Mukkabaaz Movie Review: Vineet Kumar Singh Shines In Anurag Kashyap’s Greatest Film

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Mukkabaaz review: Vineet Kumar Singh in a still (Image courtesy: AnuragK2.0)

Cast: Vineet Kumar Singh, Rajesh Tailang, Jimmy Shergill, Shreedhar Dubey, Zoya Hussain

Director: Anurag Kashyap

Rating: Five stars

There is nothing I love more in boxing than the feint. The act of throwing half a punch – the very beginning of the blow, to be precise – in order to bluff and misdirect your opponent, making them bob the wrong way before you hook them right, is elegantly artful. Mukkabaaz does this devastatingly well. As a viewer, it is enormously thrilling when a film threatens or promises to go in one direction, prepares you for it, and heads surprisingly, joyously in another. This is not the film you might expect.

The film opens with a lynching. Worse, it opens with a lynching that is being recorded on a cameraphone, as Muslim cow-traders are beaten and exhorted to say ‘Jai Shri Ram.’ This is horrific, but the two boxers watching the clip later are merely bemused. They identify the goons as fellow fighters, and, walking past one of them, tease him as he cursorily denies the accusations. Their tone is not of admonition and accusation but of jovial jeering, as if a rascal was caught doing something playful. This is what it means to them. These are the boxers of Bareilly, and our hero Shravan Kumar is the best of the lot.

Thus does director Anurag Kashyap double-load the film right from the start, giving us a hero to love – soft-eyed and sincere and spry – while making him worship a rapist like Mike Tyson. Kashyap is at his absolute best in Mukkabaaz, all heart and heartland, a movie made with a vintage filmi sensibility but highly modern skills. And a story that bleeds. The love is pulpy and the revenge served up with masala, and that treatment takes this vital narrative farther.

Our boxer rebels, you see. One sunny day he steps up against his dictatorial boxing overlord, a coach who makes his students carry grain and clean mutton, and socks him in the face. This is not because of righteous indignation – though he claims it is – but because a girl in the coach’s house has arrested his attention and he wants, desperately, to make an impression. He is thrashed, soundly, by several, but he has played his card. He wants nothing more than to be her hero.

She, too, wants a hero. Appropriately named Sunaina – the one with lovely eyes – she is a mute girl who speaks volumes with her giant, limpid eyes, and they gleam as she tries to convince her mother that this boxer is a good idea. The mother has several objections, but she brushes them aside as she imitates Ranveer Singh’s dandruffy Tattar-Tattar dance step to say that Shravan looks at her the way Singh looks at… Looks at who, her mother asks? Sign language is forsaken now as she moves her mouth enthusiastically, with an Indian heroine needing no more than a couple of syllables for complete recognition: Dee-pi-ka.

These lovers are, naturally, star-crossed. He is a boxer with little hope of a fighting future especially after his impulsively-conceived act of defiance, and Sunaina is not just a Brahmin but the niece to the man Shravan punched. There are massive complications, but Kashyap tackles them with a superbly light touch, throwing in crowdpleasing lines and lyrics as well as an overall front-bencher approach that genuinely made me whistle. This doesn’t come at the cost of the film’s politics. Pricklier and slyer than the director has been in the past, Mukkabaaz reaches its dark centre with a scene where neighbours come over and offer what they call mutton to a Dalit coach before there is a power outage. The cow-mob erupts all over the boxers who didn’t know better.

The film has four cinematographers – Rajeev Ravi, Shanker Raman, Jay Patel, Jayesh Nair – and I assume a couple of them were responsible exclusively for the in-ring action, which looks fantastically credible as well as mud-coated and earthy. There is a terrific tracking shot in the beginning, which follows Shravan as he enters the feudal coach’s home, and delivers the grain before looking up and the shot breaks only when he looks up to see Sunaina. It’s a fine looking film, bright and vivid yet shadowy when it needs to be, and the music by Nucleya and Rachita Arora gives it vitality, with some lyrics penned by co-screenwriter Vineet Kumar Singh, who also happens to play Shravan.
His is a tremendous performance, not least because of his staggeringly authentic physicality. Singh looks the part, from the way his t-shirt sleeve cuts into his biceps like tightly tied twine to the agility with which he skips in the ring, and his arduous workouts immediately put glossier Hindi film heroes in their place. He makes Shravan real, when he’s throwing punches as well as when he’s vulnerable. Singh has always been impressive, but this is the kind of breakout performance that will make the country take notice. It’s a knockout. This is a long film, and contains interludes that aren’t strictly necessary – like that of a sadistic boss – but Vineet’s compelling performance makes him a character to root for, and even if we are shown the odds too many times, his triumphs feel earned, they feel good. They feel like our triumphs.

