Suresh Prabhu Links Ideas, Business Opportunities To Cheap Goa Beverages

Suresh Prabhu Links Ideas, Business Opportunities To Cheap Goa Beverages

Suresh Prabhu’s statement did not go down well with some of the political parties.

Panaji: Union minister Suresh Prabhu has sought to link the availability of cheap beverages in Goa with “creativity and business opportunities”, a remark the Congress said was projection of the coastal state as a “liquor destination”.

Mr Prabhu, while participating in the Global Venture Summit in Goa on Friday, said the state government had reduced taxes on some beverages that help calm the mind and lead to creativity, which can be converted into business opportunities.

“Ideas are there, but to make ideas into a form that actually be converted into a business opportunity is some sort of creativity.” “And creativity comes when your mind is calm. And when it comes to Goa, mind becomes calm. And to make body calm, Goa government has reduced taxation on some of the beverages, which can make your mind soft,” the commerce minister had said.

Mr Prabhu’s statement did not go down well with some of the political parties.

Congress’ spokesperson Siddhanath Buyao condemned the statement, saying it was wrong to link the state’s culture and creativity to the availability of liquor at lower rates.

“Goa is known for its scenic beauty and warm people. Creativity is in the DNA of Goans right from the beginning. May it be in the field of science, art, culture, music and even entrepreneurship, Goans have contributed immensely to the country,” Mr Buyao said.

He said it is the same calm nature and creativity that draws Mr Prabhu to Goa often. “Does Prabhu come to Goa to enjoy cheap beverages and then get the creative ideas?” Mr Buyao taunted the minister.

“Instead of projecting Goa as a liquor destination, BJP should concentrate on restoring the governance, which has deteriorated due to the ill health of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar,” he added.

The Shiv Sena slammed the ruling party saying encouraging liquor consumption should be the last thing any government should be doing. “Prabhu should understand that liquor does not make mind soft. It is the natural beauty of Goa that inspires people,” said Sena state spokesperson Rakhi Prabhudesai Naik.

She said the BJP should stop linking Goa’s culture and tourism to liquor. “Union minister of the stature of Prabhu linking liquor to Goa is condemnable, especially when he always brags about his closeness to Goa


Secretary DeVos Praises Expansion of Educational Opportunities for Illinois Students and Families

Image result for Secretary DeVos Praises Expansion of Educational Opportunities for Illinois Students and Families

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos today released the following statement:

“Real change and innovation in education will not come from Washington—it will come from states where parents and students demand more education options and have their voices heard. I commend Gov. Rauner and Superintendent Smith for their leadership in making Illinois the 18th state to adopt a tax credit scholarship program. By expanding choices for families and focusing funding on individual students, this program will help thousands of Illinois children succeed.”


Illinois Lawmakers Give Students More Opportunities in Education

In the throes of a debate about how much taxpayer money would go to Illinois public schools, state lawmakers have agreed to provide students more educational options.

On Thursday, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s signature created a program that allows for up to $75 million in tax credit-eligible contributions to K-12 private school scholarship organizations. Under the law, individuals and businesses can make charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations that award scholarships to eligible students.

Donors will receive a credit on their state taxes worth 75 percent of their contributions. To be eligible for a scholarship, students must be from families with household incomes not greater than approximately $74,000.

Commonly known as “tax credit scholarships,” this school choice opportunity helps thousands of students in 17 states access a quality education when their assigned district school is not a good fit for them.

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In Florida, more than 100,000 children use a scholarship, while Arizona scholarship organizations awarded some 70,000 private school scholarships in fiscal year 2016.

The scholarships have helped students like Gabe Alva-Rivera. As a child, he attended a school in Mexico that didn’t even have running water, but his family moved to Arizona where he thrived in a private Catholic school.

In a 2013 interview, he explained that he founded and coached a middle school robotics team. He went on to study mechanical engineering at MIT.

This year, Illinois joins Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina as states that created or expanded ways for students to find a great learning experience when they struggle in a district school.

Arizona and Florida lawmakers made more students eligible for education savings accounts, scholarships that allow parents to customize a child’s education through personal tutors, private schools, and online classes, to name a few possible uses. North Carolina policymakers enacted a similar law in June.

Illinois’ new scholarships are a bright spot in a bill marked by burdens on taxpayers and even requirements for private schools that want to enroll scholarship students. The Illinois Policy Institute explains that taxpayers will fork over another $150 million to Chicago Public Schools, and city residents should expect a property tax increase.

