How blockchain helps move money internationally like you send emails

Navin Gupta, MD (South Asia and MENA region) at Ripple.

We want to move money around the world like information moves today. We should be able to send money the way we are able to send emails and WhatsApp messages. When I say money, I mean legal money which is fully authenticated, regulated and controlled,” Navin Gupta, managing director of South Asia and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region for Ripple, a provider of leading enterprise blockchain solutions for payments, said at the Mint Digital Innovation Summit held in Bengaluru on 15 March. He was speaking on “Understanding Blockchain’s Impact on Payments”.

It is estimated that today the world sends more than $155 trillion across borders. Yet, the underlying infrastructure is dated and flawed. This is where Ripple with its blockchain technology connects banks, payment providers and digital asset exchanges to provide a seamless experience to send money globally. More than 200 institutions are using the blockchain technology built by Ripple to transact daily, Gupta claims. “In India, banks like Axis and Yes Bank are using our technology to process their customers’ payments anywhere in the world. We live in 40 corridors and 6 continents, besides having offices in 8 countries,” said Gupta.

Blockchain has advantages because it is open source, decentralized, reliable and trusted, Gupta said. The cost of transaction is consistent—there is no fee or timing loss and it is scalable. There are no physical assets and enterprises that leverage Ripple’s digital asset XRP (cryptocurrency used by the Ripple payment network) when sending payments on behalf of customers. Using XRP for liquidity when sending a cross-border payment helps financial institutions avoid the hassle of pre-funding accounts in destination currencies. It allows them to make faster, lower cost payments than they can through the traditional correspondent banking system. Banks can now help global companies send on-demand payments around the world without fail. There is an opportunity to “secure a greater share of cross-border payments volume”, said Gupta.

Ripple also helps bank customers send money to people in many emerging markets including Mexico, India, and Thailand to increase their share of “this large and growing market”. What’s next? “Ripple is moving beyond blockchain, and connecting networks so that we can move money across networks. Again this is open-source and lightweight so it becomes easy to transfer money across networks. So we are building the ecosystem for networks to connect with each other and in our view globalization will be completed when data, goods and money flow seamlessly. That’s the way we think of it as an internet of value when the whole world gets connected through payment systems,” Gupta said.


LinkedIn Connected Review: Annoying Emails Become Pretty Cards

LinkedIn Connected Review: Annoying Emails Become Pretty Cards

LinkedIn, the professional social network, has recently launched a new app for iPhone – LinkedIn Connected. This app, which replaces the old LinkedIn Contacts app on iOS, is LinkedIn’s attempt at changing how you connect with professionals in your network. It is only available in a few countries including the US at the moment.

LinkedIn Connected essentially lets you view all your LinkedIn contacts, and syncs them to your phone’s address book. Inside the app, your contacts are displayed as cards that show LinkedIn profiles, location and your notes on that person. For instance, if you have an interview with a person, you can add a note like, “Remember to ask about her upcoming concert”, and then when you check their card before the meeting, you have all the information you need at hand.


We tried the app for a few days and here’s what we thought about it.

LinkedIn Connected does a great job in terms of design. It uses a card-based design, and each card has a picture of your contact, details of upcoming events (meetings, birthdays, work anniversaries, etc.) and a button for an action (congratulate, connect, etc.) below. You can sort through the day’s events by swiping sideways and tap any card to quickly check a person’s background. Since you can sync it to your phone’s calendar, you can see upcoming meetings in the app, and can send you reminders as well. It’s hard to justify using this as your primary calendar, as other apps serve that purpose much better.

LinkedIn Connected might appeal to those who do all their networking on LinkedIn, but if you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile, then this feature might not be so useful. On our account, most of the updates we got were people joining a new company or someone’s birthday.

Swiping down from the top shows you three options – Keep in touch, Find a contact and Accounts and settings. The first option takes you back to LinkedIn Connected’s cards, while Find a contact does what the name suggests. Accounts and settings lets you configure which services (contacts, calendars, etc.) you want to sync with LinkedIn Connected, and is also where you can sign out.

If you go back to the cards, when you keep swiping to the right, you’ll soon reach the last of the day’s most important events. If you swipe to the right here, you’ll see contact suggestions, which is just an endless stream of people LinkedIn wants you to connect with. Getting back to your most important events from there is difficult – you’ll have to swipe back all the way. For an app that is so design-driven, not having an easy way to return to the first card is a big problem.


LinkedIn Connected is essentially a prettier, less annoying way to get notifications from the network, when compared to the several emails that it tends to send every day. If you use email for networking, then you might want to try LinkedIn-owned Rapportive, which is a Gmail extension that shows you background details about the person you are having conversations with.

(Also see: Seven Extensions That Make Gmail Better)

LinkedIn’s main app has a lot more features such as status updates, links to articles, news, photos, comments, etc. If you want to do away with all of that and only focus on connecting with other professionals, then LinkedIn Connected might be what you seek. If you’re looking for a killer contacts app though, then this doesn’t quite cut it

[“Source-gadgets.ndtv”] Hacked: Emails and locations records of Volunteers Compromised Hacked: Emails and Locations Data of Volunteers Compromised suffered a safety breach on its website this week, the non-profit has showed. A company based totally in Singapore controlled to get admission to a few private records on website leveraging a purchaserside vulnerability. As a result, says, extra than 12,000 volunteer email addresses, anda few locations statistics were compromised.

