Wealthcare, Er, I Mean, Healthcare Rant

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With the development to change medicinal services, and the advancement of a bothersome healthcare change charge, numerous are searching for arrangements, as a great many people, if not in coordinate “need” of a specialist, know somebody who is. However, for reasons unknown, they would prefer not to pay for that individual’s healthcare news today. I ask why! I am writing to some extent because of a demise that could have been avoided, if medicinal services was not in the matter of huge cash.


Indeed, healthcare has customarily made a business off of individuals’ affliction, and has not advanced wellbeing, therefore another casualty of this madness has passed on, leaving 2 minimal ones motherless.


The present news is confirm that the law perceives the legitimacy, the obligation, of counteractive action, regardless of whether it is by means of organization of a fundamental vitamin (for this situation, mineral), rather than sedating, cutting, or generally ineffectually “taking consideration” of the issue!


For the individuals who haven’t heard, I am alluding to a 44 year old lady, Caroline Johnston, who kicked the bucket this last seven day stretch of an absence of potassium. The crisis room faculty had verified that she was got dried out, and had low levels of potassium in her framework, yet just gave her the water, not the potassium (her family simply won a suit for misbehavior). Would it give excessively trustworthiness to the energy of nourishment, or is the healthcare business just not prepared in aversion?


The healthcare business (and it is a business, it could have been called “wealthcare” for the specialists) addresses the ailment business, and does not advance wellbeing. For instance, is the individual who, on account of stopped up supply routes has a sidestep, well? What number of individuals have needed to have another sidestep? What is the cost of one sidestep? How can one sidestep influence a man’s money related circumstance, regardless of whether the surgery was completely secured?


Contrast this and the individual who by right eating and way of life propensities stays away from the sidestep through and through. What is the cost of eating right, notwithstanding representing additional measures taken, for example, joining a wellbeing club, or taking cancer prevention agent supplements?


My proposed arrangement is to elevate learning and to avert illness. This would essentially require an aggregate re-focal point of the healthcare business from simply treating disorder, to concentrating on wellbeing and the anticipation of illness. At any rate, it will spare a large number of dollars, and no more, trillions, with numerous lives bettered and spared.

Election results: What does a hung parliament mean for education?

School books

The shock election result will come as a relief to schools leaders in particular, following months of audible protest and condemnation over Theresa May’s controversial grammar school expansion plans.

The Conservative Party is left in such a weak position that even if they form a government, ministers will in no way be able to push forward with the much contested selective schooling proposals outlaid in the Tory manifesto.

As a source close to Number 10 reportedly put it to the Times Education Supplement early on Friday morning, grammar school plans are “f***ed”.

The result will come as a huge blow to New Schools Network head and free schools advocate, Toby Young, who has championed Theresa May’s plan to build at least 100 new free schools – including selective schools such as grammars – each year.

While most agree that new school places are needed – especially given the forecasted population increase – free schools remains something of a contentious issue, with some arguing they are too costly and unaccountable, receiving huge budgets while local authority schools are neglected.

As director of NSN, Mr Young was tasked with helping to deliver the new free schools, which are autonomous from local authority.

Speaking to The Independent before the snap election was called, however, he suggested that even if the current ban on selective school expansions were to be lifted “no more than five” would realistically have been opened by 2020.

Responding the outcome on Friday morning, Kevin Courtney, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said: “The Conservative party was hugely divided over grammar schools.

“The initiative for them came directly from Theresa May and her advisor Nick Timothy – perhaps only introduced in a misguided attempt to gain voters from Ukip.

“This policy can’t possibly survive this calamitous election. Government education policy now needs to urgently concentrate on and address school funding cuts.”

Schools are already facing very real and immediate consequences as a result of the squeeze on school funding.

We’ve heard and read stories about schools closing half an hour early to save money, parents being sent begging letters asking for donations, and teachers buying art materials and textbooks using money from their own pocket.


Speaking on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour in the run-up to election day, Home Secretary Amber Rudd admitted that a Conservative Government would not increase per pupil funding in England – a disclosure union leaders said confirmed their worst fears.

The future of school funding now hangs in the air: voters have undoubtedly reacted against the Conservative’s real terms cuts of 7 per cent per pupil, as well as the much criticised plans to scrap universal free lunches for infants.

