Truecaller for Android Gets Spam Folder, New Themes, and More With Latest Update

Truecaller for Android Gets Spam Folder, New Themes, and More With Latest Update

Truecaller is now rolling out version 8.21 of its Android app, and the update brings along a host of changes to the application. If you often get annoyed with spam messages, the new update will bring you a relief as it brings a Spam Folder that keeps all the junk SMSes away – it will have to be assigned as your default SMS app however. Apart from this folder, the Truecaller for Android update adds new themes and an option to save MMS as well to the app.

The Truecaller for Android update is already available for download through Google Play and as mentioned earlier, it will bring a separate tab to the app that keeps the spam messages apart from the regular messages in Truecaller app. Moving on to the themes bit, the version 8.21 brings along new themes including Pitch Black. There is a new option that marks all the messages as read in the Block tab.

The latest Truecaller update for Android adds an option to save MMS and an option to block from incoming Flash messages.

Interestingly, the Pro version of the app that removes ads now costs Rs. 30 instead of Rs. 60. Additionally, the company is offering an yearly subscription to the Pro version at Rs. 270. Notably, the app now provides auto-renewal option that will save you from the trouble of having to renew it manually.

As Truecaller is an app that almost everybody has to use, this option for removing ads with annual subscription at an affordable price might lure more users to take up the Pro version of the app.


Truecaller Priority Aims to Help E-Commerce Firms Complete Their Deliveries

Truecaller Priority Aims to Help E-Commerce Firms Complete Their Deliveries


  • Truecaller has partnered EKART, Flipkarts supply chain arm
  • Truecaller users will know if a delivery call is being made
  • Service will help users differentiate official calls from spam calls

Mobile communication app Truecaller on Tuesday launched ‘Truecaller Priority’ to aid last mile delivery in the e-commerce space. Truecaller says the new feature is available for all Android and iOS users.

Launched in partnership with EKART, the supply chain arm of Flipkart, the new feature will also provide contextual details on calls from Truecaller partners, such as letting users know when their package is about to reach them. Truecaller Priority will help EKART complete more deliveries through increased call completion and pick-up rate by boosting their efficiency.

Truecaller says the app will now be able to show all logistics related calls made by EKART clients such as Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Yepme, Paytm, Voonik, Hopscotch, and Healthkart. It adds that any company can join the Truecaller Priority service for free, as long as it agrees to Truecaller’s “demands on not spamming users”, and to only make important calls.

“Our mission at Truecaller is to build great communication products which are safe and efficient. With the launch of “Truecaller Priority”, EKART will ensure that users will only get relevant logistics calls from them. The expectation of receiving your delivery on time is very important for any user, and more so for the e-commerce companies, which is their core brand and service promise as well. We believe this is a game changing experience to this industry as a whole.” said Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder & CSO at Truecaller.Neeraj Aggarwal, Head-Supply Chain Operations at EKART, said, “Given the huge volume of shipments on a daily basis, we are often faced with challenges in connecting with our customers. The partnership with Truecaller will help us circumvent these barriers, without being mistaken for a spam call. We are a technology company known for our India centric innovations. With this association, we hope to bring in a radical addition to our customer outreach initiatives.”

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Truecaller, Waze, Google Photos, Telepaint, and More Apps This Week

Truecaller, Waze, Google Photos, Telepaint, and More Apps This Week

Apple has sent out invitations for its March event and while everyone speculates or checks out leaks for the new iPad and iPhone, there have been many interesting updates and releases this past week. Here are the notable app and game updates and releases of the week:

Ulysses Mobile 2.5 for iOS
Ulysses is already one of the best writing tools available today and with version 2.5, the app went universal. This is a free update and Ulysses is now on iPhones as well. The developers did a great job with the interface and it is a joy to use even on the smaller screen. I hope they add support for Dropboxsyncing because it is a near perfect app.

ulysses_1.jpgDownload Ulysses Mobile for iOS Rs. 1,200

Wikipedia Mobile 5.0 for iOS
The official Wikipedia app on iOS got a huge update that brought a new interface and whole set of new features and tweaks. Wikipedia Mobile 5.0 lets you quickly browse the top read articles, picture of the day, recommended articles, and more. Your saved articles even show up in Spotlight Search.

