Obama traveled the world. Trump goes to Florida.

Donald Trump has evinced a notable lack of curiosity about many aspects of the job he claimed to want. One that stands out — and that is particularly galling for the supposed leader of the free world, and in stark contrast to President Obama — is a disinclination thus far to travel outside the country’s borders.

It was clear early on in the presidential campaign that Donald Trump was more interested in winning the election than in actually doing the daily work involved with the job, as the laughably thin list of his so-called “historic accomplishments” during his first 100 days shows.

He has demonstrated his mental laziness and utter lack of curiosity in understanding of the world time and time again.

From his shifting positions on NATO, to needing a history lesson from the president of China on the subject of North Korea, to his varied inappropriate behavior toward the prime minister of Australia, the prime minister of Japan, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel — who also had to give Trump a schooling on his supposedly signature issue of trade — Trump has proven that it is a markedly small world in which he lives.

And not just metaphorically.

When Obama took office, he immediately faced the task of improving the United States’ standing around the world, after the damage done on a global scale by the George W. Bush administration. And Obama took that job seriously, logging thousands of miles within the first 100 days after his inauguration in 2009.

And the public’s admiration at that time for Obama’s efforts outpaces current opinion on Trump’s ability to do the same by a vast margin, according to a recent Gallup poll:

According to the poll, only 29 percent of Americans believe “leaders of foreign countries around the world have respect for the President.” That is less than half of the 67 percent of people who believed Obama was respected by foreign leaders at this point in his presidency, and it even trails the 49 percent who believed this of George W. Bush.

Considering his embarrassing encounters with many world leaders thus far, and his clear preference for authoritarians and dictators, it is difficult to say whether Trump traveling to other countries would actually be helpful.

But it is supposed to be part of the job of president of the United States. Instead, Trump seems content to merely occupy the role, rather than embody it.

Trump spends much of his time — and taxpayer dollars — traveling to his resort in Florida. And he will occasionally travel to other states when he has the chance to grandiosely pat himself on the back, however unearned the personal kudos may be.

But there is a whole world out there with which the United States president ought to be thoughtfully engaged. Obama understood this well. But Trump? He surely has a tee time to meet.


Obama And PM Modi’s Alliance: ‘endless phone Calls’ and 7 MeetingsPresident Obama has invited PM

Obama And PM Modi's Alliance: 'Countless Phone Calls' And 7 Meetings

Narendra Modi for one of the final huge visits to america with the aid of a international chief earlier thanhis time period results in January. (document picture)
they are probably to discuss India’s access to Nuclear providers group
PM to address each homes of Congress, taken into consideration an extraordinary honour
the us will be the fourth forestall in PM’s fivekingdom excursion
high Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with President Barack Obama in Washington “displays thesignificance that the two leaders place on our natural alliance,” the usa state branch has informed NDTVbeforehand of the PM’s -day visit to the us that begins past due this night India time.

The go to, the nation branch said, will consist of a bilateral assembly within the Oval office and a lunchat the White residence.

in view that 2014, there were six conferences and infinite phone calls among President Obama and topMinister Modi, and this go to reflects the significance that the two leaders vicinity on our natural alliance,”the usa said, list on the agenda for his or her talks, “advancing our formidable weather exchange andeasy electricity schedule, further enhancing our protection and diplomatic cooperation throughout the Indo-Pacific place, as well as supporting sustainable financial growth and prosperity in each of ournations.”

President Obama has invited PM Modi for one of the final massive visits through a international chiefbefore his term results in January. The PM will address both homes of Congress, considered a unprecedented honour.

President Obama and PM Modi are expected to speak about India’s application to sign up for the Nuclearsuppliers group (NSG), a 48-member membership of nuclear buying and selling international locations.

The Barack Obama administration has strongly subsidized India’s membership to the NSG and 3 othergroupings — the Australia organization, the Wassenaar arrangement and the Missile era manipulateRegime or the MTCR.

reports say an on India getting into the MTCR may additionally show up during top Minister Modi’s go toto the united states. it’ll help India export hi-tech missiles to different international locations andpurchase predator drones from the usa.

the 2 nations also are finalising agreements that would make it possible for their militaries to cooperatemore carefully, and for US defence manufacturers to each promote and make high-tech weaponry in India.