By comparison, Labour pledged to increase school spending per pupil by 6 per cent compared with present levels, and the Liberal Democrat plan would protect spending in real terms at the 2017-18 level.

Responding to the main parties’ manifestos, however, the Education Policy Institute think tank published scathing criticisms that there had been “no clear indication” as to how any party intended to make savings, with “no clear estimate” of how some new policies would cost.

Industry leaders have long called for the school spending budget to be reassessed, and now it might have to be.

“Schools and universities are in comparatively good places,” said Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham.

“What they absolutely don’t need is any more initiatives from governments from the left or the right which will only damage the direction in which they are going.

“That said, the cuts to the school programme needs to be urgently eased out, or the quality of education will really suffer.”

The university head suggested a National Headship College needed to be set up – something his own institution Buckingham is proposing to do –  to ensure that the quality of leadership across the country at primary and secondary levels is dramatically improved.

“Finally, teacher recruitment needs to be given a very significant boost, particularly in maths and science, and that will mean more money will have to be found.”

While schools have made headlines for their financial struggles, top UK universities have been slipping down the ranks of recent global league tables – an issue experts have blamed on cuts to funding within higher education.

Despite this, Universities Minister Jo Johnson appears to remain in favour, with vice chancellors including Sir Anthony commending his efforts to pilot new university legislation, including the Teaching Excellence Framework.

“Dropping him would be folly and dangerous,” the Buckingham head warned.

Now, it seems, is the time for industry leaders to place increasing pressure on ministers to protect the rights of overseas students by allowing free movement following Brexit, and by discounting them from UK migration statistics.

“The government needs to start welcoming and celebrating overseas students, not deterring them, and it needs to ensure the softest of soft Brexit’s that will not inflict significant damage on British higher education and science.

“This is the time for strong and stable leadership in education,” Sir Anthony added. “Most governments and most education secretaries only start understanding their subject when it is time for them to pack up and leave.  If they do what is laid out here and nothing else, they will make a success of their job. The rule is – don’t meddle.”

University and College union, which represents higher and further education institutions across the UK, said the next government must prioritise investment in further and higher education and act swiftly to end the uncertainty over the position of EU nationals.

Responding to early indications of high youth turnout, UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: ‘It is encouraging to see that a positive message, particularly after the unpleasant Brexit campaign last year, can still inspire voters.

“Theresa May called this election expecting to secure a mandate for a hard Brexit. She has signally failed to achieve that and the next government must bring some stability in these chaotic times.

“We believe an important first step is to now guarantee the rights of EU citizens currently in the UK, including thousands of university and college staff and students who contribute so much to our economy and society.”

The outgoing President of the National Union of Students, Malia Bouattia, added: “Students want to see progressive and fair policies that will have a very real and positive impact on all our futures.

“We want a government that does everything in its power to welcome international students and keep our universities and colleges diverse and vibrant.

“We have seen the student vote play a key role in marginal seats across the UK. The student vote yesterday was about more than tuition fees… it is unsurprising that they sent a strong message in this election not only to the Lib Dems because of their betrayal, but also to the Tories and their destructive policies of cuts and privatisation. “


‘No summer break could mean nervous breakdown, burnout for Mumbai schoolchildren’

summer vacations

Early burnout, stress, and nervous breakdowns — this is what experts fear Mumbai children will suffer from if schools deprive them of their two-month-long summer vacation by starting the academic year early.

The Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights recently asked schools to let children enjoy their summer break, a request educators and child development specialists in Mumbai are keen to enforce.

Parents of high school students raised concerns over Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Indian Council of Secondary Education (ICSE) schools holding classes for the new academic year during April or May. They said this will deny children the opportunity to enjoy, relax, refresh, play, and acquire extra-curricular skills.

Acting on behalf of these complaints, the commission on April 22 issued immediate orders to Kerala schools, asking them to stop vacation classes. It asked the principal secretary of the state school education department to examine the issue of vacations in the context of child rights. It also ordered schools to fix the maximum days during which summer camps and workshops can be held.

The commission said vacations enable a child to develop skills that are essential for healthy and meaningful life. Such skills cannot be found between the two pages of a book, it added.

“The concept of a vacation has always been integral to the education system,” reads the order. “It was well recognised that a child must be given opportunities, not only for formal learning at school, but informal learning to develop life skills, to interact and socialise with others and nurture a talent for arts, sports,” it continues.