He is also a thickheaded hero, one who beats people up and apologises to them, repeatedly, and the way he looks at his heroine is with reined-in desire, expressing his interest with apologetic eyes, as if he doesn’t dare expect reciprocation.

It isn’t hard to see why he would be smitten. The girl’s hands move faster than his own, while furiously expressing herself via sign-language, sure, but also when she slaps him, which she does hard and with impunity, whenever she needs to make a point. Zoya Hussain is great in an excessively demanding part, mute but loud as can be, the feistiest heroine we’ve had in a while.

Ravi Kishan blew me away with his role as a sincere Dalit coach, one who grew up idolising Pele, wasn’t allowed to box, but is an athlete and sits bolt upright, even when being insulted.


New TV Show “America’s Greatest Makers” to Showcase Latest Tech Innovations

americas greatest makers

Who doesn’t enjoy a unique television show — one that goes beyond mere entertainment to offer useful business ideas and life lessons, and drive business results that matter? Mark Burnett, six-time Emmy winner and producer of “Survivor,” “Shark Tank,” “The Voice” and “The Apprentice” has a new television show coming this Spring called “America’s Greatest Makers.”

The Making of “America’s Greatest Makers”

“America’s Greatest Makers” is an unscripted reality TV show documenting makers taking a product to market. The show aims to come up with the next big thing in wearable tech and smart connected devices by pitting 24 teams of makers from across the country that fly to Los Angeles to pitch their latest game-changing technology in a head-to-head competition for a huge cash prize.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced to the crowd at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco last year that his company, Burnett’s United Artists Media Group and Turner Broadcasting System are collaborating to produce the forthcoming show, and will award $1 million grand prize to the winner.

Casting submissions for the show have already concluded. The submissions consisted of a written application, small video describing the product idea and the prerequisite fine-print signatures. If you’d like to stay in the loop on some of the wacky and brilliant innovations already submitted, you can follow the #americasgreatestmakers on Twitter.

It is worth mentioning also that contestants were not excluded from casting considerations if they didn’t already have a working product. Producers are banking on this allowance to create some interesting drama on the screen as contestants experience the rigor, highs and lows of product creation.

The first-of-its-kind technology competition will feature a panel of celebrity judges who will vet contesters’ pitches, including award-winning actress Mayim Bialik who co-stars in the hit series “The Big Bang Theory,” NBA studio analyst for TNT Sports Kenny Smith and sports legend Shaquille O’Neal.

The show will also include speed pitches to tech industry experts among them Intel CEO Krzanich, truTV’s co-host of “Hack My Life” Kevin Pereira and business and financial expert Carol Roth, Turner Broadcasting said in a press release.

Although only one team takes home the grand prize, “the reality is that everyone on the show is a winner,” Roth told Small Business Trends. “From the resources that they receive, to the community connections that they create, to receiving exposure for their products to millions of people around the world, every single competitor ‘wins’ on many levels.”

The Premier of “America’s Greatest Makers”

The season premier of “America’s Greatest Makers” series comes to TV Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 9:00 P.M. ET/PT and will run on TBS Network along with digital episodes that will be available between the more traditional linear TV episodes.

Steve Fund, Intel’s chief marketing officer, has also hailed the “powerful stage” offered by the collaboration of Turner Broadcasting and Burnett, and the potential of what amounts to a nationwide talent search and innovation showcase.

The show is part of Intel’s global initiative to inspire ideas and fuel innovation.

Image: Intel


Why top tools’s greatest ever vehicle become a £1,500 BMW banger

BMW E39 5-seriesWhat’s the fine car Clarkson, Hammond and might ever featured on their generation of pinnacle tools? goon, rack your brains. Have a contemplate. The Bugatti Veyron remarkable sport, possibly, wherein Jamesmay hit 259mph? one of the McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari or Porsche 918 Spyder, the “holy trinity” of hybrid supercars, maybe?

Or possibly it’s the Eagle Speedster, a vehicle of which Clarkson said: “i’ve never ever driven a car that i’vedesired more than this one.”