wikipedia_mobile_iOS.jpgDownload Wikipedia Mobile for iOS Free

Waze 4.0 for Android
We all know how useful Waze is as a GPS and traffic app. With version 4.0 it got a fresh coat of paint that made navigation easier as well. Getting things done within Waze is much quicker with fewer taps and this update reduces battery usage which is always appreciated.

waze_android.jpgDownload Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic for Android Free

Truecaller 7.0 for Android
This huge update to Truecaller makes it even more useful for fans of the service as it can now fully replace your phone app. Version 7.0 has the Truedialer features built into the main app and it can check whether other Truecaller users are available before you make a call. There’s also a new interface and a nice looking icon in this update.

truecaller.jpgDownload Truecaller for Android Free

Google Photos 1.8 for iOS
Google Photos is one of the best backup solutions for your photos and Google is doing a great job with the iOS and Android apps. The iOS app just got a nice update that added iPad Pro support and split view support on supported iPads. This update also added support for backing up Live Photos from theiPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

google_photos.jpgDownload Google Photos for iOS Free

Dirac is a game released by Mediocre (the studio is anything but Mediocre in their output). This iOS and Android experience will have you playing with particles, DNA, and more. The visuals and music here are great as is expected from Mediocre and you should check out Dirac if you enjoy interesting games.

dirac.jpgDownload Dirac for iOS Rs. 120 | Android Rs. 135

Telepaint for iOS
Acid Nerve, the team that gave us Titan Souls on Steam and PlayStation platforms just released Telepaint for iOS. Telepaint has you carrying buckets of paint across more than 100 levels as new mechanics are introduced to make your job harder. There’s also a rhythm element to this with every action being tied to the beat.

telepaint.jpgDownload Telepaint for iOS Rs. 190

Retro City Rampage DX for iOS
At this point Vblank’s Retro City Rampage is on every platform out there (barring Android) and this 80s style top down Grand Theft Auto like experience is full of amazing music, great humour, and addictive gameplay. Retro City Rampage DX on iOS supports the made for iOS controllers and has some minigames from other well known franchises like Minecraft and Epic Meal Time.

Download Retro City Rampage DX for iOS Rs. 300

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Truecaller for Android Integrates Truedialer Features in Latest Update

Truecaller for Android Integrates Truedialer Features in Latest Update

The popular caller ID and spam blocking app Truecaller has received an update to version 6.60 on Android. The latest app version brings in several Truedialer features, including ‘smart call history’, availability status, and a built-in dialler.

Truecaller v6.60’s smart call history feature replaces unknown numbers with real names and faces in the call history inside the app. It is for those phone numbers that are not saved in the device’s contact list. This would let users skip the process to save contacts on the handset’s phonebook.

The app update also includes availability status feature, first introduced to the Truedailer app in September last year. The feature shows if the user’s friends or contacts are free to talk before the caller plans to call them. The availability status is set to green if a person is free to take calls; otherwise it is switched to Red if the user in on a call at the moment.

The third inclusion on the Truecaller v6.60 is the built-in dialler. The feature would now let users make calls directly from within the Truecaller app. This would save the time taken to switch back to the handset’s stock dialler to make a call. The latest app version is available to download from Google Play.

It’s evident with the integration that the company is looking to do away with the Truedialer app, which itexplains on its blog, “In 2014, we launched Truedialer to bring similar improvements to the dialer, which had not evolved since the introduction of the smartphone. Truecaller is now bringing many of the great features from Truedialer and integrating them into Truecaller, giving you full control your entire calling experience with just one app… Existing Truedialer users will be gradually upgraded to the new Truecaller experience.”

In an emailed statement, Alan Mamedi, Truecaller Co-Founder and CEO, said, “Now, you can completely replace your existing dialer and only use Truecaller for all your calls. We are also very pleased to see our OEM partners being so supportive of our mission.”

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