Want to be creative? Follow these simple tricks

1/10Want to be creative? Follow these simple tricks

“Oh I am not that creative”- we all must have heard this sentence a number of times. And if you are someone who thinks that being creative is not everybody’s cup of tea, then let us break this myth for you.

Nobody is born creative, the art of thinking out of the box is an acquired one. Let us put this straight that everyone is creative in their own way.

Actually calling yourself non creative is a toxic mentality to have. Creativity is often understood as a way of thinking that is different and unique. You have to first make yourself believe that you can do anything, and then take the right steps to do it.

2/10Creativity differs from person to person

The reason why you think you are not that creative is because you are in all likelihood comparing yourself with others who are famous. You cannot compare yourself to Pablo Picasso or Lady Gaga; they are good at what they do and you may be great at what you do.

And as is rightly said “if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

So if you truly want to be creative do not do these 8 things:

3/10Consider your work is done

Never consider your job as finished. Once the deadline approaches, we finish our work and consider it done and do not revisit it again. But if you are a creative soul, you know deep down that a project is never completed. Every time you revisit that particular work, you come up with a different alternative, to make it better.

4/10Think your idea is original

Nobody sprouts ideas on their own, so no idea is an original one. Every single person needs some sort of inspiration and that source of inspiration could be anything. You just need to be a little observant so keep looking for new ideas. You never know when you’ll come across something magical.

5/10Stay Comfortable

Some people are not creative because they do not look for things out of their comfort zone. Creativity will never come to you, you have to continuously keep searching for a new source of ideas. A true artist is the one who pushes his boundaries and gets out of their comfort zone. A truly creative person will be ready to take risks and willing to make mistakes.

6/10Compromise your style

Never surrender yourself in front of others’ opinion. This is one of the hardest things to do. People may often ask you to compromise your ideas in return of a nice reward, but you have to be firm on your decision. It is you who has to decide what is most important.

7/10Learn to accept rejection

In order to be creative, you need to be brave. Embrace your mistakes and learn to accept rejections. It is obvious that when you will step out of your comfort zone and try new things, people will tell you not to go that way. They would criticise you for your decisions, but you need to be brave to follow your heart and not be afraid of their comments.

8/10Never waste your time

If you want to be creative, never waste your spare time. Doodling is something that increases your productivity. Engage yourself in different kind of activities. More you absorb information, more creative you become.

9/10Challenge yourself

Try to challenge yourself every day, this helps a lot. Try some creative exercises, this will help you to think quick and creatively. You can also try painting and colouring.

10/10Look to nature for answers

Creativity never comes to those who lock themselves in a closed room. Look to nature for some ideas. Invest your time in nature as it is one of the best sources of inspiration.


Buying a used cars? These simple tricks could save you time and money

If it’s not the plethora of models and versions available – plus diesels, petrols and hybrids – the choices can seem almost endless before you have even got to the detailed decisions of a used car’s mileage or condition.

However, the reality is that while there are plenty of hurdles to trip you up in the used car market, there is also plenty you can do to help yourself too.

Do a little homework on where and how to fi nd the best deal and you can give yourself a helping hand before you have even taken a test drive.

Buying a used carGETTY STOCK

Buying a used car needn’t cause headaches, just follow a few simple rules


The first steps are the most obvious. What do you need your car for?

There is little point in buying a small city car if you are likely to spend hours pounding the motorway but likewise there is no point in buying an expensive sports car if it sits in the train station car park for 90 per cent of the week.

Think about why you are buying this car and why you need it in the first place.

Do you need to regularly transport your family or is this car largely for you alone? Will anyone else be driving it and what are their needs?

Do you need a small hatchback or a large estate, four-wheel drive for tricky lanes or perhaps a crossover for that high-up driving position?

Is your situation likely to change soon with a new baby, children leaving home or even a job switch and how will that affect matters?

Of course, much of the above will be dictated by your budget and what you can afford but give it some serious thought as the last thing you want to do is to have to go through the whole process again.

Used carGETTY

Hybrid and electric cars are still not for everyone


Although hybrid and electric cars have gained massively in popularity and sales in recent years, they are still not for everyone.

Electric cars, while having improved, are still limited by their range compared to petrols or diesels and if you are doing a lot of motorway miles, then they might prove pricier to run than you think.

