Nine challenges creative agencies face while pitching

Pitching is an integral part of creative agencies’ DNA for acquiring new business or even retaining the existing business. For something so integral to the success of an agency, it is alarming to know that the pitch process is mostly notoriously distraught. According to a Provoke Insights study done in 2015, approximately 47 per cent of advertising professionals surveyed said that they were dissatisfied with the current approach to pitching.

For agencies, pitching new business is often a drain on resources, time and morale, and it doesn’t always result in the best pairing of clients and their creative partners. interacted with industry leaders to weigh in the pain points of creative pitches.

Problems related to creative pitches are a vicious circle and to come out of it, one needs to identify them and then find solutions. This listicle is divided into two parts. The first part talks about the problems related to creative pitches and the second part will talk about the solutions.

This compilation is based on the conversation with Govind Pandey, CEO, TBWA; Kapil Arora, President, Ogilvy Group Companies, North, ‎Ogilvy & Mather; Ambarish Ray, Director, COO, Metal Communications; Shiv Sethuraman, The New Business; Vistasp Hodiwala, CCO and Co-Founder, Underdog and Shivil Gupta, ECD, Dentsu Impact.

No time for creatives to ideate

When a pitch is called by clients and a particular time is allotted to the agencies to prepare, most of that time is spent by the strategy and planning people on the pitch and then the creative directors are approached to look for an idea.

Gupta added, “The ratio of time spent by planning and creative is not right. More time is taken by the planning and strategy people and very less is given to the creative ones, which makes difficult to find insights.”

Also, time gap between briefing and calling for presentation is not enough. Sethuraman added, “Most clients don’t plan for enough time between briefing and asking for presentations. As a result, they don’t get great output and have to do multiple rounds.”

Say no to speculative creative pitches

Agencies should be careful before jumping into the speculative pitch well. One should do a proper background check on the brand, its expectations, scope and ambition before even agreeing to pitch. In the run to maintain business P/L, agencies tend to pitch for any brand without giving a much thought. A senior agency official said, “This generally happens with agencies that are either independent or struggling to maintain costs or the bigger ones that have pressures from their parent network and have too many people to deploy on any kind of a pitch.”

Pandey said, “The fact that you have limited number of people, you need to be choosy with the kind of brands you want to work with. A new business pitch is a big cost. A lot of time and resources are spent on it and that itself should limit the number of pitches you want to do.”

Trouble creative agencies for the pitch sake

Another problem that creatives talk about is that at times CMOs call pitches just for the sake of completely mandatory requirements of calling a pitch. At times, the marketers already have a set agency in their mind but call for a pitch for the sake of it. This happens when a marketer joins from another company and favours an agency he has worked with.

Excessive pitching depletes quality of creativity

A major contributor to long working hours, and in some cases staff burnout, is excessive pitching. It’s tough on the creatives because they are constantly being asked for new ideas. It is a demanding process.

Evergreen pitch fee problem

Agencies not being paid for pitching is a vicious problem for the industry. Unity is needed to come to a permanent solution and that is not happening soon. On the one hand, the agencies say they should be paid as a lot of time, money and creativity go in making even a sample presentation. On the other hand, many agencies are willing to present bids for free if clients don’t oblige. Although, there are a few agencies that do not pitch until they are paid a fee.

Pitching for projects

Although projects bring monies to the agencies in the short-term, but preparing for project pitches is a nuisance because it is for the short-term and agencies have to come up with ideas each time. There is no surety that the client would come back to the agency for another project or a longer term agreement as well.

Arora said, “The ticket size is so little that it makes the process very unviable. It is time wastage to spend one month of pitch preparation for a two-month project.”

Money matters!

Generally, the final discussion on money matters happens in the final round of any pitch. The agency charging les to the brand has a chance to be selected which puts the other agency’s hard work in vain. A senior official, who didn’t want to be quoted, said that it has happened with them a few times that in the final round when they are almost about to win the account, the client selects the agency that charged less.

Too many participants in the pitch

It is also another big problem where clients call too many agencies for a pitch. This wastes the client’s as well as the agencies’ time. The flocking number of independent agencies joining pitches throws competition to the bigger ones. Too many ideas also make it difficult for the clients to choose and simultaneously put unnecessary pressure on the agencies to compete with the bunch of fellow colleagues from the industry.

Pandey said, “The clients who don’t know their mind and what they are looking for, generally invite everybody. The pitch meetings become crowded with too many agencies.”

