Leading Cause of Death of Startups: Real Estate

Ross Mayfield, CEO of SocialText, and a long-time blogger himself, is finally getting an office.

For two years his company has operated virtually, with employees working from their homes across the United States. He calls it “net-enabled bootstrapping” because the company has used technology tools to operate at a low cost and grow from within.

He says real estate is the leading cause of death of startups, and notes:

“I am convinced that being virtual is the best way to start a company. The benefits go beyond cost (although the culture of frugality can go a very long way). In our case, it improves the product. But generally it is more productive. When the bandwidth for collaboration is constrained at times, you gain a certain focus.”

Be sure to read the entire post, including the comments. He also notes the downsides of virtual businesses.

Two other blogs have picked up on the post and added their own insights — check them out too: Steve Shu, and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg who notes that the WordPress team operates virtually, also. (WordPress is a popular Open Source blogging software.)

I find blogs such as Ross’s and Steve’s and Matt’s — which discuss their own experiences and observations — to be excellent sources of insight to “see” trends.

In this case, they give a great sense of how technology startups operate today.

Forget three guys in a garage — that was your father’s startup. Today it’s 3 people spread out across the country or even across continents, each in their home offices or back porches with laptops, mobile phones, and WiFi.

For more, read my essay “Trend: Small Businesses Go Virtual.”


leading edge Says App Glitch led to Inflated Balances proven on Apple devices

Vanguard Says App Glitch Led to Inflated Balances Shown on Apple Devices

An “application glitch” led a few vanguard institution customers to look an inflated account balancedisplayed on their Apple cell devices, a spokeswoman said – a hiccup that left at least one consumercheering the apparent more budget.

the issue did now not affect customersreal balances or transactions, the spokeswoman for the index fundmanager, Katie Henderson Hirt, stated on Monday.

She added it became seen by humans the usage of leading edge software applications on their iPhones, iPads or iWatches. leading edge anticipated to have the issue fixed on Monday night, she said.

asked how many gadgets have been affected, Hirt said the impact became a “modest range overall.” Oncommon simply 16 percent of logons to forefront.com come from an Apple tool, she said, and of thoseabout eleven percent visit the personal overall performance web page where they might have visiblethe inflated stability.

The trouble associated with the reality that Friday turned into the closing trading day of April, shestated. at the same time as the problem was no longer seen before, she said it become no longerresulting from hacking.

One person of the app, Peter Lanphear of Bergen, the big apple, flagged the trouble on Twitter on Monday and stated in a followup communique that he first noticed on Sunday that the app displayed a balanceroughly $21,000 higher than it must had been, double the ideal variety.

told it turned into too bad he couldn’t maintain the extra cash, Lanphear respondedthat’s what Istated to them lol.”

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