General election 2017 Tories to pledge energy bill cap

Man with bills

A cap on household energy bills is set to be included in the Conservative manifesto, a cabinet minister has said.

According to the Sunday Times the plans could cut gas and electricity costs by £100 a year for 17 million families.

Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green told ITV people felt “taken advantage of” by energy firms.

Labour said the plan should be taken with “a pinch of salt”, while price comparison company uSwitch said it would “do more harm than good”.

The wider energy industry has reacted with scepticism to the plan, saying a price cap could have a negative impact on competition and lead to higher prices.

The manifesto pledge would outline plans to cap bills for seven out of 10 households paying standard variable tariffs, which are often criticised as bad deals for consumers by industry watchdogs.

It follows the introduction of a cap for households using pre-payment meters early this month, after the Competition and Markets Authority released a report saying customers were overpaying by £1.4bn.

Mr Green told the Peston on Sunday programme: “There will be a lot about energy policy in the manifesto [and] obviously there will be more detail.

“But… I think that people feel that some of the big energy companies have taken advantage of them with the tariffs they have got.”

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Mr Green said his party’s promise on energy was not the same as Labour’s 2015 election pledge to freeze gas and electricity bills for every home and business in the UK for 20 months.

“We would have [energy regulator] Ofgem setting the limits,” he said. “So it would be a cap, it would be more flexible, it would be able to reflect market conditions [and] the market would still have an influence.

“That would mean in practical terms that if the oil price fell again, then consumers would benefit, which they wouldn’t have done under [former Labour leader] Ed Miliband’s proposal.”

Mr Miliband responded on Twitter saying: “Where were these people for [the] last four years since I proposed [a] cap?” he wrote. “Defending a broken energy market that ripped people off. Let’s see [the] small print.”

After a two-year-long investigation, the Competition and Markets Authority published its final report last June into the energy sector.

Much to the chagrin of those who feel that Britain’s energy market is rigged and that prices are unnecessarily high, the CMA did not break up any of the big energy companies

It suggested a number of remedies to improve things, but steered clear of outright price caps – with the exception of the pre-paid energy meter market.

The government, regulators and especially smaller energy firms are all agreed that regular switching is the key to driving up competition and driving down prices.

And although a record 7.7 million people changed their energy suppliers last year, 56% of households still have never switched.

After the Conservatives suggested some sort of price caps, some aggregators such as uSwitch said that caps would do more harm than good because it would lead to even fewer people switching energy suppliers, because they may feel changing to be no longer necessary.

The law of unintended consequences, would prevail again.

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Labour has not come out against the proposals but told voters energy bills had “soared” under a Conservative government.

Mr Gwynne, the national elections and campaign coordinator in the shadow cabinet, said: “Time and again [the Tories] promised action, but when it comes to it, they broke those promises.

“At the last election when Labour promised action, the Tories opposed it, putting themselves on the side of protecting the big energy companies’ profits rather than the interests of working people.

“Only Labour can be trusted to deliver a country for the many rather than just the few.”

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Citizens Advice has released figures on how standard variable tariffs for energy bills affect people in the UK:

  • Around 800,000 of the poorest pensioners and 1.5 million low-income families with children in Great Britain are on their energy supplier’s standard variable tariff.
  • These households are paying an average of £141 more a year for a dual fuel gas and electricity bill than if they were on the cheapest deal available from one of the nine largest suppliers.
  • Around 4.7 million households in England haven’t switched their energy supplier for 10 years, with older people and people with low incomes more likely than younger and better-off households to have never switched supplier at all.
  • The Competition and Market Authority has estimated that all households on the standard variable tariff together pay an average of £1.4bn a year more than if the energy market was fully competitive.

SOURCE: Citizens Advice

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Co-leader of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley said the policy did not go far enough and he wanted more local choices of supplier for consumers.

“We don’t just want the big six energy companies, we want 6,000,” he said. “We want a community renewable energy revolution.

“We want that control going down to local communities, so they can invest and get a return on their investment to have clean energy projects in their local area, have control of that energy supply and get that cheap, clean energy there.”

Conversely, industry leaders have criticised the Conservatives’ plan for going too far.

Richard Neudegg, head of regulation at, said previous market interventions had led to lower switching rates and higher prices for consumers.

“A price cap would be the death knell for competition,” he said. “It would remove any incentive for energy companies to drive down prices and fight to keep their customers, entrenching the position of the incumbent big six.

“[And] it would create a false sense of security for consumers on poor value standard variable tariffs, reducing the chance of them seeking a cheaper deal.”

Iain Conn, the chief executive of British Gas parent company Centrica, agreed that a highly competitive market was the best outcome for consumers.

He said: “Price regulation will result in reduced competition and choice, stifle innovation and potentially impact customer service.

“We are committed to more competitive pricing, improved service, rewarding loyalty and delivering propositions which customers want.”

