Get Off Our Lawn, Chinese Army Warns Hong Kong’s Pokemon Go Players

Get Off Our Lawn, Chinese Army Warns Hong Kong's Pokemon Go Players

The Chinese army garrisoned in Hong Kong has warned people searching for Pikachu and other virtual monsters to stay off their premises, as Pokemon Go mania sweeps the smartphone-obsessed city.

The gaming app landed Monday in Hong Kong, and saw residents more glued to their phones than ever, searching for the cyber creatures in locations ranging from shopping malls to the government headquarters.

The app uses satellite locations, graphics and camera capabilities to overlay cartoon monsters on real-world settings, challenging players to capture and train the creatures for battles.

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But the city’s enthusiasm to “catch ’em all” has prompted warnings from government departments and even the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to stay off their property.


A PLA spokesman told AFP the city’s barracks were closed zones.

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“Military barracks are restricted areas under Hong Kong law. Without the authorisation of the commanding officer, no one is allowed to enter the restricted areas,” he said.

Police also warned residents to be careful when playing the game.

“When you are capturing monsters, stay alert to your surroundings,” a police video posted on Facebook said.

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“Police report rooms are for people in need of police services, players are not allowed to play the game there, be a smart player!” the video added.

The app has now been launched in more than 40 countries including the US, Japan and much of Europe. Japanese video game company Nintendo started the mythical creature franchise 20 years ago.

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However, widespread warnings have been given by authorities around the world after reports of players being injured or becoming the victims of crime.

Some Pokemon Go players were robbed after being lured to isolated locations in the hopes of catching the virtual creatures, according to US reports. Other distracted players have been blamed for causing traffic accidents.

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In Indonesia, a French player was stopped and questioned for several hours after the app led him into a military base.

Two youngsters were so preoccupied with catching the cartoon monsters that they wandered across the US-Canada border.

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Delhi chief Minister Warns of Strict action towards Ola, Uber

Delhi Chief Minister Warns of Strict Action Against Ola, Uber

Delhi leader Minister Arvind Kejriwal Monday warned of “strict movementagainst app-primarily basedtaxis, together with cancellation of permits and impounding of motors, for charging fares extra than therates prescribed by way of the government.

“Strict movement, along with permit cancellation and impounding of cars, might be taken against app-based taxis which charge fares more than government-prescribed prices (sic),” Kejriwal said in a tweet Monday.

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The move comes after the government obtained some complaints towards the app-based totally taxicarrier companies Ola and Uber of trekking the fares exorbitantly for the duration of rush hours.

The charges had been allegedly additionally hiked Monday, the first complete working day of the fortnight-lengthy abnormal-even scheme when places of work, schools and different establishmentsreopened after an extended weekend.

delivery Minister Gopal Rai made an enchantment to the commuters to sign in their proceedings at 011-42400400 in opposition to exorbitant fares charged via the app-primarily based taxi carrier vendors.

“If we obtain complaints against arbitrariness of any app-based totally taxi service, we can impound theirautomobiles,” Rai stated.

in advance in the day, Kejriwal pooled in Rai’s car to attain his office at Delhi Secretariat.

Heavy visitors become witnessed at ITO and near Akshardham inside the morning hours on the firstoperating day after the street-rationing scheme turned into rolled out on April 15.

nowadays is the real test of ordinary-even. like the first phase of the scheme, all of us will ought to make its second phase a success,” Rai said.

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Uber Brings again Surge Pricing in Delhi; Kejriwal Warns of strong motion

Uber Brings Back Surge Pricing in Delhi; Kejriwal Warns of Strong Action

On a day the ban on diesel-run cabs got here into effect, taxi aggregator Uber on Sunday brought againsurge pricing in Delhi, prompting leader Minister Arvind Kejriwal to warn the operators of “strong movement“.

Uber had introduced the availability at some stage in peculiar-even scheme, which turned into objected to by using commuters and Kejriwal had asserted that such demandconnected hikes could be bannedpermanently.

a day after the second one section of ordinary-even ended, commuters throughout the city, who availed the offerings of the app-primarily based cab company Sunday, determined that surge pricing, where fares are raised whilst call for is higher than the to be had cabs, changed into again.

when contacted, an Uber spokesperson confirmed the development saying that suspension of surge pricing become only a “temporarymeasure.

