This Easy Cutting Trick For Capsicum Or Bell Peppers Will Make Prep Time Vanish

Loknath Das

This Easy Cutting Trick For Capsicum Or Bell Peppers Will Make Prep Time Vanish

Capsicum (or green bell pepper) is frequently used to add an extra element of crunch and spice to our cooking. Belonging to the family of bell pepper or sweet peppers, this glossy and round ingredient has a slightly sweet yet unique zing. According to the book, ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing House, bell peppers are excellent for eyes, bones, skin and heart due to their Vitamin C and antioxidant content. Its health benefits and crunchy taste make it a great addition to our salads, stir fries and vegetable preparations. However, the process of removing its core can often be tedious. A recent cooking hack that surfaced on Reddit shows a very quick and easy trick to cut up capsicum that would make your preparation time vanish. Wondering what is this marvellous hack?

The clip of the cooking hack was shared in the sub-Reddit r/oddlysatisfying by user u/danruse, where it received 13.7k upvotes and hundreds of comments in a short span of time. The simple yet effective trick to cut capsicum or bell peppers does not require any additional tools, and only needs the usual kitchen knife.

For the capsicum hack, first you need to slice the vegetable from the top so that the stem comes off. Make sure the entire top comes off and only the inner tube remains inside the vegetable. Repeat the process for the bottom as well. The resulting cylindrical structure can be slit from any side to make an open roll, and the seeds of the bell pepper can then be removed simply with the hands!

How easy and genius this cooking hack is, right? Reddit users poured in their reactions to this capsicum and bell pepper cutting hack. “He spent all that time talking about the top and stem, but the real mind-blowing magic was cutting/rolling it open,” wrote one user. “I’ve been doing this wrong for 20 years,” said another. Some Reddit users also said that they had been using this trick forever, “I have always cut my peppers like that and do not own a meal prep company. I guess we are geniuses!”