Vidya Balan’s Aami Director Says Malayalam Films Need Promotion


Vidyya BalanVidya Balan photographed in Mumbai.


  • ‘There is a pool of talented film personalities in our state,’ said Kamal
  • ‘Films by the new generation have failed to attract attention,’ he added
  • ‘Gone are the days of the Film Societies,’ he said
Right promotion and marketing is the need of the hour as far as the Malayalam film industry is concerned, according to filmmaker Kamal, the new chairman of the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy.

The Academy was formed with the objective of framing programmes and policies for the overall promotion of Malayalam films.

Filmmaker Kamal will be directing actress Vidya Balan in Aami, which is based on the life of writer Kamala Das.

“There is a huge pool of talented film personalities in our state, but if we look back, we have not been able to produce new ones in the make and mould of veterans like Adoor Gopalakrishnan. The main reason is we have not been able to promote and market our films,” Kamal told reporters on Tuesday.

“When we go outside, the first question that is being asked is, ‘When is Adoor’s next film coming out?’ Even in our own state, films by the new generation have failed to attract attention,” added Kamal.

He said that he is happy that the new Kerala government is keen to see a change in this trend.

“Gone are the days of the Film Societies and also the concept of Touring Talkies, which took films to the villages. We are planning schemes to include the Kudumbhasree (the Women’s Collective that has spread across the state) to see if we can promote our films besides classics through them, by screening such films with subtitles,” added Kamal.

“When we go abroad, we see that there are agents and marketing groups which vigorously promote films, but when it comes to Malayalam films, nothing of that sort is there. Even the concept of film market that was introduced as part of the International Film Festival of Kerala, has not got the boost,” said Kamal.

He also pointed out that one stumbling block these days for creative people are the Utopian rules being followed by the Central Board of Film Certification.

“The one good thing that has now come out is the recommendations of the Shyam Benegal committee and we wish that gets approved too. Creative freedom should never be curbed,” said Kamal.

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