Spokesmen from EDF, Npower and E.ON said they would not comment until they saw the detail of the policy in the manifesto, but the latter did give its support to a “competitive market”.

[Source:- BBC]

general war: Warhammer overview


the game mixes mechanics of general warfare with placing of Warhammer.
you could pick out from five factions, which include orcs and vampires.
Warhammer may be a piece too complex for newbies.
warfare is never-ending,” the narrator broadcasts within the introductory video for general war: Warhammer, the 10th identify within the turnbased strategy collection from creative assembly, and the first of its type to eschew historical accuracy for a fable puttingthe world of Warhammer.

however struggle has a value: each human and economic. both form the dual pillars on which the gamerests, and in turn your survival. For the maximum part, the latter – currencyshould without problems be construed as the most critical element. without normal resource series, money is important to the whole thing you want to adopt, from building up your navy to expanding your settlement‘scompetencies. apart from these big asset investments, armies also entail a every day renovation costreferred to asmaintenance“.

You earn money because of the buildings you select to construct, be it a livery or a port, and by way oftaxing the proles. From right here, fundamental math dictates which you require a more influx than outflow to stay within the inexperienced. the bigger the gap between the two, the extra breathing roomyou need to construct the destiny of your preference.

cash can not fight for you at the battlefield even though – you need boots at the ground for that – that’s in which Warhammer’s vintage global virtually comes alive. Technically, the second one fee of war isn’t always absolutely human, thinking about the variety of races on offer. you can play as one among fivefactions: the Empire comprising of human beings, under a young emperor and beset by means ofunruliness; the Dwarfs looking for vengeance, and fighting a bothered past; the Greenskins made of orcs, goblins, trolls, and giants, who have come together in their lust for carnage; the Vampire Counts that use the undead for their own functions; and the Chaos Warriors, a nomadic tribe from beyond the mortalinternational.

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Warhammer is often a turnbased method recreation like Civilization, wherein making a decision all your possible moves and then press a button to stop that precise turn. after you hit that button, the game may also display you what the other factions are up to as well, specifically a) in the event that they enter your territory, b) assault one in every of your protecting allies, or c) provoke any form ofinternational relations with you. but it becomes a actual-time tactical sport at some point of battles, like Age of Empires, with a twist. you could decide how your navy is laid out earlier than the real warfarestarts, which enables to place your devices in right formations, be it a protective barrier for the artillery or a flanking manoeuvre with the cavalry’s help.

each of the 5 factions is completely special from the previous one, which affords battles with anastounding quantity of range. The Empire has get right of entry to to a bit of the whole thing, withoutbeing mainly sturdy on any front. you could name upon Demigryph Knights (men using a half of-eagle,half of-lion beast) to raid enemy infantry units, Celestial Wizards that can carry down the wrath of heaven for a spectacular show, or build varietyprofessional chariot Luminark of Hysh. The Dwarfs depend on adefensive combating fashion, with the aid of lower back-breaking artillery such as Flame Cannon andheavily-armoured squaddies referred to as Ironbreakers. however they lack cavalry or magic, and this makes them gradual on the ground.

The Greenskins use a combination of Giants that stomp and chunk their way thru enemies (prettyliterally), self-recuperation Trolls that vomit acid bile all over the area, and Spiders that tramplethroughout the battlefield. They lack intelligence and any shape of governance even though, who prefer toobserve the antique might is right rule. The Vampire Counts use an countless move of the undead to serve of their massive armies, boosted by growing the fallen enemies to their motive. at the same time asthey lack get admission to to ranged weapons, they make up for it within the shape of magic and flyingunits (dragons, in the main) to wreak havoc from the skies.

The ultimate of the five, the Chaos Warriors – available unfastened if to procure the game inside the first week of its launch, and as paid downloadable content thereafter – imbibe the power of the Chaos Gods (rationale on bringing approximately the apocalypse) to do their work, helped via other-worldly armour and beasts, together with -headed dragons.

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no longer most effective do those factions play in a different way, they’re additionally supposed forextraordinary degrees of player skill. The builders assume the Dwarfs – with their protective set-up – arethe perfect to play with. Then comes the Empire and the Greenskins, who’ve a stability of melee and ranged infantry along side magical talents. better up at the ladder are the Vampire Counts and the Chaos Warriors, who possess a tool like no other – corruption. Vampiric and Chaos corruption abounds when your armies orunits move into a place. spread enough of it to tank public order, and you may motive a rebellionuprising of your kind. Chaos Warriors are mainly difficult as they have no settlements in their very own.rather you must hold to move in hordes at some stage in the old world, laying waste to the whole lot on your sight.

