Copenhagen’s creative cauldron is shaping a whole new generation of fashion designers

On a sunny evening last week, a 100-plus people could be spotted grooving in an out of town car park at the Bella Center in Copenhagen. Bottles of beer and craft vodka cocktails in-hand, they were wearing a diverse smattering of styles – from Supreme X Louis Vuitton dungarees to boiler suits and floral dresses by the Danish label Ganni that recently posted annual revenues of nearly $59m. A giant pink cardboard installation featuring totemic symbols by London-based set designer Gary Card housed the DJ/designer, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy.

It’s not what you might expect from a fashion trade show but then CIFF (the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair that runs in parallel to Copenhagen Fashion Week) is smoothly re-inventing itself as a destination for buyers, creatives and emerging talent alike. The Loverboy pop-up was conceived by Lulu Kennedy MBE, founder of London’s Fashion East not-for-profit platform, one element of a curated programme of shows and stands through which Kennedy introduces UK-based talent to a new audience.


Louise Gray’s photographic blow-ups on view at the Bella Center

Inside the fair, Husam el Oden recreated the chaos of his jewellery workshop, making pierced Danish Krone pendants on the spot while designers including Catilin Price and queer glamour protagonists Art School presented their collections against the backdrop of Louise Gray’s photographic blow-ups. ‘Copenhagen is relaxed and CIFF is very supportive of emerging talent,’ says Kennedy. ‘There is time, space and attention.’

Time and space are rare commodities in fashion and Kristian W Andersen is making best use of them at CIFF where he has been working as director and creative director for the last three years. ‘Trade shows are a bit broken,’ says Andersen, who is well-versed in the circuit having run his own avant-garde brand. Andersen, who also oversees Code Art Fair at the same location, adds, ‘Yes CIFF is a commercial business – 2000 brands show here and it is owned by a private company but if you have the opportunity to support talent then I think that’s an obligation.’ One and a half million visitors pass through the fairs and conferences annually fuelling the revenue of hotels, stores and restaurants.


Martin Asbjørn S/S 2018

Alongside Kennedy, Andersen also invites a cross-section of brands into an area called Raven. Off White and Hiroshi Fujiwara have previously taken up the offer and this edition saw New York brand and LVMH prize nominee Abasi Rosborough take the stage, showing military-influenced sportswear made from dead stock materials and featuring photographic prints of melting glaciers by artist Justin Brice Guariglia. ‘With the fashion industry being one of the biggest polluters, we thought it relevant and poignant to showcase glaciers on clothing – our consumption choices do matter,’ says Greg Rosborough who previously worked at Ralph Lauren.

Where creativity is seen to bubble, community and commerce often follow. The mothership project is the development of an extensive neighbourhood of houses and offices (over 320,000 sq m) that will become the Bella Quarter. Denmark practices Cobe and William Lauritzen Architects have been commissioned for the €2 billion development that will include green spaces, sports facilities, galleries and shops. ‘We need to set the tone this is an opportunity to create a neighbourhood and when do you get the chance to do that? There are so many developments that have to be completely rethought – think of Les Halles in Paris. It’s not an easy thing and we have to differentiate ourselves,’ says Andersen who is planning an artist/makers in residence programme.


London designer Martine Rose’s utilitarian collection was presented against a backdrop of climbing rocks

The city, considered one of the most liveable and green in Europe with its track history of purist design has a lot to offer and live up to. Curiousity in hygge and the concentration of Michelin restaurants have also sparked a micro tourism boom while the population is growing at 1000 a month. Now, the fashion halo is beginning to glow with designers established and new including Martin Asbjorn (great Miami beach pastel linens), Ganni, Tres Bien (a spin-off line by the concept store), Cecilie Bahnsen and jewellery designer Sophie Bille Brahe offering thoughtful, spirited collections that encapsulate the city’s aspirational way of life.

There’s no better advert than watching healthy, smiling twenty-somethings bike through the streets in ruffled dresses and flak jackets, boys in shorts and pyjama shirts. It’s the polar opposite of the urban angst and punkish subversion that pervades the scene in New York, Paris and London.



“Creative Strategy Generation” Reveals the True Art of Planning



If you KNOW that you need to take a new fresh new look at your strategic planning and what you’ve seen out there so far has left you uninspired, then “Creative Strategy Generation” will give you a fresh new look at creating a business strategy that not only inspires you, but engages your team and disrupts your competition.

creative strategy generation

Did you ever wonder how some of the companies or leaders that you admire came up with the strategies that have made their businesses so successful? You’re not alone.