On Saturday, started to tell customers whose email cope with or places data had beencompromised. The enterprise showed to gadgets 360 that the email was indeed authentic, with the CEO Hadi Partovi pointing us to the e-book of a blog post on his website. The enterprise said that it first wantedto warn the impacted users.

in the weblog put up,, a website that objectives to encourage human beings to study laptopscience, shed extra light on the nature of the attack. It referred to that only engineers and others who had volunteered to help in classrooms had been impacted. The agency insists that none of its 10 millionstudent or teacher bills are impacted.

earlier this week, a volunteer engineer told us he obtained an unsolicited recruiting electronic mail from a technical freelancing firm in Singapore,” the firm wrote on a weblog post. “We determined the firm becomecapable of retrieve the volunteer’s private electronic mail address via exploiting a customeraspectvulnerability on our volunteer map. we’ve got due to the fact that had 6 similar cases pronounced.” additionally stated that it has fixed the vulnerability and all personal statistics turned into“secured in opposition to destiny attacks past due Friday. We additionally inspected and secured therelaxation of our website from comparable vulnerabilities.” additionally apparently reached out to the Singapore-based totally recruiting company which had exploited the vulnerability on its internet site. right here‘s the e-mail the firm despatched to Partovi. “Sorry about this…. our goal became we notion it’d be properly to get them extra possibilities to enhance their personal computer technology capabilities past the opportunities available of theirgeographical barriers / area. we have informed our group to prevent this with instantaneous effect. no person have to be receiving anymore e-mails from us from this point onwards. you’ve got my word that we can delete their email addresses from our mailing lists. They must now not obtain anymore emails from us.”

update eleven:30PM IST: Partovi says that the Singapore-based company has assured them that it’s going to get rid of all of the emails from its database.

Virtru Will defend Emails From Hackers and the FBI, however not from your Boss

Virtru Will Shield Emails From Hackers and the FBI, but Not From Your Boss

free NSA-quality encryption and a fiveyearold could use it.

John and will Ackerly each had stints inside the authorities for the duration of the surveillance build-up of the past a long time – John as a Bush management technology adviser and could as an engineer at thenational security employer.

nowadays the two brothers from the District of Columbia play very distinctive roles: supportingindividuals and corporations evade snooping of all sorts thru an encrypted communications app calledVirtru.

“Our awareness is on the ninety nine.99 percentage of folks who recognize they have got tocomfortable their content, however it’s constantly been too difficult and complex earlier than,” saidCEO John Ackerly.

For the layperson, it is tough to tell whether Virtru’s system is any higher than its opposition.

but on ease of use, the app unambiguously supplies. i was sending encrypted emails from one account toanother within 30 seconds of downloading the organization‘s app for Android.

And when I switched to my horribly slow, virus-ridden computer to test Virtru’s browser plug-in, i discoveredit lightning-speedy and glitch-unfastened despite a crummy net connection.

however the actual amusing comes with the extra functions within the app. Virtru helps you to delete or revoke get admission to to emails you have despatched. It has an “expiration” feature so that you can set emails to erase themselves after a sure quantity of time.

every other beneficial function forbids the sender from forwarding. a person may want to evade that limitby copying and pasting into another browser, but even that would trade quickly: A employer spokespersonstated tracking whether e mail content has been Ctrl-C’d is “an problem and function we are operatingon.”

Virtru’s internet site advertises “stop-to-give up encryption,” a time period normally reserved for communications that may be accessed only by way of sender and recipient. in keeping with theorganization, it’s the case for the individual users who download the free app.

however if you‘re signed up through your enterprise, you need to understand that an administratorsomeplace in your agency is probably analyzing your emails. For the agencies and authoritiescorporations it sells to, Virtru builds in functions that may intently reveal personnelverbal exchange.

At $60 (more or less Rs. 4,000) consistent with consumer, these corporate accounts carry in quite a few cash for Virtru. Staffers at HBO use it to send movie scripts and limit whom they get forwarded to,perhaps seeking to save you leaks like the one that brought us ultimate 12 months‘s first fourrecreation of Thrones” episodes beforehand of time. A agreement with nation government in Marylandmanner a few 10,000 police officers and law enforcement staffers use the app to encrypt their communications.

take into account that even corporate emails set to “expire” can be retroactively accessed if a corporateclient so chooses. For personal corporations, meaning a technology administrator may want to pull up even your personal encrypted emails in the event of an audit. For authorities officials using the app in Maryland, that could suggest a Freedom of information Act request from a journalist, in line with Ackerly.

And it’s no longer simply big companies and government corporations passing touchy records thruVirtru’s servers. The Pentagon will pay Juncture Consulting, a tenindividual organisation based in Woodbridge, Virginia, to assess retiring soldiersfitness to determine how a whole lot disabilityreimbursement they may get.

chief working officer Michelle de Stefano says the physicians she hires handle that paintings ongovernment computer systems. however handling those employeessensitive facts is a distinctivestory, she says, so she commenced paying approximately $120 a year for a primary model of Virtru’ssoftware program.

“I don’t want to be liable for screwing up anyone‘s identification information and having something badoccur to it,” said de Stefano. “I don’t need to be that weak link.”

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