Evaluation metrics of agencies not clear

Sethuraman explains this point really well. He said, “In the best conducted pitches, the clients’ criterion of evaluation is always clear. For example, they might decide to give significant weightage to the past work of the agency and its local office strength and low weightage to the actual pitch campaign. But often this is not transparent so agencies don’t know what they’re being judged on.”


Russia Detains Nine ‘Hackers’ Over $17 Million Bank Thefts

Russia Detains Nine 'Hackers' Over $17 Million Bank Thefts

Russia Detains Nine ‘Hackers’ Over $17 Million Bank Thefts
Russia has detained nine people alleged to be part of a cybercrime ring accused of stealing some $17 million dollars from bank accounts, the interior ministry said Wednesday.

The detentions followed a nationwide manhunt. The FSB security agency launched a major operation last year against the alleged 50-strong “hacker group” that pilfered more than RUB 1 billion ($16.8 million, EUR 15.8 million) since 2013, the statement said.

“Nine individuals suspected of participating in hacking attacks were detained on January 25,” ministry spokeswoman Irina Volk said. One was placed under arrest.

A total of 27 members and organisers are being investigated, with 19 of them now under arrest in pre-trial jail, the ministry said.

Unnamed security sources on Wednesday told Russian agencies that the latest arrests are connected to a case against legendary hacking collective Lurk that was targeted by law enforcement agencies in a sweep last year.
According to cyber-security giant Kaspersky, the group was reportedly suspected of stealing some three billion rubles from commercial organisations that included banks.

Russian hackers are in the spotlight over their alleged involvement in cyber-attacks targeting the US presidential election campaign but experts say the vast majority of cybercrime in the country is financial.

The FSB itself is also currently caught up in another murky scandal that has seen at least two of its top cyber-security experts arrested for treason linked to the United States, a lawyer involved in the case has said.

That treason case has also seen the arrest of Ruslan Stoyanov – the head of Kaspersky’s cyber-security unit that probed Lurk.

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Motorola ‘MotoMods’ Modules Leaked in photos beforehand of June nine launch

Motorola 'MotoMods' Modules Leaked in Images Ahead of June 9 Launch

MotoMods ought to launch alongside the brand new Z-series smartphones.
Motorola is anticipated to unveil MotoMods at Lenovo’s June 9 event.
MotoMods will bring added functionality to the Moto Z, Moto Z Play.
Motorola is expected to unveil its flagship smartphones, the Moto Z and Moto Z Play, at discern enterpriseLenovo’s Tech world occasion on June 9. With these smartphones, Motorola is looking to introduce its new ‘Z’ collection, alongside an atmosphere of modular backplates, previously thought to be referred to asAmps. Now said to be known as MotoMods, these backplates has been growing a lot of buzz, and now tipster Evan Blass gives us our feasible first have a look at the MotoMods

The picture leaked by Blass showcases three of the modular backplates that are expected to arrive with the Z collection. The MotoMods will connect to the smartphones through connection pins on the lower back, bringing extra application to the phones. To don’t forget, Motorola changed into tipped to launch fivemodular backplates at the event, such as a battery percent, a rugged cover fitted with a hugeperspectivelens, a digicamfashion grip entire with a flash module and optical zoom, a stereo speaker setup, or even apercent projector.

the first MotoMod within the leaked photo indicates the optical zoom lens. The backplate has a flash on its left and what appears to be like a shutter button at the proper. the only at the back of it seems toencompass a kickstand, which would basically assist the person keep his smartphone upright at the same time as looking motion pictures. the second MotoMod also seems to be a bit thicker, and willresidence the battery % as nicely. The 0.33 one is hard to dissect, however it is able to residence the p.c.projector or the stereo speakers.

Blass later clarified what the three MotoMods seen within the photo had been – with the top maximumbeing a Hasselblad digital camera, the center on JBL speakers, and the bottom maximum a % projector.

Motorola is reportedly trying to ditch the Moto X collection altogether, and release its flagships underneaththe brand new Z collection. The Moto Z and Moto Z Play had been heavily leaked inside the beyond. to this point, the Moto Z is predicted to function five.5-inch QHD display, a Snapdragon 820 processor, 3GB or 4GB of RAM, sixteen-megapixel rear camera, 32GB of inbuilt garage, and 2600mAh battery. The Moto Z Play may game a 5.5-inch complete-HD display, a Snapdragon 625 SoC, 2GB of RAM, a 13-megapixel reardigital camera, 16GB and 32GB garage versions, and % a 3500mAh battery

Blass one after the other shared a leaked photograph of the trendy Droid series, expected to belaunched alongside the Moto Z series for Verizon wi-fi.