Nintendo is updating Super Mario Run with a new character, mode, and world

Nintendo will issue a new update to its iOS and Android game Super Mario Run on September 29th, which will include a new world, mode, and playable character.

The update will introduce a new mode called Remix 10, which randomly splices together 10 sections from the game’s various levels in quick succession and rewards players with rainbow medals. Completing the various stages will allow players to rescue Princess Daisy and subsequently play as her throughout the rest of the game. Players will also be able to unlock a new world called World Star, which includes nine new levels, enemies and some additional gameplay mechanics.

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Polygon notes that there’s some other minor updates: players can get new items to put in their Mushroom Kingdom, and can listen to their own music while they play — when they do so, their runners will wear headphones. Nintendo is also temporarily cutting the price in half starting on September 29th through October 12th.


Spider-Man Is the Best Character to Replace Iron Man at the Centre of the MCU

Spider-Man Is the Best Character to Replace Iron Man at the Centre of the MCU


  • Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige says Avengers 4 the end of a 22-movie arc
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming’s sequel will be a fresh start for the franchise
  • The contracts of most of the existing stars would have expired by then

Spider-Man: Homecoming is out in the cinemas now, and as we noted in our review, it’s an exuberant film that brings a fresh flavour to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland played a brief but memorable part in Captain America: Civil War, and with Spider-Man: Homecoming, you’ll be happy to know that he’s able to sustain the viewers’ interest over the course of an entire film as well.

But as it turns out, Spider-Man has a much bigger part to play in the canon that Marvel has been building ever since it first came out with Iron Man in 2008. Talking to the Toronto Sun, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, the architect of the MCU, said that Avengers 4 (which will release in 2019, and doesn’t have a title as yet) will be the last of the current MCU films. And after that, the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming will come out, starting off a new era for the MCU. To appropriate Star Wars a little – he’s not the last of the old Avengers, he’s the first of the new.

When you consider the ownership of the Spider-Man franchise – created by Marvel Comics, owned by Sony Pictures, with merchandising rights in Disney’s hands – that’s a weird place to rest the future of your cinematic universe, particularly as it will come at the end of an arc that Feige said spans 22 movies.

But it makes sense too – after all, Spider-Man was always one of Marvel’s top-tier characters, which is why he was much more saleable back when Marvel was bankrupt, before it was acquired by Disney.

homecoming cages spider man

By the time this new “arc” beings for the MCU, many of the actors’ contracts would have expired. Almost all the Avengers, from Iron Man to Captain America to Black Widow to Thor would either have to be recast, or the character retired in some manner. Perhaps we’ll finally see some stakes emerge in the Avengers movies, as so far, the films have actively shied away from killing off characters.

That’s because, thanks to the “shared Universe” concept, writers had some limits on their freedom. It might have been narratively sound to have the Vision accidentally kill War Machine in Civil War, but if he has a part to play in one of the upcoming movies, then you can’t really take that plot line forward.

There’s a lot of new characters in the mix now, such as Ant-Man and Doctor Strange, which will allow Marvel to ease off the earlier characters without thinning the ranks too much, and over the course of the next two years as we move towards the new MCU, perhaps the company can start looking at new characters to spotlight.

For one, the company has two new movies lined up that a lot of people are excited about, with Black Panther and Captain Marvel planned for February 2018 and March 2019 respectively. Beyond that, perhaps the MCU will also take a page from the comics again, and start finding new characters to take up old mantles.

homecoming climb spider man

Some of the most interesting characters that Marvel has right now are young enough that they can look up to Holland’s Spider-Man as a mentor figure of sorts, such as Moon Girl, or Ms Marvel, or even Amadeus Cho’s Totally Awesome Hulk.

In the new phase of the MCU that Feige talks about, Spider-Man could well occupy a role similar to that of Tony Stark today, as a leader who brings the whole team together.

Whether this will be possible with the deal that Marvel has in place with Sony is of course a different matter, but with the lineup that’s on hand, there’s a real risk that the MCU could lose the vibrancy that made it so successful to begin with, and that’s why Feige’s comments about basing the future of the MCU on Spider-Man makes us hopeful.


A Recognizable Character Could Help Both Universal and Nintendo (Watch)

  • play iconUniversal Theme Parks' Next Big Addition: NintendoUniversal Theme Parks’ Next Big Addition: Nintendo
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If you’re heading to any Universal theme parks over the next few years, you might see a familiar face. Mario, the popular plumber from many Nintendo video games, is headed to Universal theme parks in Orlando, Osaka and Los Angeles.

Universal and Nintendo first announced their partnership over a year ago. But the two popular brands just released a teaser outlining plans for the new theme park attractions. Though the tealer didn’t reveal many specifics, it’s a safe bet that Mario will be a major centerpiece of the new park area. He’s a recognizable face that could draw in visitors and get people excited about the new attractions.

However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be other Nintendo characters or themes mixed in. This partnership also creates a unique opportunity for Nintendo to get more attention for some of its lesser known games. So if the two companies can come up with a way to draw people in using recognizable characters and themes, and then introduce exciting new themes as well, this could be a big win for both sides.

Benefits of Leveraging Brand Recognition

And while your small business likely isn’t partnering with any major theme parks in the near future, the same concept can apply. Using the brand recognition already earned by themes or characters can be a major draw for people. And sometimes, they can even help you introduce new items as well.

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British Public Requested What Innovative Character Must be on Subsequent 20 Pound Be aware

British Public Asked What Creative Person Should be on Next 20 Pound Note

A British 20 pound financial institution Word. (Representational Image – AFP Photo)
LONDON, United kingdom: The British public will for the first time be capable of help determine whichancient parent – in this case a Creative one – seems on the subsequent model of the united states of america‘s 20 pound Observe, the financial institution of england said on Tuesday.

The BoE frequently adjustments who appears on British banknotes, and there was controversy in 2013when the choice of Winston Churchill to prevail 19th century social reformer Elizabeth Fry at the 5 poundWord meant future notes might depict no women other than the cutting-edge monarch Queen Elizabeth.

One in every of BoE Governor Mark Carney’s first public acts after he took workplace in July 2013 becameto announce that novelist Jane Austen could appear on the ten pound Note from 2017, and making the BoEextra obvious has been One among his essential dreams.

Carney said on Tuesday that the BoE could invite the public to appoint British artists, craftsmen, designers or filmmakers who they would love to look at the 20 pound Observe, which presently shows economist Adam Smith.

“The layout of those notes ought to command admire and legitimacy, and Need to inspire,” Carney said at London’s Victoria and Albert layout museum.

the public can nominate British artists who are now not residing through the BoE’s website till July 19, and a decision can be made through a committee of BoE officials and art specialists early Next 12 months.

The alternative figures on bank of britain notes are evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin on the 10 poundObserve and steam engine inventor James Watt and his business companion Matthew Boulton at the 50 pound Word.