Got a Startup Tech Hardware Product to Sell? Try Grand St.

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Grand St. aims to give independent hardware manufacturers a place to sell their products and to test prototypes.

If you’re looking to get any consumer electronic to the marketplace, there’s an arduous process involved. One of the biggest obstacles is getting funding for a venture that could miss the mark. Another is finding customers interested in your product.

Grand St. provides potential solutions for both problems.

Right now, the site is the place to get The Loop, a leather organizer that can charge your iPhone. There’s also a hackable alarm clock kit and an iOS enabled guitar for sale there, now.

Fortune says that the addition of independent manufacturers selling their gadgets on the site has turned it into the Etsy of the electronics world.

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On the official Grand St. blog, co-founder Amanda Peyton explains:

“Our goal has always been to create a better way for hardware creators to find an audience and get their products to market. For this new version of Grand St. we wanted to create a flexible solution that addressed indie hardware makers at different stages in the development cycle.”

The company says it now has about 200,000 users. And indie gadget makers have three ways to sell their new products through the site:

Consumer Ready

When you’re ready to sell the gadget you’ve created, you can list it through the Grand St. Shop. Grand St. says it previews and must approve any new listing. If a product doesn’t make the cut, Grand St. notifies the maker of its reasons for rejection.

If a product is approved and listed, the site takes an 8 percent commission on all sales. It takes the same commission on Beta sales. These are products that haven’t received any customer feedback and aren’t quite ready for a mass audience.


A Beta product maker can pick testers for the products and await their feedback. Based on the feedback, Grand St. says the maker of the product can then decide to seek more funding for changes or get the product ready for the marketplace or pre-order sales.


If a product is within six months of being ready for the marketplace, it can be sold through a pre-order feature on Grand St. The site doesn’t take a commission on those sales and there are no monthly fees linked to selling on Grand St.

Sellers need to handle all their customer service and shipping commitments, the company notes in its seller guidelines.


Linksys Offers New Wireless Networking Without Costly Hardware

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Wireless network services have now become a must for almost all businesses. Whether it is a coffee shop, a book store or large corporation, having wireless access gives employees and customers access to the Internet or company networks right away.

Depending on the kind of setup you choose to deploy, it can be expensive and for small businesses, a cost effective solution that is secure, reliable, and scalable is always the way to go.

The new clustering feature from Linksys will configure and secure up to 16 access points (APs) from a single point of control — for free. It goes without saying you have to have a Linksys access point to make this possible.

Wireless Network Services

A wireless access point allows devices with wireless capability to connect between devices and the Internet or a network using WiFi. The technology has been simplified to the point where almost anyone can have a WiFi network deployed in any location. But as more APs are added, it can get complicated.

Linksys has simplified the clustering of multiple APs by making it readily available to more of its product line. Originally, the clustering feature was only available in the company’s pro series APs. But Linksys now says it is expanding the clustering feature to the entire line of business-class wireless APs. And those with a Linkys access point already can get this new feature by downloading the firmware upgrade at no additional cost.

For the vast majority of businesses, the addition of WLAN controllers using cloud services to carry out this type of expansion in their wireless network, can be expensive. According to Linksys, this clustering feature will allow users to easily manage their core AP functionality without additional investment in hardware or services.

Linksys said the clustering feature has been designed for small businesses that want to manage multiple access points simply and efficiently. A single cluster lets users administer up to 16 APs with the ability to view, deploy, configure and secure the wireless network as a single deployment instead of as separate wireless devices.

Some of the clustering and management features Linksys offers include, automatic synchronized configuration, single view of access point status, dynamic channel management and consolidated view of wireless user sessions.

One of the company’s claims is that the new clustering upgrade will be cost effective. And depending what you are looking for, it may be.

“Our customer focus guides product development, helping to ensure that we continue to deliver quality products purpose-built for small businesses,” saidNandan Kalle, director of commercial networking for Linksys in an official release on  the company’s website. “WLAN controllers are expensive and over-engineered with unnecessary functionality that small businesses don’t need. The Linksys portfolio of APs provides the right feature set that small businesses need to run a productive business environment at an affordable price point.”

You can buy the Linksys AC1200 Dual Band Access Point from Amazon for less than $150, and with the firmware upgrade available for free, you are basically getting a fee-based service from vendors additional cost. If you take a look at a cloud public access service, it can go for less than $200 annually depending on the vendor, but that is something you have to pay for until you decide you don’t want the service.

The clustering feature is available now on all Linksys Business Wireless-AC Dual Band Access Points at the company’s site.

Image: Linksys


Pokemon Go to Get Chat App Made by Gaming Hardware Company Razer

Pokemon Go to Get Chat App Made by Gaming Hardware Company RazerHIGHLIGHTS

  • The Web version of app is already live
  • Android and iOS versions expected to come out around July 25
  • App allows players to talk to other players from same team

Razer, which is better known for its gaming hardware, is coming out with a chat app for the hugely successful location-based augmented reality game Pokemon Go. Called Razer Go, the point behind the chat app is to help the people communicate about the game, which currently lacks in-app communication feature as of now.

The Web version for the app has already gone live and the Android and iOS versions are scheduled to be launched on Monday, depending on approval by the respective stores, the company confirmed The Verge. With this chat app, the players will be able to talk to other players from the same team or individually with each other. A group chat option is available as well.

Just like the game, the chat app is also location-based and allows you to talk to Pokemon Go players around you.

Earlier this month, an app named GoChat was launched and tried to serve the same purpose as Razeris trying to do with its chat app. However, due to extensive popularity of the unofficial companion app, it was struggling to handle the massive load – leading to frequent crashes and new users being unable to register for the service.

GoChat’s developer Jonathan Zarra has since told The Verge that the situation has improved and even though now there are two million users, there are six people devoted to keep the servers online at all times.


Razer’s bet on this chat app can be considered a more serious venture than that of indie developer Zarra as the company already owns chat software.

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Hardware as a Service: HP Gets Ready to Lease Computers to Businesses

Hardware as a Service: HP Gets Ready to Lease Computers to Businesses


  • HP to offer hardware products on lease as PC demand weakens
  • Will monitor its device’s health and offer replacements accordingly
  • Promises to ensure that all data is wiped-off post device’s use

HP Inc., the second largest PC-maker in the world after Lenovo, on Thursday said that it will start offering computers and other hardware products on lease going ahead as it prepares itself to tackle the problem of weak PC sales.

HP’s corporate customers will be now able to pay a fixed monthly fee per employee for the equipment by the company, enabling them to use their capital elsewhere instead of paying for the hardware upfront.

HP will be using its software to manage how its devices will be deployed. The company hopes tight software and hardware integration will enable it to find out if its customer’s employees have hardware that is sophisticated enough to meet their processing or storage needs.

This will also allow the company to monitor the health of its components and provide replacements if need be. The company has further said that it will ensure that all data is erased from the devices once they go out of service and that the hardware is also recycled.

This would be done in order to make sure that sensitive information does not land up in wrong hands once the devices are taken back from the employees.

In April, research firm Gartner came out with a report that said that worldwide PC sales saw an year-on-year decline of around 9.6 percent in Jan-Mar 2016. The research firm said,” This was the sixth consecutive quarter of PC shipment declines, and the first time since 2007 that shipment volume fell below 65 million units.”

According to the report, HP had 17.6 percent of PC market share in Jan-Mar, only behind Lenovo with 19.3 percent of the total market share.

In November last year, Hewlett Packard Co was split into two separate entities i.e. HP Inc and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.

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