7 useful tech products and accessories under Rs 1,000

Image result for 7 useful tech products and accessories under Rs 1,000ET Wealth lists 7 interesting tech products and accessories available under Rs 1,000.

What can you get for a thousand bucks? There are some very interesting products and accessories available in this price bracket that often get lost in the crowd of listings. ET Wealth lists the items worth considering from amongst the swarm.

7 useful tech products and accessories under Rs 1,000

Depending on your router placement and area of your home/office, there might be areas where WiFi does not reach or has poor reception. For such areas, you can get the WiFi Repeater 2 from Xiaomi. It needs to be connected to a USB port for power (any wall charger can be used). Setup is easy via the Mi Home app and once its configured, it extends your WiFi network coverage. The repeater can support up to 16 devices simultaneously.

7 useful tech products and accessories under Rs 1,000

MI VR PLAY: Rs 999
There are a plethora of VR headsets available today in both the online and offline markets. However, we recommend the one from Xiaomi for its fantastic build quality. The headset has a Lycra cover for comfort and durability and can support up to 5.7-inch smartphones. Instead of the usual clip-on design, it has a zipper to hold the phone to avoid accidental slips and drops plus a textured metal button on top. The headset is compatible with Google Cardboard and works great for YouTube 360 degree videos as well.

7 useful tech products and accessories under Rs 1,000

PHOTRON FL100: Rs 199
A number of brands have started adding an LED flash on the front of the phone for selfie lovers. If your smartphone lacks this feature, you can add it. The Photron FL100 is a small flash module with 16 LEDs with three level of adjustable brightness. It can be fixed on your smartphone’s 3.5mm port for selfies as well as use as an emergency torch. It has a rechargeable battery and it charges via microUSB port.

7 useful tech products and accessories under Rs 1,000

With the number of devices we carry increasing day by day, you need multiple ports for charging devices. For people who spend a a lot of time travelling in their car on a daily basis, this car charger offers 4 USB ports for charging. It has a 1.5m cable that is accessible by people sitting on the back seat. It has 6A charging capacity. Depending on the number of devices connected, it can charge at 1A to 2.4A (more devices will lead to slower charge as current is distributed).

7 useful tech products and accessories under Rs 1,000

This is a combination of two things—a pop clip and a mount. The pop clip sticks on the back of your phone and can be used for grip, stand or as a headphone cable organizer. The mount can be stuck on any surface which is easily accessible (your desk, in your car etc.) and the pop clip fits on to it. This lets you mount your smartphone anywhere. You can get them in various colours and designs and the Pop Clip can even be purchased separately if required.

7 useful tech products and accessories under Rs 1,000

One of the common complaint users with heavy work requirements have is that their laptops tend to get uncomfortably hot. If the laptop becomes too hot it even shuts down on its own to prevent any damage. To solve this issue, you can invest in a USB powered laptop cooler. Just place the laptop cooler on your laptop’s heat vents and connect it to a USB port for power. The laptop cooler has a silent fan that sucks out the hot air from your laptop to keep it cool.

7 useful tech products and accessories under Rs 1,000

There are multiple options available when you look for a dock or stand for your mobile in a car. For bike users it’s a different story. They have to keep the phone protected from dust and water so mounting using a standard clamp is not recommended. Instead, get a waterproof mobile stand. It has a weather sealed pouch in which your phone can be placed for protection and has a touch compatible transparent membrane on top for viewing and operating the touchscreen.


Microsoft’s Email Insights finally adds some useful search smarts to Outlook

email insights search

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Credit: Microsoft

Email Insights, a new experimental app from the Microsoft Garage, is the answer to a problem Google’s Gmail solved more than a decade ago: how to search Outlook and find exactly what you want.

Google’s Gmail gained enormous traction in part because it allowed a quick, convenient way to search emails. Today, you can search Outlook, but it arranges the results in order with no real preference given to what might be most relevant.

Email Insights works with both your Microsoft Outlook desktop application as well as Gmail, and attempts to bring the three most relevant results to the top of your inbox via an “intent pane.” The tool also provides contextual autocomplete, spelling correction and a fuzzy name search that will pull up the name of a contact, even if you’re not entirely sure how to spell it.

email insights intent pane

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The “intent pane” within Email Insights brings up relevant search results to the top of your inbox.

Users can open tabs within Email Insights to perform multiple searches. The search box can also be used to fire off a quick, one-line email to a contact, or even set up a quick meeting—functions that are becoming more common in the notifications window within smartphones.

If you’d like, you can even “detach” the Email Insights toolbar from Outlook itself and drag it down to your taskbar, Microsoft said.

Why this matters: Let’s face it: Gmail is still easier to use than Outlook, at least where everyday email searches are concerned. If Email Insights proves as useful as it sounds, maybe Outlook will incorporate it into a future release. The problem, though, is that this app is being published via Microsoft Garage, Microsoft’s online home for app experiments. If you like Email Insights, encourage others to download it, too. Otherwise, Microsoft could kill it, as it recently did with Cache, its erstwhile Google Keep killer.

