every Time You Recharge

MEEM is a charger, mini-computer and backup storage device all rolled into one designed to store the personal bits of data in your iOS or Android smartphone every time you plug it in.

There is a lot of data on the smartphones you carry, some much more important than the rest. In most cases, the personal information, such as personal photos, has value that can’t be quantified. But sometimes it includes business information with a very real value to your company.

Your phone can get lost, stolen or damaged. And in these instances, the first thing you think about after concern over the whereabouts of your lost device is the personal — and business — information stored there. MEEM saves that information in a way that is convenient, easy and under your control on the very same cable you charge your phone.

Smartphone Backup on the Cable?

Yes, on the cable. Well, technically it is not on the cable, but in a small unit that has been seamlessly integrated into the cable to be minimally obtrusive.

According to the company, the average Android or iOS user has 1.98GB or 7.68GB, respectively of ‘Meemable’ data that can be backed up on the MEEM device. Granted you can store the data in the cloud, but it makes is susceptible to hackers or government snooping, both of which may raise  other issues depending upon the sensitivity of the data and how you are making use of it.

The company that makes MEEM goes on to say, “No hacker abuse. No corporate exploitation. No government intrusion.”

Video Player

Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

The Specs for MEEM

  • Overall length: 1200mm or 47 inches
  • Main Body: Length 102.6mm Width 21.1mm Height 8.3mm
  • Weight: 132g
  • Processor: ARM Cortex-A8 32-bit RISC processor
  • Ram: 1GB DDR3(L)
  • Storage: 16GB for Android and 32GB for iOS
  • OS: Apple iOS 7 / Android OS 4.1.2 and above.
  • USB v2.0 with USB BC1.2 battery specification
  • Data Transfer Speed: 3 to 4 MBPS (depending on the phone OS and hardware)
  • Charging Rate: up to [email protected] (As per maximum charging rate of the phone)

As you can see from the specs, this is not a USB flash drive with SMS backup software. It is essentially a mini computer with a PCB, processor, integrated circuits and memory, which allows it to interoperate with multiple mobile devices and technology platforms.

MEEM extracts data from your mobile devices and puts it back where it retrieved it from. An ordinary flash drive cannot do that while charging mobile phones at the same rate if not faster than OEM Apple and Android chargers.

Using MEEM

When you connect MEEM, you will be directed to the app store of your device to download the MEEM app for free.  When you finish, you are given a password, which you will use to sync or personalize with your device. The 4-digit pin code is required to transfer data, and without the code, the cable will only charge your device.

To ensure the safety of your data, MEEM uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit symmetric encryption algorithm. If you lose the cable and someone plugs it into their phone, they will not have access to the data without entering the security code.

The company says MEEM mirrors the data on your phone, which means if the data on your phone is lost it will also get deleted from MEEM with the next backup. However, the device is working on a mirror plus mode that will store all of the data from select categories on MEEM even if it is deleted from the mobile device.

MEEM is being sold on the company site for 49 Euros or $55, which is quite high for a storage device of this size, but as mentioned earlier, it is much more than that. The workmanship and components in the device and a three year international warranty seem to merit the added cost.

Images: MEEM