Additionally, scholarship students under the bill will be required to take the state assessment. This rule undermines a private school’s ability to decide what and how to teach, and gives schools an incentive to provide the same instruction as district schools since students will take the same tests.

Surveys indicate that similar rules in Louisiana’s K-12 private school voucher system have prevented some private schools from enrolling scholarship students, and, as a result, families have fewer educational options.

President Donald Trump’s administration has indicated that a federal tax credit scholarship proposal could be in the offing later this year.

But Heritage Foundation experts and researchers from states like Texas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, New Mexico, Idaho, Iowa, Utah, and Oklahoma have urged Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to keep federal activity within the bounds of Washington’s areas of responsibility.

The Trump administration would do well to provide more private educational opportunities to children in Washington, D.C., students in active-duty military families, and children living on Native American reservations.

Meanwhile, proposals to give students more learning opportunities in the 50 states should be left to state lawmakers. Well-intentioned proposals to help students can be mired in complex federal funding formulas and extend the federal government’s reach into our everyday lives.

Trump administration officials that favor more learning options should use their high profile to explain that every child should have the chance at a great education and the American dream. For students succeeding in their local district school, policymakers should encourage these achievements.

But when a district school isn’t a good fit for a child—students with special needs or those looking for more challenging material—state lawmakers should create opportunities like the new Illinois scholarships (absent the aggressive regulations) for families living within their borders. Washington should practice restraint.

10 In-Home Business Opportunities You Can Start From Your Smartphone

10 Ideas to Start a Business on Your Phone

You no longer need tons of expensive equipment to start a business. Today’s smartphones are so sophisticated and have so many different features that you can actually use them as the main tool for running a business.

If you want to start a business from home without putting a lot of investment into equipment, here are some businesses you can start with just a smartphone.

Start a Business on Your Phone

App Developer

Mobile apps have become incredibly popular. So it’s an increasingly popular business idea as well. From your own smartphone, you can build and test mobile apps for your own venture and sell them for a profit, or you can even contract with other companies to create apps for them.

Vine, Instagram or Snapchat Marketer

Social media platforms and apps like Twitter’s Vine, Facebook’s Instagram, Snapchat and more offer plenty of new and unique opportunities for marketers. If you want to start a social media business from your smartphone, you can offer to post content for business clients on their accounts. Or you can become an influencer and work with brands to spread the word about their offerings on your accounts.

Event Planner

Working on events, from weddings to corporate functions, requires a lot of planning and organizational skills. Luckily, there are plenty of mobile apps that offer the ability to manage schedules, lists and more. And of course, you can use your phone to keep in touch with clients and vendors, through both phone calls and emails.

Chatbot Developer

Chatbots are computer programs that use artificial intelligence to mimic human conversations. This technology has many potential business applications. And you can actually work to develop some of those solutions from your smartphone and then sell them to businesses and clients.

mCommerce Seller

More and more consumers are shopping from their smartphones. So you can also now set up those mobile shops right from your smartphone or similar device. Doing so will actually give you a better idea of how your shop will look to potential mobile customers so you can make sure the shopping experience is compatible with popular mobile devices. Or you could even use mobile apps for popular retail sites like eBay and Etsy to sell your goods.


If you have expertise in a particular area, you can share that expertise with others right from your smartphone by working as a consultant. You can communicate with potential clients via email and then set up phone calls or even use the Skype mobile app to set up video conferences with clients.

Tech Support

Tech savvy entrepreneurs, you can offer your expertise to clients needing tech support for a set fee or hourly rate. You can have customers contact you with queries and then respond to them via email, phone or Skype with solutions or any further questions you might have to help solve their tech related issues.


No longer do you need lots of expensive equipment to make and edit videos. Today’s smartphone cameras are often HD quality. And you can download editing apps right onto your phone. So you can create your own videos or even offer your videography services to clients.

Airbnb Host

Home rental services like Airbnb let anyone with some extra space in their home, or a separate income property, make extra cash by renting it out. With the Airbnb app, or others like it, you can create a listing for your home or room and manage communication with renters right from your phone or mobile device.

Life Coach

Life coaches work with clients to provide general help with things like career, relationships and even health and fitness. You can communicate with clients via email, phone calls or Skype. And you can even set up a website and social profiles to offer your services right from your phone.

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