Author Bob Caporale (@bobcaporale) wondered the same thing. As he looked around the business strategy landscape, he noticed that there are three primary ways to approach corporate strategy; there is the academic, case study approach, the consultative approach and the personal experience approach.

In “Creative Strategy Generation: Using Passion and Creativity to Compose Business Strategies That Inspire Action and Growth” Caporale explores a fourth way of looking at strategy — applying your own creative process to the art of strategic planning.

An Interesting New Way to Think About Strategic Planning

“Creative Strategy Generation” explores the connections between theoretical and functional techniques and demystifies the complexities of developing a strategic plan. The book will show you how to:

    • Clear your mind for new ideas by condensing and organizing your existing business knowledge, data and beliefs;
    • Find your strategic inspiration and turn it into the vision, goals and objectives that will drive your plan;
    • Deeply understand your target customers and formulate strategies that address their needs and wants;
    • Use storytelling to create messages and generate interest and engagement by establishing an emotional connection.

The author leans heavily on his experience as both a composer and a business strategist to draw parallels between inspired music and business strategy.

About the Author

Caporale describes himself as an “Author, Composer, Speaker.” He isn’t just a business strategist. He’s a music composer as well. In fact, his musical expertise and experience heavily influenced this book. Caporale’s compositions can be heard on the Web and in a variety of corporate and video soundtracks.

He is also the president of Sequent Learning Networks, a New York City-based training and advisory firm specializing in product management, product marketing and strategic planning.

Caporale has held leadership and executive roles in engineering, marketing, product management and general management for multi-billion dollar companies. It’s this broad base of experience that lends such practicality and depth to “Creative Strategy Generation.”

What Happens When You Use Left and Right Brain Thinking?

The best thing about this book has to be the unusual comparison between composing a musical piece and creating a business strategy. This is something that only someone with enough experience in both can do, but that all of us can appreciate.

Another element I really liked was the appendix in the back of the book. “Creative Strategy Generation” has many processes that are hard to keep track of, so the appendix in the back is a really useful add-on and will help you and your team work through each of the elements of Caporale’s planning process.

Written for Experienced Planners

“Creative Strategy Generation” is primarily written for medium sized businesses with employees and infrastructure. The tone and style of the book is directed at business owners, product managers and professional marketers who have some experience in strategic planning.

If you are a newbie or a startup with limited experience, you’ll enjoy this book for the context and general information, but you might find some elements of it to feel overwhelming.

Reimagining Stale Planning Elements Opens Up New Opportunities

You’ll want to read “Creative Strategy Generation” for the sheer curiosity of seeing how Caporale intertwines foundational principles of music composition with strategic planning. I was blown away by how my brain immediately went to new ideas and new possibilities for differentiation from competitors.

For example, in the section on the typical “SWOT” analysis in Chapter 3, Caporale re-frames this tired process by simply adding elements of time (present and future) and the structure of internal and external. These simple additions instantly elevate this tired exercise and lead you to a more constructive and useful outcome.

Experienced strategic planners will LOVE “Creative Strategy Generation” because it takes a familiar topic and puts it in a context that you’ve never really thought of before.


Mercedes-Benz Invests 3 Billion Euros towards New Engine generation


Mercedes-Benz invests 3 billion Euros in developing new engines
The number one beneficiaries may be the brand new-gen diesel engines
The entire line-up of Mercedes-Benz vehicles will get these engines through 2019
Emission norms are getting stricter through the day and all producers are doing their excellent to satisfythese norms as and while they come. Mercedes-Benz, on the other hand, is doing one-up on the ultra-modern norms set via the eu, as a way to be forced into impact from September, 2017. The diesel enginesthat are on provide currently from Mercedes-Benz already fulfill the above stated necessities.

Mercedes-Benz says that it has completed this through an integrated technology technique that makes use of stepped combustion chambers within the engine and advanced exhaust-fuel recirculation. This new engine has a design wherein all of the additives for exhaust gas recirculation are a part of the engine itselfinstead of being located under the ground as the case is in traditional diesel engine automobiles. this issaid to seriously decorate the overall effectiveness of the engine.