Nope, you’re wrong. The pleasant car ever featured on pinnacle tools became none of those. In fact, thefirst-rate automobile ever featured on top equipment also occurs to be the automobile I’d put forwardbecause the exceptional car ever made. inside the international.
It’s an vintage BMW. sure, of the kind you used to look up your chuff at the M4 quite often, and yes, one which you can purchase these days for banger money. To be precise, it’s the 0.33era BMW fiveseries;acknowledged to devotees by means of its model improvement code, E39, and produced among 1995 and 2003.
Clarkson drove one – a 528i journeying, to be genuinewhen he and his co-hosts trekked to locate thesource of the Nile. It changed into, of direction, hopeless for the challengebut in spite of the abuse levelled at it, the BMW made it to journey’s end, that is just what I’d anticipate given my enjoy of themodel.
you spot, I used to very own a 528i myself – a saloon which i bought in 2011, with one hundred twenty,000 miles on the clock and completed in a doubtful color of pale steel inexperiencedacknowledged by BMW as Glacier green.

It had a hard project on its hand while it arrived. A lifelong BMW sceptic, I’d been persuaded into shopping for one by means of a few BMW-loving colleagues who’d touted its diverse deserves and described the E39 as “the nice car inside the international”.
well, blow me down in the event that they weren’t proper. despite its widespread mileage, my 528inevertheless felt tight as a button. It become spacious, comfortable, fast, smooth, rode fantastically,treated deftly, and seemed extremely good. It even controlled deeply respectable gas economy,improving a friend’s 1.6-litre Volkswagen golf on a long run.

while the model become released in 1995, it changed into given a rapturous welcome throughjournalists and consumers alike”
I drove it everywhere. I placed 30,000 miles on it in the years I had it, and those miles included a ridethroughout to Austria in the depths of January, shod with iciness tyres. It crossed a mountain skip in asnowstorm; the temperature out of doors turned into -20C, but the BMW pressed on without breaking stride, all of the while warming our posteriors with its heated seats.
however it wasn’t simply my fiveseries that was a peach. every model turned into a gem; even the entrydegree 520i, additionally endowed with a creamy-smooth six-cylinder engine. someplace else within thevariety you could find the lusty 530d, one of the first absolutely applicable diesels; the throbbing, V8-powered 540i, and of direction the rampant M5 exquisite saloon, a automobile whose purity and stabilityhave yet to be emulated via its successors.

“Little has come alongside considering that to assignment the E39’s specific combo of competencies. As an all-rounder, it nonetheless stands on the top of the tree”
when the version became launched in 1995, it turned into given a rapturous welcome by newshoundsand buyers alike. right away, the Mercedes E-magnificence become made to look wooden; the Jaguar XJ to appearance cramped and dated; the Audi A6 to appearance deeply humdrum.
fastforward to 2003, and the E39 turned into bowing out, supposedly overtaken by way of the more recent, extra advanced rivals that had come into being at some point of its life. yet even then, it becomenevertheless prevailing organization exams, beating the rivals that need to have walked all over italmost with out exception.

certainly, the 5collection which replaced it become viewed through many – myself protected – as inferior, endowed with cheaper-feeling plastics, more finicky styling and slightly blunted dynamics.
And little has come along in view that to project the E39’s unique combination of abilties. As an all-rounder, it nevertheless stands on the top of the tree; an automobile high-water mark. It’s no longer asthough we haven’t had a few definitely splendid vehicles seeing that then, of path, however in my estimation, none has pretty ticked all the packing containers so comprehensively, or been so manymatters to so many people.

whether you need an economical diesel property automobile, a clean luxury saloon, or a tactile butmuscle-sure supercar, you’ll discover one within the range. And the excellent news of all is that E39s –except for the M5 and many of the topgive up models – are to be had for banger cash.
Clarkson spent £1,500 on his, and as I write this, there’s low-mileage, overdueversion 525i within theclassifieds for exactly that sum. A first rate early 523i, meanwhile, may be had for as low as £seven-hundred. A better automobile for less cash, you may not discover.

It couldn’t quite hit 259mph, I’ll provide you, however the E39 fiveseries should pull off maximum of the other stunts top gear asked of its automobiles. The M5 could powerslide with the pleasant of them, whilsta 540i with comfort seats would make light paintings of a move-continental race. And in case you wantedto deck out its interior with stone flooring and a wood-burning stove, properly, it’d possibly be adequatewith that too.

So yes, you may preserve your Bugattis and Paganis, your Koenigseggs and your Ariels. For me, there’shandiest one vehicle which can truly lay declare to having been the excellent automobile ever to featureon pinnacle tools – and it’s the E39 BMW fiveseries.