One thing does remain commonplace throughout factions as a prerequisite for each army you construct – a Lord on the helm. They no longer handiest command forces but show more than succesful warriors in battles themselves, inspiring their type and maintaining a check on troop morale. As they stage up, theybenefit new competencies, special items and followers. you could even recruit heroes in Warhammer,who are endowed with magical capabilities and able to terrific capabilities. they can lay waste to aagreement‘s essential building, undermine an navy and if playing as Vampire/ Chaos, growth the extentof corruption in a province. Heroes can freely roam the map proof against attacks from navy devices, and can most effective be assassinated with the aid of other capable heroes. you can also embed them into an navy to give you special competencies on the battlefield, and assist have an effect on a potentialpoor outcome.

not that you may care a whole lot about their battle powers after a point. The singleparticipantmarketing campaign, through our estimates, runs into the tens of hours. at the same time as early battlescan be pretty exciting simply to see the troop range on show, you’ll maximum likely lose your appetiteto individually combat battles once you’ve clocked double-digit hours. alternatively, you’ll choose toautoresolve battles and attention at the big photo.

The crux of expanding your civilisation lies in capturing settlements, after which building or upgradinghomes to aid in army and economic improvement. Settlements may be of kindsimportant ones that go to stage five or minor ones that max out at degree three – and that in turn makes a decision the type andquantity of buildings you’re allowed to create in the ones settlements. for instance, some homes such as Blacksmith and Gunsmith – both a part of the Empire faction – are only available after degree 3. So it’spretty needless to construct those in a minor agreement due to the fact you may in no way be able toimprove them to the extra advanced variationstogether with the Armoury in the case of the Blacksmith, and Foundry/ Engineer’s Workshop for the Gunsmith.

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but you don’t have to pick out a fight with every body just to extend your affect. alternatively,diplomacy can be an green device in banding together to fight the alternative species, in a keep in mindto the united-we-stand philosophy. That aspect of the sport takes on even extra significance as youprogress beyond the campaign‘s halfway point, because the Chaos forces begin to circulate south slowly across the vintage world. Sworn enemies which include the Empire and the Vampire Counts will agree to join arms to position an quit to their invasion, lending a feel of gravitas and purpose to what can oft appear as a story prolonged and peppered with infinite bloodthirst.

the alternative limitless side of Warhammer – lots of features constructed upon older features – is due tooverall conflict‘s sixteenyear legacy, which throws players into the deep quit after displaying them a 12-minute tutorial video. As a newcomer, it could be pretty formidable to make something of what you notice, let alone be predicted to guide your species to victory and glory. For what it is really worth, the sport does strive to help you out by using establishing a browser window and referring you to an internetmanual each time you ask for more statistics. but too regularly, even the definitions itself includeterminology that could preclude or flip off new adopters of high method video games.

and then there are the random events which might be both an untold effect of your actions, or are thrust onto the participant to spruce up the proceedings. The latter of those have a tendency to be specificallystressful, as out of no fault of the participant, they have an effect on both your settlement‘s increase feeor the general public order.

in which the preceding overall warfare instalments have tried their fine to faithfully recreate 15th century Japan or 200 BCE Rome, Warhammer’s putting is a love letter to the devotees who painstakingly create miniature figures, infused right into a sport that mixes excessive approach and micro-management.general warfare: Warhammer may be a tad too worrying or complicated at timesthank you in elementto its decade-spanning evolving mechanics – but it nonetheless manages to be an engaging experience, albeit a time-ingesting one.

in spite of everything, conflict is endless.

style of the five factions
capability to play battles in real-time
The significance of diplomacy

Too complicated for novices
Random factors are uninspired

score (out of 10): nine

We played a assessment reproduction of general battle: Warhammer on the pc. the sport is availabledigitally on Steam at Rs. 1,999, and you can choose up a physical copy for Rs. 2,499 from Amazon andvideo games the store from June 7.

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CouponDunia Launches Cashbacks, ambitions to reinforce general fee of Transactions

CouponDunia Launches Cashbacks, Aims to Boost Total Value of Transactionsnline couponing platform CouponDunia ambitions to develop sales by way of fourfold to $20 million (roughly Rs. 132 crores) this financial because it launches new services together with cashback forclients.

The organization, which counts e-trade corporations like, Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and Jabong, among itsclients, is also aiming to expand the full value of transactions via its platforms (GMV) to Rs. 4,000 croreswith the aid of the stop of March 2017.

“Our intention has constantly been to be the pre-shopping vacation spot that clients visit before making any transaction on line. With cashback, we are a step toward that purpose,” CouponDunia chief workingOfficer Ankita Tandon informed PTI.

With cashback, clients might be able to make additional financial savings on their transactions over and above another offers or discounts that the net keep affords, she delivered.

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in addition, the sales have to also grow fourfold from $five million (more or less Rs. 33 crores) in FY16, Tandon brought.

The times internetsponsored firm is likewise trying to develop app downloads threefold to 7.5 million from the current 2.five million downloads.

founded in 2010 by using Sameer Parwani, the business enterprise is based in Mumbai with a tech officein Bengaluru. It gets about 10 million visits a month and stocks coupons from over 2,000 on line brands.

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