How to force quit apps on a Chromebook


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When things go sideways with Windows, there’s Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get you to the Task Manager where you can investigate what’s causing the problem and end any unresponsive apps. When something goes wrong on a Mac, there’s Command-Option-Escape to call up the Force Quit Applications window. But when an app freezes or starts acting sluggish on a Chromebook, where do you turn? Is there a keyboard shortcut that can put an end to your troubles?

I have good news for Chromebook users. There is such a keyboard shortcut, and it’s quite simple. When something is amiss on your Chromebook and you need to force quit an app, hit Shift-Escape. This keyboard shortcut calls up Chrome’s Task Manager. Since Chrome apps are the only kinds of apps that a Chromebook runs, Chrome’s Task Manager is the only task manager you need on a Chromebook. Just click on the app that’s giving you problems and hit the End Process button.

At the top of the Task Manager, you’ll see Chrome listed. You can’t select it and force quit it because Chrome OS isn’t anything more than the Chrome browser with a bit of window dressing, which means that quitting Chrome would amount to shutting down your Chromebook. If you are experiencing an issue that force quitting an app can’t solve, then shut down your Chromebook by clicking the system tray in the bottom-right corner of your display and then clicking the power button. Or if you’re really stuck, hold down the power button for 3 seconds to power down your system.

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How to Get Google Play and Android Apps on Your Chromebook Right Now

How to Get Google Play and Android Apps on Your Chromebook Right Now


  • This method requires users to switch to the Canary canal
  • Toshiba Chromebook 2015 can find it in the developer channel as well
  • This method is very unstable

Google announced the arrival of Android apps on Chromebooks at I/O this year. However months later, only a handful of Chromebooks have received Google Play support, and Google is taking rather slow steps to make it available to all the compatible Chromebooks. Luckily, there is another cheat way to get Play Store to work on Chromebooks, and start using Android apps immediately.

Of course, before we begin to tell you the way, it is important to warn you that the method is unsafe. It requires you to use the Canary canal, which is extremely unstable. If the method backfires, it could cause some damage to your machine, and we recommend you to move forward at your own risk.

This method won’t work on all models, but should at least work on the 50 models that Google listed earlier in the year. If you have one of these laptops, and want Google Play installed immediately, enable developer mode on your Chromebook by pressing Esc+F5+Power. Then Press Ctrl+D and follow the instructions.

After the Chromebook boots, press Ctrl+D again to jump verification. Switch to Canary Canal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T, and type Shell in the command prompt. Then type ‘sudo su’ and then enter ‘update_engine_client -channel=canary-channel -update’ to switch to canary channel.

Again press Ctrl+Alt+T > Type Shell > Type sudo su > then ‘echo ‘-enable-arc’ > /usr/local/chrome_dev.conf > mount -o bind /usr/local/chrome_dev.conf /etc/chrome_dev.conf’. Now press Ctrl + Shift + Q two times to log out. After signing out, sign back in and restart your machine. After the reboot, the Chromebook should have the Google Play Store installed.

If you do not see it immediately, browse through the Settings menu to see if there is an option to enable Google Play. This process was posted by Google Plus users, and was first spotted by Chrome Story.

Justin Slatten on Google Plus also notes that Toshiba Chromebook 2015 users need not switch to the Canary canal, and can find Google Play on the developer channel as well. 9to5Google has done a full video with step by step instructions as well.

User can switch back to the stable Chrome OS channel anytime, by hitting Ctrl+Alt+T > Type Shell > Type sudo su > Enter following command: update_engine_client -channel=stable-channel -update > and then press space bar at boot.

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hands-on: HP’s Chromebook 13 is the cheap ultrabook for Chrome OS

Hands-on: HP’s Chromebook 13 is the affordable ultrabook for Chrome OS

The simply announced HP Chromebook 13 is a new take on the hardware aspect of Chrome OS — apremium system, with some specifications paying homage to Chrome OS laptops, however with the ultrabook spice visible in the marketplace from Apple and Microsoft.

Its production consists of pressed aluminum body with plastic accents and keys, and simply comesthroughout as a more top rate product than the normal Chromebooks.

Being a 12.9mm skinny system that weighs 2.86 pounds, the Chromebook thirteen has a thirteen.3-inch QHD+ (3200 x 1800) decision IPS display — and it’s stunning to take a look at.
maintain in thoughts, off the bat, the Chromebook 13 isn’t just a one-trick pony computer with a high-resscreen. for instance, the audio is a branded experience, provided by using Bang & Olufsen. Intelprovides center M processors for the Chromebook thirteen, with special clock speeds for the hardwareconfigurations, ranging from a base of 900MHz on a center M3, all of the manner as much as a center M7 clocked at 1.2GHz with three.1GHz TurboBoost.

but how does it sense to keep and use? It’s solid.
The rest of the specs encompass: up 16GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD, backlit keyboard, microSD card port, an HP TrueVision webcam, two USB-C ports and a unmarried USB,and a 45W battery with aencouraged battery lifestyles of eleven.5 hours.

Google and HP aren’t strictly touting the brand new Chromebook thirteen as any other Chrome OS pc, butas a complete productivity device,. education, customer and business enterprise benefit from thisapproach, with TPM 1.2 safety and video output as much as 4K decision, or numerous video display units through an HP dock accessory linked thru USB-C.
however how does it sense to hold and use? It’s strong. The keyboard has little flex with keys that havereal actuation. The gadget itself has a clean, brushed feel however it takes some near inspection to seethat it’s clearly metallic, and no longer plastic.

The QHD show is sleek, but the full HD option for agency is matte, so display aesthetics range. whilebeing held, the Chromebook thirteen virtually has a few presence — it’s no longer a feather however it isn’t heavy both — and this is a good factor, because it adds a few substance.

average, those are some stable first impressions to be had on a price rangefriendly Chromebook withsome of the cultured of a top class Ultrabook. Pre-orders begin nowadays for $499. assume a completeevaluation in the coming days.