(Mercedes invests 3 billion euros in the direction of new engine era)
the brand new era E-magnificence could be wearing one such engine that’s the OM 654. The E 220 d has a claimed efficiency determine of 25.64kmpl, (in line with NEDC cycle) which is genuinely wonderful. The CO2 emissions stand at 102 grams in keeping with kilometre. All of this, while the overall strengthoutput went up from 170bhp to 190bhp.

This new four-cylinder engine might be doing duty throughout the version range of Mercedes-Benzmotors along side vehicles as nicely. The engine can be tuned for varied levels of strength output. also, the engine can designed to be either longitudinal or transverse and can be used on motors with front-wheelforce, rear-wheel force and all-wheel drive. Mercedes-Benz says that this engine will be in use across itscomplete variety of motors in Europe by using 2019 on the today’s.

Mercedes-Benz will be offering to update the on-board software program at the accessstage fashionsconsisting of A-elegance, B-elegance, CLA and the GLA, which have already been sold. The updatesmight be achieved thru a voluntary service take into account in order to be carried out from June 2016. This programme will be applicable for cars bought in Europe at gift.

you may additionally be interested to peer the fee of the satisfactory motors in India:
Renault Kwid, Honda city, Maruti fast, Hyundai Elite i20, Maruti Baleno, Alto 800, Renault Duster, Maruti Wagon R, Maruti speedy Dzire, Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra XUV500

it’s about Celebrating generation India Creates, Says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

It's About Celebrating Technology India Creates, Says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

while you convert the manner you notice the arena, you change the arena you see,” Satya Nadellastated. (PTI photo)
NEW DELHI: India-born CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella nowadays stated developers and marketers from India are gambling a key function in driving innovation – both within the us of a and outside – and theemployer desires to be the platform for creators in India.

Mr Nadella, on a one-day trip to India, met Communications and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad in addition to student builders and entrepreneurs this morning. He also met prime Minister Narendra Modi laterinside the day.

it’s so inspiring for me to return here to look this large spectrum of student builders, entrepreneurs, artists or even a few big manufacturers, e-commerce groups who are all changing the landscape of India and thereby, the world,” Mr Nadella stated whilst handing over keynote deal with at Microsoft’s ‘Tech For correct, thoughts for India’ occasion.

He brought that it’s miles a “privilege” to be “a platform beneath this Indian fulfillment“.

“Our assignment is to empower everyone and company in the world to reap greater. it is not aboutcelebrating our technologies. it’s approximately celebrating technologies that you all in India create. Infact, I want us to be the platform creators that foster ingenuity of what is occurring in India,” he stated.

this is Mr Nadella’s 0.33 go to to the u . s . considering he took over as Microsoft CEO in February 2014. In December, he changed into in Mumbai and had also visited T-Hub in Hyderabad.

Mr Nadella quoted poet Mirza Ghalib’s famous lines, “Hazaaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish pe dam nikle, Bahut niklay mere armaan, lekin phir bhi kam nikle” and advocated youngsters in the target market to be formidable and bold.

“I study something new… there are so many layers there… My interpretation of that isit is no longerjust your desires being fulfilled, it’s miles your capacity to dream that is well worth loss of life for. it’s miles a supply of concept,” he said.

talking approximately the converting landscape of technology, Mr Nadella stated the “concept of conversations as a platform” is a transformative trade in computing.

when you exchange the way you spot the sector, you convert the arena you spot,” Mr Nadellabrought.

Minister of country for Finance Jayant Sinha, who became also present on the occasion, statedgeneration is a platform of boom for India.

if you innovate in India for India, you’re going a good way to innovate for the sector and India then canemerge as the entrepreneurial engine for the next 6 billion people in the world much like america is the entrepreneurial engine for the pinnacle one billion humansit is the possibility we’ve got, and this isIndia’s economic future,” he stressed.

earlier, inside the day, Mr Nadella met Mr Prasad and discussed how Microsoft’s contribution to thegovernment‘s virtual India initiative may be enhanced.

“CEO @Microsoft @satyanadella met me today. mentioned in enhancing cooperation with Microsoft in the direction of @_DigitalIndia,” the minister tweeted after the assembly.

Hyderabad-born Satya Nadella is also expected to wait a consultation with some key industry executives at an occasion being organised by using the Confederation of Indian industry (CII).