A Few Things to Look for in a Company to Design Your Custom Directional Coupler


If your firm is in need of a custom designed directional coupler, you first need to do some research into the companies that you are considering for the job. The company you choose can make a profound difference in the long-term quality and reliability of the system it will be a part of. The following are a few things you should look for when evaluating a company.

You should look for military capabilities
Of course, this is obvious if you are building a system to military specification. However, your component will need the same standards if you have a commercial application. A company that has the capability of building to a military specification, is also a company that will be able to build to your custom specifications. They will have a design engineering department that can take your specifications and construct a prototype to your satisfaction. They will also have a quality department that understands any environmental testing that needs to be done and can make sure your custom directional coupler will meet these standards.

You should look for environmental testing
A company that has been in business for many years will always offer a wide range of environmental testing for their designs. It is one thing to build a component to specifications, but it must also meet these specifications after environmental testing. Thermal shock testing is an important element for a directional coupler as well as humidity, vibration and salt spray tests.

You should look for power testing
This type of testing goes to the heart of the functionality of your component, so it is important that it be done in-house. This type of testing is critical to reduce the possibility of field failures to a minimum. Incoming inspection tests by your quality control department, at best, will only find a component that has already failed. The bigger issue will always be field failures, and burn-in tests will weed out the odd component that has a problem.

There are a few examples of the type of electronic company that may fit your needs. One example can be found if you click here.