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Acer Swift 7 and Spin 7 Seem Useful for Mobile Business — If You Don’t Mind the Price

The Small Acer Laptops, Swift 7 and Spin 7, Seem Useful for Mobile Business -- If You Don’t Mind the Price

When Apple launched the MacBook Air, it introduced a new level of portability in computing with a very slim form factor and functionality that got everyone’s attention. Although it has taken a while, Acer (TPE:2353) has one upped Apple with the announcement of its new laptop and a two-in-one, called the Swift 7 and Spin 7 respectively, at the IFA 2016 in Berlin.

The need for small and powerful portable computing is extremely important for business users, because remote work, collaboration and hosted services are all key for the way today’s workforce access digital technology. And the two computers by Acer are not only slim, but they also feature the latest Intel processors so you should be able to tackle even the most demanding applications without too much trouble.

A Look at the New Small Acer Laptops

The Swift 7

Small Acer Laptops: The Swift 7

The Swift 7 is 0.39-inches or 9.98mm thick (or thin), making it the first laptop thinner than a centimeter, and according to the company, the world’s thinnest laptop. At only 2.48 pounds it is also light, but Acer has added powerful components that business users now demand with their portable computing.

This laptop is a Windows 10 machine with a 13.3-inch Full HD IPS display that is powered by the latest Intel 7th-generation Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage. The system doesn’t have a fan, so it is a passively cooled design with an aluminum uni-body chassis.

Small Acer Laptops: The Swift 7

The Swift 7 has two USB-C 3.1 ports and a headphone jack with a battery that Acer says will give you nine hours of power by leveraging the new Intel chipset.

The wireless connectivity delivers 3X faster wireless speeds using a 2×2 802.11ac with MU-MIMO technology.

A feature that might seem odd is the very large touchpad. The company says it will give you more space to navigate with so you can scroll and click with improved accuracy.

Small Acer Laptops: The Swift 7 Has a Wide Precision Touchpad

The Swift 7 is going to be available first in China sometime in September, followed by the US and Europe in October for $999.99.

The Convertible Spin 7

Small Acer Laptops: The Convertible Spin 7

The Spin 7 is a two-in-one that is also slim, coming in at 0.43 inches (10.98mm) thin and weighing 2.6 pounds. It also runs on Windows 10 along with Continuum, an application that can detect the device that is being used and adjust accordingly to optimize the functionality. What this means for the business user is, when you switch from laptop to tablet, Continuum will modify the system so you can be more efficient.

The processor for the Spin 7 is more powerful, taking advantage of the Intel Core i7, but the RAM, storage and ports are the same as the Swift 7. As for the battery, you get one hour less at eight hours, which is still respectable considering the size of the display.

The biggest difference from the Swift is the 14-inch full HD IPS touchscreen that flips all the way back. This flexibility lets you use the Spin 7 in four different modes: laptop, stand, tent and tablet.

Small Acer Laptops: The Convertible Spin 7

The price for the Spin is higher, starting at $1,199 and with the same availability date in the US.


The Swift 7 and Spin 7 are not the cheapest portable computers, but the market is proving business users are willing to pay for powerful devices that are highly portable and functional. Apple, Microsoft,  Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi have similar products at very different price points. So if you are in the market for one of these computers, take your time and find out what your needs are, because you have many options.

Images: Acer


Connecteam Builds an Employee App for Free But How Useful Is It?

Connecteam Builds an Employee App for Free But How Useful Is It?



Connecteam offers businesses the easiest, fastest, convenient and most comprehensive way to manage deskless employees successfully.

Connecteam is a simple to use online platform that offers your business an easy, fast and comprehensive way to manage “remote” employees successfully.

Today, it’s possible to have deskless employees who are always on-the-go. While this might have its own advantages, the fact that they are deskless may make communication and task management difficult.

However, Connecteam seeks to solve the problem by giving you the power to create a fully-branded native employee app in a few minutes.

The platform is chock-full of features that you need to automate your business operations.

How it Works

Start by creating your own branded employee app. This should take you about 15 minutes. The good news – they even have a free version that allows you to choose up to 3 categories, up to 6 employee groupings, 100 text messages per month, 5 GB of storage and more. Start by creating your app and distribute it to your employees.

Connecteam Employee App

The platform will provide you with a whole lot of features. Choose the features that will help you to best lead and engage your employees. There is a long list of company and business categories to choose from. Each category comes with a list of suggested features. Choose the ones that are most appropriate for your business.

Connecteam Employee App

Once you are done with the registration process, Connecteam will send you a code to verify your account. A link to your app will also be sent to you. You will also be able to access the backend of your account from your computer and from there you will be able to control and even view your team’s activities. On top of it, Connecteam also provides you a chat feature that you can use to stay in chat with your team.

Connecteam Employee App


Connecteam has two billing plans. The most popular plan known as Growth costs $49 per month for a maximum of 30 employees while Max plan costs $75 per month for the same number of employees. The price for both plans increases as the number of employees increases.


If you are looking to streamline communications, improve work quality and increase productivity when working with virtual teams then Connecteam is a must try. This platform works with Android, iOS and Windows devices and is best suited for freelancers, large enterprises, small and medium size businesses as well as non-profits.

Images: Connecteam