Terming this a ‘landmark order in child rights’, educators and child specialists in Mumbai said it should be made applicable to the entire country. “Schools across India are cutting their vacations short to complete the syllabus. It is just as important that they get a sufficient break from academic pursuits,” said Dr Dhaval Mody, psychiatrist and clinical psychologist with Vrudhi Research Foundation.

According to Mody, loss of holidays can lead to psychological and psychiatric issues. “Close to 50% of mental health-related issues manifest themselves between 14 and 17 years of age, while 75% occur between 18 and 24 years,” said Mody. “This happens because of exhaustion and mental pressure,” he added.

On the other hand, schools said that while many of them consciously try to give students longer summer breaks, the purpose is defeated as parents sign them up for coaching classes during that period.

“If we don’t hold summer classes, parents send children for tuitions, which is a big menace. We often advise against it, but parents do not listen to us,” said Zeenat Bhojabhoy, principal, Jamnabai Narsee School (ICSE), Vile Parle (West).



LG Will Be First to Introduce Phone with Android Nougat — But What Does That Even Mean?

LG Will Be First to Introduce Phone with Android Nougat -- But What Does That Even Mean?

LG (KRX:066570) has announced it will unveil it’s latest phone — the v20 — on September 6. And one thing at least is for certain. The phone will be the first to run the new Android Nougat operating system. But what does that mean exactly and how useful will the phone be for business communications?

The announcements of new smartphones and mobile operating systems are met with great anticipation because of the reliance on these devices. Customers want innovative features and useful applications to improve the way they communicate, work, play, shop and more. So it is not surprising that the level of expectation is that much higher with the announcement that LG’s new flagship phone will be the first to ship with the latest Android operating system inside.

As far as the V20 goes, the only thing LG has revealed is that it will build upon the “rich multimedia” experiences the V10 brought. (That phone was released lasted year.)

But Juno Cho, president of LG Electronics and Mobile Communications Company said in an official release: “The LG V20 upgrades and extends its predecessor’s cutting-edge multimedia features a step further, providing distinctive mobile experience and sets a new standard for premium phones for consumers.”

So any other features discussed in the media are pretty much speculation until LG makes more information available. However, Engadget has reported the V20 will have a “dual front selfie” camera, a second screen similar to the V10, and will be the first phone with a built-in 32-bit DAC (digital to analog converter).

The phone is slated for release in the third quarter of 2016, with no specific date set by LG.

What About Android Nougat?

Nougat is the latest mobile operating system from Android, and just like the previous versions it is named after a sweet treat (even though the popular choice amongst users was Nutella). Google made the developer preview available early, and it is now on version 5, which will be the last one before general availability.

During I/O 2016, Google said Android N (as it was known at the time) will focus on performance, security and productivity, features that are essential in today’s smartphones because they are increasingly becoming part of the workforce ecosystem.


Nougat has the new Vulkan 3D graphics API, which has been designed to allow developers to get better details into graphical frames. It can improve graphical performance on regular apps by 30 to 60 percent, making gamers that much happier.

A new JIT (just-in-time) compiler will be able to install apps up to 75 percent faster while reducing the compiled code size by 50 percent. This will result in improved battery life because it won’t tax the processor as much.


The popularity of Android makes it a great target for hackers, and the way it is distributed makes it that much more challenging to secure. In order to address this problem, Nougat will implement a three-pronged approach: a file-based encryption, automatic software updates in the background, and media framework hardening to ensure the safety of the device when users are accessing media and media types.


Smartphones are used to get things done. Activities can include work, play, shopping, paying bills and a host of other tasks.  With that in mind Nougat has introduced several productivity tools to help in these endeavors.

The new Direct Reply feature lets you directly reply to messages, emails and other form of communications directly from the notification bar. The reply options also include 72 new realistic Unicode 9 emoji glyphs, so you can make your point without having to say a word.

A new multi-window feature will allow users to Split Screen, so you can video conference on one side, while looking at relevant information on the other.

Last but not least is Daydream, Google’s new VR platform. Even though Google will have its own headset, the support in Android Nougat means phone makers that are Daydream-ready will be able to take advantage of the growing popularity of virtual reality.

Android Nougat will have a total of 250 new features, and phones such as the LG V20 will come ready out of the box so users can have a better experience when they communicate, work and play.

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