Look at online owner forums and read road tests to get a clearer picture of which might suit you.

The same goes for the age-old petrol versus diesel question too.

The latter might boast a better fuel economy at the pumps but you might need to be doing some serious annual mileage to realise that saving.

Some local authorities are penalising diesel drivers too when parking, so be sure to check.

Buying a used carGETTY

Buying a used car from a franchised dealer is undoubtedly the safest place to go shopping


Buying a used car from a franchised dealer is undoubtedly the safest place to go shopping for your next wheels but it is probably the most expensive too.

They will have a larger stock, especially of newer models usually in excellent condition but be sure to shop around to get the best deal for you.

By comparison, independent dealers will be more affordable and usually feature slightly older cars but they cannot usually offer quite the same back-up with their warranties.

Some will be able to sell you independent warranties for a little peace of mind but make sure you read the small print to find out what is covered before signing on the dotted line.


If you are after a mainstream model, then a car supermarket is a great choice


If you are after a mainstream model, then a car supermarket such as Cargiant is a great choice.

The cars might not have the same level of care and attention bestowed upon them as a dealership but what you will have is great value and plenty of choice.

Look beyond the odd scuffed alloy wheel or higher-than-average mileage and you can fi nd some bargains.

The downsides?

The cars might require some cosmetic TLC but they are a great way to save on time and shoe leather especially with mainstream models as you can see lots of cars in one place at the same time. Instead of looking at one or two Ford Focuses or VW Golfs, you might have ten to choose from, so if you need a car in a hurry, they are a great opportunity.

10. Ford F-150


Aside from car auctions – which are certainly not for the faint-hearted – buying a car privately is probably the riskiest option here – but it’s also probably the cheapest.

The good news is that private sales can sometimes realise some real well-loved, one-owner bargains.

The bad news is that it can unearth some of the worst cars too. Before going to look at any car make sure you ask about its provenance, details and mileage of the car beforehand so that you can do an HPI check (to verify the car’s mileage and finance status).

Independent inspections by fi rms such as the AA and small garages are often available for a fee but rely on your common sense and you will not go too far wrong – if a car looks and sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Check every detail with a keen eye and make sure you take it on a decent test drive, running through all the gears and asking the owner about it.

If you are not confi dent enough to do it on your own, take a friend (two pairs of eyes are always better than one) and if they are mechanically-minded, so much the better. Whichever route you choose, though, when buying your next used car, do not buy a car that you are not 100 per cent happy with.

If it does not feel right, just walk away – there will always be another ten just around the corner.

The power to buy or not is always in your hands, never forget that.


Huawei P9 evaluate: New smartphone, acquainted tricks


Huawei nevertheless is not a family name in every nook of the sector, no matter having ousted Microsoftlast summer season to come to be the sector‘s 0.33biggest telephone producer. The organizationwon’t have the pedigree of LG, Sony and others, but there are few more endorsements than being recruitedwith the aid of Google to deliver a Nexus device. That become greater than six months in the past, butit’s with that form of exposure in mind that we welcome Huawei’s present day flagship, the P9, and noticewhat it has to offer.
fun, flexible digicam
first rate overall performance

Unexciting layout
lacking in standout functions
Questionable value for the money
If there may be one characteristic a good way to convince you to buy Huawei’s P9, it is the clevercamera. separate sensors will let you take excellent, local monochrome photographs and play aroundwith depth of subject, no longer to say different fun and beneficial taking pictures modes. overall performance is also one of the P9’s strong fits, however in any other case you are getting a fairlyiterative upgrade missing in flagship finesse. thinking about its price, the P9 in the end fails to strike the best balance among characteristic set and cost.
you could normally inform at a look whilst a cellphone is of flagship lineage. by way of that I mean: iPhones look like iPhones, the Galaxy S collection hasn’t changed all that a good deal in current years,and so on. Huawei, too, has settled on a commonplace design language for its pinnaclegive up P line.placed the P9, P8 and Ascend P7 aspect through facet and you will note greater iterative adjustmentsthan huge ameliorations.

as the years have surpassed, Huawei has veered further toward an angular, smoothcut design for its Pcollection. there is absolute confidence the P9 is the first-ratesearching of the bunch thus far, and yet Ican’t assist but sense that it is as a substitute … indistinctive.
That stated, the P9 has all the characteristics you’ll assume of a £450 (or more or less $650) telephone.it’s thin, light and wrapped in aluminum, and the construct satisfactory is impeccable. The unibody has aatypical tacky texture to it, feeling greater like plastic than “aerospace-elegancesteel, even though this does assist with grip. Then there are the soft corners, the skinny chamfered edges and the mild curvature of the glass borders: all the little details that mellow an otherwise sharp form.