The go to additionally gives PM Modi a hazard to community with US lawmakers who may additionallyfunction in a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton management however, as it coincides with the Californianumber one, he isn’t always anticipated to meet both.


Barack Obama Hails Prince As ‘innovative Icon’

Barack Obama Hails Prince As 'Creative Icon'

Barack Obama final 12 months invited Prince, at the side of Stevie marvel, to carry out a live performance for buddies at the White house, which generated a degree of controversy because theoccasion turned into indexed as personal.
WASHINGTON, u.s.a.: US President Barack Obama mourned Prince as one of the most proficient artists of his time after the pop legend’s sudden demise on Thursday.

today the world lost a innovative icon,” Obama stated in a announcement, including: “Few artists havestimulated the sound and trajectory of famous track more highly, or touched quite so many people with their talent.”

“As one of the maximum talented and prolific musicians of our time, Prince did it all. Funk. R&B. Rock and roll. He become a virtuoso instrumentalist, a great bandleader, and an electrifying performer,” he said.

Obama closing yr invited Prince, along side Stevie surprise, to carry out a live performance for pals on the White house, which generated a degree of controversy because the event turned into listed as non-public.

Prince changed into famously reclusive however has from time to time taken up politics, last 12 monthswriting the music “Baltimore” in support of African-American victims of perceived police brutality.

Hollywood Mogul Blasts Obama, Google Over Piracy

Hollywood Mogul Blasts Obama, Google Over Piracy

Movie mogul Avi Lerner branded US President Barack Obama “a coward” on Saturday, berating him for not taking on Google over piracy.

The 68-year-old American-Israeli producer told AFP that the White House’s failure to force the search engine giant to improve its anti-piracy measures was costing Hollywood millions of dollars a year.

“It’s a major problem and it’s something that I don’t know if anyone can stop, because the government, the president, Congress are all scared of Google,” said Lerner, who was behind a string of blockbusters including the “Expendables” movies and “London Has Fallen.”

The veteran financier told AFP at a gala Beverly Hills dinner in his honor that piracy had cost his production companies Nu Image and Millennium Films $250 million (roughly Rs. 1,666 crores) on action sequel “The Expendables 3.”

“The government, the president, is such a coward. He’s scared of Google so we are losing millions,” he told AFP.

“They should tell Google to stop piracy. They should make a law that anyone helping piracy – and not helping to stop piracy – should go to jail or get penalized or whatever.”

A near perfect copy of “The Expendables 3” leaked onto file-sharing sites in July 2014, three weeks before its theatrical release date.

It was downloaded around 100,000 times within hours and Nu Image said more than 10 million copies were made before its release.

Lerner believes that since a portion of Google’s advertising revenue is coming from piracy-related sources, the company has no incentive stop it without being forced.

Punishing theft
Google, which was not immediately available for comment, modified its algorithms in 2014 to damage the search engine ranking of piracy websites, but many studio executives believe the tech giant has not gone far enough.

Hollywood lobbied intensively in 2012 for the creation of two pieces of legislation – the Protect Intellectual Property Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act – which would hold non-US websites to the same standards as those in the United States.

But Google and other big players in Silicon Valley resisted action they claimed would stifle development of the Internet and pave the way for US authorities to shut down websites, including foreign sites, without due process.

US congressional leaders put the legislation on hold following a wave of protests led by Google andWikipedia denouncing the bills as a threat to Internet freedom, and the bills were never signed into law.

“We have to protect our intellectual property or why are we doing this? Why be creative? Why put your blood and sweat and tears into writing a movie only to have it stolen?” said Heidi Jo Markel, the founder of Eclectic Pictures who has worked with Lerner on several films.

The producer, who was also at the dinner hosted by social services agency Aviva Family and Children’s Services at the Beverly Hills Hotel, called on the United States to emulate Britain, which she described as much tougher on piracy.

“The UK has got so good about punishing people for theft and we just sort of look the other way. We’ve got to change that,” she told AFP.

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