Three Marketing Channels to Nail in 2022


We’re drawing towards the end of 2021, and with a new year soon to dawn, it’s time to draw up plans for the future. For your business, that means setting targets, outlining goals and objectives, and considering what might need a refresh or a change in order to achieve those goals. In this article, we’ll look specifically at how you communicate as a business – the marketing channels that you use to get your message across to many existing customers and consumers. By nailing these in 2022, you’ll draw more customers to your site.


The most important messaging that you can send out to existing customers is over email. If anyone shops with you online, they’ll give you their email address as part of their login. And many people will be happy to receive marketing communications from you over email as a result – especially if those emails are introducing them to new products or new deals and discounts.

To nail email marketing, you’ll need to be aware of the fact that most people tend to ignore emails from businesses. Some send them straight to the trash or spam folders. You need to produce emails that are to the point and offer something to those who open them. There’s no point in just reminding customers that you’re there: you need to reenter their lives with a bang and a message they might actually do something about.

Social Media 

Another key channel that you can no longer overlook is your social media activity. As a business, you should already be operating with several social media channels – at least a LinkedIn, Twitter,  Facebook, and an Instagram account. Those platforms will cover the majority of consumers, though others – like Snapchat and TikTok – offer younger audiences. But how on earth should you coordinate across these channels with messaging that is consistent and uniquely interesting?

The answer comes from an unlikely source. To really nail your social media marketing channels in the coming year, you should engage with marketing software that helps enterprises manage their social media channels from one central point. Look to SOCi, for instance, for software that’ll bring your social media management into the modern era.

Targeted Adverts

Finally, most businesses that undertake a marketing drive will use targeted adverts to appeal to many target consumers online. This is common fare for most businesses, and constitutes a large part of the online advertising economy as it stands today. The problem is: are you getting your money’s worth from the cash you’re investing in these adverts?

The answer to this question may well be a straight “no”. Why? Because targeted advertising is only as smart as the groups you’re looking to communicate with and the quality of the advert you’re promoting. To really hone this channel for effectiveness, try A/B testing different adverts over time in order to nail the perfect type of advert for the perfect type of consumer in 2022.

There you have it: three marketing channels for you to focus on and nail in the coming year.