The simplest edge that perhaps hasn’t been buffed sufficient is the accelerated rim across the fingerprint sensor. it may sense a piece scratchy below your fingertip, and, talking of the sensor, it is the first time Huawei has covered one on a P series tool. It registers contact as speedy as any fingerprint sensor i’veused, and sits in a convenient function high at the lower back of the tool (wherein your forefinger clearlyrests).
the entirety else is quite a lot wherein it must be, and i’m thankful for the tiny, multicolor notification LED hiding behind the earpiece. The extent rocker and electricity key (which has a pleasant bumpy texture to it) lie at the right-hand area, with the micro-SIM/microSD tray at the left and a loudspeaker grille, headphone socket and USB type-C port on the lowest.

in my opinion, I wish Huawei hadn’t bothered with type-C. It doesn’t charge the tool any quicker thanordinary micro-USB could — the business enterprise by no means promised any kind of rapid charging, to be fair — and it means the absurd quantity of stay cables i have scattered around my house for pills, Kindles, telephones, Bluetooth audio system and console controllers are useless. as a substitute, i havejust one lonely cord I essentially need to carry round with me.

The P9’s pièce de résistance is certainly its Leica-recommended, dual rear digicam device. similar to thecomplete the front of the device, the panel of glass that protects the two cameras is product of Gorilla Glass four, and sits atop a black history with a diffused grey pinstripe impact. As you would expect, Leica’s call is seen, along a mixture of numbers and letters I count on to be specs of some kind. using a slab of glass appears a bit lazy to me; I feel that machining out individual holes for the lenses and flashmay‘ve made for greater fashionable and hanging unibody design.
i’ve my arms at the titanium grey model, which pairs almost purplish aluminum with a black underlaywherever there may be glass. masses of different colour configurations are obtainable if you coulddiscover them: two with comparable gold finishes, ceramic white, mystic silver and, of direction, rose gold. Their availability varies based totally in the marketplace and model, however, along with whether or notthe P9 in question is a unmarried– or twin-SIM version, and whether it’s kitted out with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal garage, or 4GB/64GB. inside the united kingdom, for instance, i’m able to locate bestthe titanium gray and mystic silver options (3GB/32GB) on the market.

In all, the P9 is never an ugly tool, however it is not mainly exciting either. And that sentiment does notsimply observe to its seems.

10 Tips and Tricks to Help You Master Alto’s Adventure

10 Tips and Tricks to Help You Master Alto's Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is a beautiful endless snowboarding game that launched on Android on Thursday. There are plenty of endless runners on Android and iOS, from the likes of Temple Run to Subway Surfers. Unlike those games, getting a high score isn’t really a big motivating factor if you are playingAlto’s Adventure.

The game has 60 levels, with three achievements per level. Completing these achievements is what will keep you hooked to the game. Beautiful art and a pleasant soundtrack only add to the game’s appeal. Alto’s Adventure is free on Android and you should try it. If you’re having trouble mastering the game or if you’ve just started and want some tips to get started, read on.

1. Alto’s Adventure is all about goals
Like all endless runners, Alto’s Adventure gets repetitive after a while. Your instinct might be to try and survive for as long as possible, but we recommend that you concentrate on your goals instead. Every 10 levels, you unlock a new character. Some of these characters are far better than Alto – the character you start with so try and unlock the new characters as soon as you can.

As soon as you’ve achieved the three goals, just crash and end your run right away. This will move you to the next level. We were often frustrated for a while because we were stuck trying to get that elusive rock bounce + grind challenge, which we’d managed comfortably a few times before reaching the level where it became one of the goals. The high scores will come towards the latter stages of the game’s 60 levels, so worry about distance later.

