Nintendo is updating Super Mario Run with a new character, mode, and world

Nintendo will issue a new update to its iOS and Android game Super Mario Run on September 29th, which will include a new world, mode, and playable character.

The update will introduce a new mode called Remix 10, which randomly splices together 10 sections from the game’s various levels in quick succession and rewards players with rainbow medals. Completing the various stages will allow players to rescue Princess Daisy and subsequently play as her throughout the rest of the game. Players will also be able to unlock a new world called World Star, which includes nine new levels, enemies and some additional gameplay mechanics.

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Polygon notes that there’s some other minor updates: players can get new items to put in their Mushroom Kingdom, and can listen to their own music while they play — when they do so, their runners will wear headphones. Nintendo is also temporarily cutting the price in half starting on September 29th through October 12th.


we’re updating our console evaluations, beginning with the Xbox One!

it’s rareunheard of, even — that Engadget re-evaluations the same product. however recreationconsoles are a curious exception. even though the hardware stays the same, those machines get hold ofmyriad firmware updates, sometimes long after release, that make them even extra treasured. that ismainly actual of the Xbox One, whose interface have become a good deal, a great deal less difficult to navigate after a prime software program replace last 12 months. With our coverage of the actual video games nevertheless going sturdy, we idea it excessive time we revisit the devices themselves. As such,we’re going to be rewriting, re-scoring and even re-photographing our original write-u.s.a.of the Xbox One and ps four. (With information that the Wii U may not stay past this 12 months, an obituary is probablygreater appropriate than a sparkling review.)

To kick matters off, you could read our take-two at the Xbox, whose rating has risen to 84 from 81. (we’ve got additionally left Ben Gilbert’s 2013 evaluate up at the site for posterity’s sake.) Now that we’ve gotgotten Xbox out of the way, our reviewer Timothy Seppala is hard at paintings giving the PS4 the identicalremedy; you could count on a fully redone evaluation there, too. stay patientthe person‘s handiestwere given palms! — and check returned quickly for round two (of round two) of the console wars.