WhatsApp Message Delete Feature Reportedly Fixed to Prevent Exploits

WhatsApp Message Delete Feature Reportedly Fixed to Prevent Exploits

WhatsApp has plugged some of the gaps in Delete for Everyone feature with a new update


  • WhatsApp has silently improved ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature
  • There is an upgraded algorithm to block revoke requests for some users
  • WhatsApp for iOS has extended the delete message feature

WhatsApp has silently improved the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature with an ability to block revoke requests for some users. The new improvement emerges days after the WhatsApp beta for Android received an update to give users 4,096 seconds to delete a message – a substantial increase over the original seven-minute window. That 4,096-second limit had reportedly been exploited using a modded version of WhatsApp following its launch to delete messages that were even three years old. It had also been exploited to let anyone, not just the sender, delete messages.

The instant messaging app has now, therefore, added a ‘Block revoke request’ feature. WhatsApp for iPhone has also separately been updated with an extended Delete for Everyone limit to one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds.

As spotted by folks at WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has upgraded the algorithm it uses to pass the revoke request. Now, if the upgraded algorithm receives a revoke request, it checks its database for a message with the same ID, and then checks if the current date is less than 24 hours when when the message was sent, and only then proceeds to delete the message – using the same ID that had been generated previously. This makes the feature to delete message restricted to the official limit and doesn’t allow any modded versions to extend the limit through an unofficial means.

That being said, WhatsApp for iPhone has officially been updated to version 2.18.31 with the same extension for the Delete for Everyone feature to one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds that we last saw in the beta. This notably gives a room for making temporary conversations on WhatsApp, similar to what has been offered by other compelling messaging apps.

You can visit Apple App Store to download the latest WhatsApp for iPhone. The new version additionally brings some bug fixes, as reported by WABetaInfo.


Google Allo v14 Brings Message Reactions, Under-the-Hood Enhancements

Google Allo v14 Brings Message Reactions, Under-the-Hood Enhancements


  • The update has started rolling out
  • Users can currently react only with heart-shaped emojis
  • The Web client of the app has still not been released

While we still await the much-delayed Web client of Google Allo, version 14 of the messaging app has now started rolling out for Android and brings message reactions to the platform. Currently, the latest update is not showing up for us but it is expected to be rolled out by the search giant in phases to the users.

Now, just like on Facebook Messenger, users can give emoji reactions to particular messages within the chat and once there are multiple reactions, the count of the reactions starts showing up beside the message. Amit Fulay, head of Google Allo, announced the new feature in his tweet saying, “Latest #GoogleAllo version out today! You can react to messages in chat (tap the heart to like them)”

Notably, unlike Facebook Messenger, Allo users can only react to messages with a heart-shaped emoji as of now. Fulay has suggested that there are more “under-the-hood enhancements” that come with the update but we will have to wait to figure out other notable additions. For now, there’s now word on when the updated app will hit iOS.

To recall, Google said in May that the Web client of the Allo app will be released in a month or two but recently clarified that it will take “few more weeks” to be made available. Nick Fox, VP, Communications Products at Google, said in a tweet in May: “I’m using Web client every day and loving it. Team is working hard to get it out ASAP [As Soon As Possible], but we’re still a month or two from public release.”


WhatsApp for iPhone Gets a Voicemail Feature That’s Identical to Voice Message

WhatsApp for iPhone Gets a Voicemail Feature That's Identical to Voice Message

WhatsApp for iPhone Gets a Voicemail Feature That’s Identical to Voice Message
Feature is available on WhatsApp v2.16.8 for iPhone
WhatsApp for Android saw the feature in beta last month
It’s not known when the feature will arrive on the Android app
Following its appearance in the beta version of Android last month, WhatsApp’s voicemail feature is officially rolling out to its iPhone app. WhatsApp for iPhone v2.16.8 lists the new feature in the changelog of its App Store store listing.

Describing the feature, the Facebook-owned company said “When placing a WhatsApp call, you now quickly leave a voice message if your call isn’t answered, just like voicemail.” WhatsApp’s description is rather accurate, as the resultant voicemail message is indistinguishable from a regular voice message.

So, how do you use the feature? Try placing a WhatsApp call. If the intended recipient declines or ignores the call, users will be presented with three options – Voice Message, Call Again, and Cancel. Yes, the same options were visible in the WhatsApp for Android beta app last month – with minor differences, it said “Call back” and “Record voice message” on Android.

As before, the Cancel option closes the new screen that users see after a call is ignored or declined. The Call Again option lets users call back the person who just cut or ignored their call. Voice Message, as we mentioned, works just like a regular voice message – users have to hold to record, and once they are done, the message will be shown in the chat conversation between users and their recipients just like a voice message. It’s not yet known when the feature will roll out to users of the public Android app.
Late last month, WhatsApp for iPhone received an update (v2.16.7) that introduced bigger emojis, the ability to delete/ mark as read/ archive multiple chats at once, and the option to zoom in while recording a video.

Also last month, WhatsApp for Android beta app (and reportedly the WhatsApp for iPhone beta app) got a new font. Users just have to type the grave accent symbol (`) three times before and after the word or phrase they are sending, and the result will be a monospaced, plain text (no formatting allowed) font that is ideal for sending snippets of code.

Previous features released in beta that have not yet made it to stable releases include mentions and group invite links, as well as improved music sharing.

WhatsApp in June received a feature that allowed users to quote messages when replying. The user needs to long press a message in any conversation to see a reply option pop up alongside star, delete, forward, and copy.

Of course, WhatsApp’s most anticipated upcoming feature is video calling, which was recently spotted in testing on the Android beta app.

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Insta-Love from Kajol on Her Birthday. She Has a Message for You


A still from the video posted on Instagram by Kajol


  • Its Kajol’s birthday today
  • The actress reciprocated her love for her fans with an adorable video
  • Kajol turned 42 on August 5
Its Kajol’s birthday today and the actress reciprocated her love for her fans with an adorable video on Instagram. Kajol turned 42 on August 5.

The actress couldn’t stop giggling as she thanked her fans for their warm wishes and creative edits in this video.

Here’s what she posted:


On Twitter, Dia Mirza wished the Dilwali with this tweet:


Dia Mirza


Some people make life long impressions on you that have an everlasting glow. You are one of them @KajolAtUN Have an amazing day and year❤️



Her sister Tanishaa also wished her with this throwback picture:

Kajol was last seen in Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale opposite Shah Rukh Khan in 2015, and hasn’t announced any upcoming projects.

Here’s wishing Bollywood’s Dilwali a very happy birthday.