2. Grinds are the best Alto’s Adventure tricks
In the game you get a measly 10 points for a backflip, so if you are looking for a high score, backflips aren’t going to help much. Your biggest trick combos will involve a lot of grinds. You can grind over ropes (bunting grind) or roofs, for which you earn 5 points for every two metres you grind. If you manage a long grind, you get a bonus, which can really propel your score.

altos_adventure_grind_website_sc.jpg3. Upgrade the coin magnet first
Alto’s Adventure has a few different powerups such as the coin magnet and a hover board. The coin magnet lets you collect coins near you, even if you don’t pass through them. You will need coins to upgrade your powerups – such as to make the magnet’s power last longer. We suggest that you upgrade it to maximum first so you can collect more coins per run and upgrade other items.

4. After the coin magnet, save up for the wingsuit
The next item on your purchase list should be the Wingsuit. This lets you glide over the snowy landscape of Alto’s Adventure. Yes, you will be flying for a short while once you enable the Wingsuit. The more tricks you perform, the longer your character’s scarf is. When it’s at its longest, the Wingsuit button will appear on screen. You can use this to get out of a tricky elder chase or to chain your tricks.

5. Chain your tricks
In Alto’s Adventure, each trick in a combo bumps up the multiplier by one count. If you manage to finish off a long grind with an insane triple backflip and adding a Wingsuit flight right at the end, you are looking at a 10,000-point combo. Each of those tricks individually don’t result in many points, but combine them and you have a massive score.

6. Maya is the best
We aren’t going to spoil the game for you by revealing each of the characters and their special powers, but until you can reach level 51, Maya (level 11) is going to be the best character for most challenges. She finds it hard to pick up speed, but is really fast at backflips. We tried all other characters until level 51 and found that Maya’s fast flips make a big difference. After level 51, you’ll unlock the best Alto’s Adventure character. We won’t reveal the name or the character’s powers. Play the game and find out for yourself.

altos_adventure_dawn_website_sc.jpg7. Landing tricks makes you temporarily invincible
After you land a trick, you gain a temporary speed boost, indicated by a kind of a shield appearing in front of your snowboarder. This is when you can smash rocks in your path and put some distance between you and the elders chasing you. There are ice patches that will give you a similar speed boost, but landing tricks (even simple backflips) is the best way to get a boost. When you have a speed boost, you can’t crash unless you fall into a chasm.

8. Chasms don’t appear without a warning
Alto’s Adventure adds a bit of a challenge via chasms. Falling into one means it’s game over, but these don’t appear without a warning. Look out for warning signs, such as wooden boards with an exclamation mark on them in the background. Maya, being one of the slowest snowboarders in the game, requires a speed boost to get through most chasms. So try and land a trick before a chasm. You’ll usually find a grinding rope before the chasm arrives, which makes things easier.

Some chasms involve a drop to a lower mountain, so you will reach the other side without jumping. However there are others that involve a 20-metre ascent to reach the other side. Jumping just before reaching the tip of the ramp gives you the required elevation in these cases. If you’re having trouble clearing a chasm, you can use the Wingsuit to bail you out.

altos_adventure_night_website_sc.jpg9. Hoverboard’s not that bad
Most Alto’s Adventure players we’ve spoken to don’t like the hoverboard powerup much. It can distract you a bit when you’re on a roll. Apart from protecting you from rocks in your path, the hoverboard also protects you when you’re trying to land that elusive triple backflip. When you have the powerup, you get much more hang time on jumps, and are thus less likely to crash. It is particularly useful during longer runs, particularly after the 20-km mark where the landscape is strewn with rocks.

10. Rock bounce is an unlikely saviour
If you jump or flip and then land on a rock, your character will bounce back up. This often boils down to luck as it is not easy to control where you land. You should use rock bounces to squeeze in a backflip or two, as it could be the difference between a high-scoring trick combo and a record-breaking one. It’s also the only way we’ve managed to land a quadruple backflip (triple backflip + rock bounce + backflip again – the second backflip becomes a quadruple backflip). You might not know that it could also save you from crashing. If you land headfirst or sideways on a rock while attempting that outrageous backflip, you bounce back up.

These tips should help you get through some of Alto’s Adventure’s basic challenges. Landing some of the tricks might take a while, so be patient. It took us nearly a month to finish all of the game’s 60 levels, which means that there is a lot of replay value in this game. Having trouble with anything else in the game? Want to share your high score? Post a comment or tweet at the author via the link below.

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