Uber’s move came on a day a ban on diesel-run cabs got here into effect in Delhi, affecting almost 27,000automobiles.

a few taxis hv began charging surge. Surge not allowed under law. They r warned that sturdy action may be taken in opposition to them,” Kejriwal tweeted.

A senior Delhi authorities reliable said that motion might be taken towards these companies based totally on court cases.

we will impound their cabs,” the official stated. whilst a direct confirmation may be acquired from Ola,another app-primarily based carrier, its app displayed a message saying top time costs may be relevantfor the duration of excessive demand hours and might be conveyed at some point of the booking which “permits us to make more cabs to be had to you”.

Ola displayed the disclaimer in the course of the ordinary-even length as properly even though it did now not invoke top-pricing until Saturday.

The Delhi government had cracked its whip on those organizations on the first week of the secondsegment of peculiar-even after Kejriwal termed the concept as “daytime robbery“.

The authorities had additionally impounded cabs for overpricing.

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UN Human Rights Chief Warns of Implications of Apple-FBI Row

UN Human Rights Chief Warns of Implications of Apple-FBI Row

An FBI demand that Apple unlock an iPhone risks setting a dangerous precedent that could have a chilling effect on human rights, the United Nations rights chief warned Friday.

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein’s intervention came after Apple’s largest rivals backed the tech giant’s bid to resist the US government demand seeking to access the iPhone used by one of the attackers in a deadly rampage in San Bernardino, California in December.

“In order to address a security-related issue related to encryption in one case, the authorities risk unlocking a Pandora’s Box that could have extremely damaging implications for the human rights of many millions of people, including their physical and financial security,” Zeid said in a statement.

He warned that the FBI order would “set a precedent that may make it impossible for Apple or any other major international IT company to safeguard their clients’ privacy anywhere in the world”.

The FBI wants to unlock the iPhone used by Syed Farook, who was behind the San Bernardino massacre along with his wife Tashfeen Malik that left 14 people dead.

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The agency has argued that by introducing encryption that can lock data, making it accessible only to the user, Apple and other tech companies are essentially creating “warrant-proof zones” for criminals and others that will cripple law enforcement and jeopardise public security.

Apple has in return said that the only way to unlock the handset would be to introduce a weakened operating system, which could potentially leak out and be exploited by hackers and foreign governments.

‘Gift to authoritarian regimes’
Zeid said the FBI “deserves everyone’s full support” in its investigation into what he described as an “abominable crime”.

But he added: “This case is not about a company – and its supporters – seeking to protect criminals and terrorists, it is about where a key red line necessary to safeguard all of us from criminals and repression should be set.

“There are many ways to investigate whether or not these killers had accomplices besides forcing Apple to create software to undermine the security features of their own phones.

“It is potentially a gift to authoritarian regimes, as well as to criminal hackers.”

Zeid said encryption tools were widely used around the world, including by human rights defenders, civil society, journalists, whistle-blowers and political dissidents facing persecution and harassment.

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“Encryption and anonymity are needed as enablers of both freedom of expression and opinion, and the right to privacy. Without encryption tools, lives may be endangered.”

Three tech associations representing Apple’s main business rivals – including Google, Facebook,Microsoft and Yahoo – said Thursday they supported Apple’s efforts to challenge the order.

“If the government arguments prevail, the Internet ecosystem will be weakened, leaving Internet users more vulnerable to hackers and other bad actors,” said a statement from the Computer and Communications Industry Association, which announced the joint brief with the Internet Association and the i2Coalition of Internet infrastructure firms.

But relatives of some of the San Bernardino victims backed the FBI bid in a legal brief filed in the court where the case is being heard.

They said Apple wanted to portray the debate as “one in which the privacy interests of millions of Americans are at stake in order to obtain sympathy for its cause.”

“What is implicated here is the United States’ ability to obtain and execute a valid warrant to search one phone used by a terrorist who committed mass atrocities,” the brief said.

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