Mozilla, Tor Issue Critical Update for Actively Exploited Firefox Vulnerability

Mozilla, Tor Issue Critical Update for Actively Exploited Firefox Vulnerability
The browser vulnerability is being exploited on the Widows platform
Reports say the code was intended for lawful purposes, which went public
Tor and Mozilla have both rolled out updates to curb this exploit
An unknown Firefox vulnerability which originally came to light in a post on the official Tor website, has now been fixed by Mozilla and Tor. The exploit takes advantage of a memory corruption vulnerability that allows malicious payload to send the targets IP and MAC address to an anonymous server.

The Motherboard found several reports that point to this code being used on a Tor hidden service called the Giftbox, which is used to peddle child pornography. This is very similar to the technique used by the FBI back in 2013 to identify users who were trading child pornography, over the Tor network. However, now that this very same code is out in the wild, anyone can exploit it with some changes to the code.

Daniel Veditz from Mozilla, stated in a blog post, “This similarity has led to speculation that this exploit was created by FBI or another law enforcement agency. As of now, we do not know whether this is the case. If this exploit was in fact developed and deployed by a government agency, the fact that it has been published and can now be used by anyone to attack Firefox users is a clear demonstration of how supposedly limited government hacking can become a threat to the broader Web.” Mozilla issued an update to Firefox on Wednesday that it says will roll out automatically to existing users – but users can also update their browsers via the company site.

The Tor browser is built using Firefox as its base. The latest version (6.0.7) is now available for download and is said to fix this issue. The official Tor blog post states that this security flaw is currently being actively exploited on Windows systems and that Mac and Linux users are most likely also affected, although the exploit is being actively present on the latter to platforms as of now.

The blog post by Tor strongly recommends updating the browser immediately if that’s something you use for surfing the Web. If you have the security slider set to ‘High’ then your chances are better, although doing so might prevent most websites that use JavaScript from working properly. Updates to the alpha and hardened versions of Tor are on the way so till then, it’s recommended to switch to the stable release.

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Firefox Will Try to Show You Saved Archive of a Page Instead of 404 Error

Firefox Will Try to Show You Saved Archive of a Page Instead of 404 ErrorFirefox Will Try to Show You Saved Archive of a Page Instead of 404 Error
The new add-on is called No More 404s
It replaces Error 404 with archived snapshots
The add-on is powered by Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine
After introducing a big update for its browser users, Firefox has added some new features to its Test Pilot platform. The most significant is a new add-on called No More 404s that replaces the age-old Error 404 on a missing webpage, with saved archives from the Wayback Machine.

Normally, when presented with a missing link, the browser shows the 404 error. However, Mozilla’s No More 404s add-on will give Firefox users the choice to see old Internet snapshots saved in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. This is especially handy for users trying to do research or just dig up some old graves due to curiosity.

For now, this add-on is only available in Firefox’s experimental Test Pilot platform, with no details on availability for regular Firefox users. Interested users can install the test version here. Apart from this, the Test Pilot platform also introduced improved search results through the Awesome Bar, redesigned the Tabs bar to the side, and even tweaked the history feed.

At the beginning of this week, Mozilla began rolling Firefox 48 for its desktop and Android users. The update is significant on desktop because it introduces a new multi-process Firefox feature to ensure less lag and fewer crashes of the browser.
Firefox for Android saw few changes like the Synced Tabs moved to the History panel, Bookmarks and Reading Lists merged together, and also the ability to pause a video playing on the browser when the user receives a call. The update for iOS users came last month with several improvements to the search engine, a redesigned toolbar, and the ability to use less RAM and CPU for increased battery efficiency.

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Firefox forty seven Brings Synced Tabs Sidebar, stepped forward YouTube Playback, and greater

Firefox 47 Brings Synced Tabs Sidebar, Improved YouTube Playback, and More

users can see Synced Tabs from their mobile gadgets on computing device.
Synced Tabs are intended to collates all opened tabs on all devices.
Firefox 47 also brings smoother YouTube playback.
Firefox has released an improve for its computer and Android browsers, introducing additional utilities. the new Firefox forty seven brings a ‘Synced Tabs Sidebar’ that lets in you to skim thru open tabs on iOS, Android, and the web simultaneously.

The computer version, for Linux, OS X, and windows, receives a new Synced Tabs feature. This allowsusers to get entry to tabs that continue to be open of their Android and iOS devices. If users are signed-in on their Android and iOS apps, the Synced Tab Sidebar at the left will collate all of the tabs and showthem in a listing layout.

to apply Synced Tabs, users can just click on the menu button on the pinnacle right of the browser, andpick the Synced Tab choice. after you click on at the ‘View Synced Tabs Sidebar’ choice, the sidebarindicates up at the left facet of the browser, with tabs from all of the gadgets that have Firefox installedwith the same sign-in.

Firefox 47 also improves video playback on YouTube on sure laptops with powerful multiprocessors. Itmakes use of much less bandwidth, and improves battery existence on laptops. The new versionsupports VP9 video codec, which presents higher quality video resolution with a mean bandwidthdiscount of 35 percentage. The whole changelog is distinct right here.

on the Android app, it introduced the capability to hide internet fonts. internet fonts basically sluggisha site‘s load time ingesting up extra statistics. Hiding net fonts might also reduce the amount of recordsrequired for browsing.

The previous model Firefox forty six become launched in April, and brought along securityenhancements and fixes. For Android users, it added better consumer notifications and clearer homescreen shortcut icons.

The new version can be downloaded on Firefox internet site, and app users will get an OTA replace in Google Play gradually.

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