10 Apps to Assist with Your Small Business Taxes

small business tax apps

Tax time is almost here. And as with almost anything else in your small business, there are apps designed to get you through it.

You can use some apps for filing your tax returns. Others can be used to keep you better organized throughout the year — by doing things like tracking your expenses.

We’ve identified 10 small business tax apps you may find useful as a small business or microbusiness owner, an entrepreneur, or a solopreneur.

Small Business Tax Apps


Many small business owners may need help with accounting and an organized accounting process can really prove beneficial at tax time. FreshBooks is one of several all-in-one accounting apps used for tracking expenses, producing invoices for your customers and tracking payments.

FreshBooks is available on Android and iOS devices. New users get a free 30-day trial. Monthly plans after the trial period start at $19.95 per month, according to the FreshBooks website.

TurboTax Home & Business

This is probably one of the most recognizable names on the list. TurboTax, from Intuit, offers an app for small business owners that costs $99.99. That price includes the cost of one e-file of a tax return.

The online app claims that using it allows you to identify and get the most money for your tax deductions, especially those specific to small businesses. You can also use it to create W2 and 1099 forms for your employees. Throughout the year, you can use this app to help track expenses, too. There is also a feature that accounts for value depreciation of your assets.


Intuit also offers a companion app for your mobile device called TaxCaster. The app is designed to give you a glimpse at any possible tax return you can expect.


This app comes directly from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS2Go mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app is supposed to allow you to track your refund. It also provides you with tax prep information. And you can request tax return information and account transcripts through the app.

When the IRS receives your request through the app, they’ll send you the information you requested in the mail.


This is a Windows app designed to run on desktops or mobile devices. The cost for the MoBu app is $6.99, but there is a free version with limited capabilities.

Like many of the apps on this list, MoBu uses charts and graphs to give a picture of your finances. Although MoBu is marketed toward personal finance, self-employed people can also use some of the features.  This is how a description on the Microsoft app store describes it:

“When other applications only offer you to enter and track your expenses and income, MoBu lets you in addition define expenditure and savings budgets, and fully analyze your financial wealth and simulate the future.”


This is a free app from Intuit Inc. that has the sole aim of tracking and organizing your expenses. Mintorganizes your expenses to let you know where your money is being spent. It presents this information in easy-to-read charts and graphs.

Mint would be a good app for any entrepreneur keen on controlling expenses. Forecasting features allow you to get a glimpse at future expenses and savings.


This app is designed for both desktop and mobile use. inDinero claims it can perform all your financial tasks, from your accounting to tax returns. The app uses graphs and charts on an online dashboard to present your business’ financial information.

inDinero offers three levels of paid service, based on the size of your business. It charges a flat fee. But not just any business can use this app. inDinero requires that you request an invite to use its services. It will review your application.


This popular tax software has online apps for small businesses filing their federal and state taxes. TaxACTsays small business owners can file their 1065, 1120, 1120S and 1040 Schedule C returns using its app. A free trial has limited services but does allow you to file one federal return for free through e-file. Premium offerings start at $12.99 and include assistance with filing your business taxes.

Record keeping, or a lack thereof, could make tax season even more arduous on small business owners. Below are several mileage, receipt tracking apps you can use to accomplish this.


This is a free app you can use on desktop or mobile. Expensify has a service designed specifically for businesses. This app allows you and your employees to track your expenses by taking photos of receipts. It also tracks employee mileage through GPS.

This app even allows you to reimburse employees for their expenses from inside Expensify. The app also integrates with some popular accounting software, which should come in handy at tax time.


If you’re a charitable person or have donated anything in the course of a year, use the iDonatedIt app to calculate the value of that donation. If you track your donations throughout the year using this app, accounting for them at tax time should be easier. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

While some of these small business tax apps are free to use, others obviously require an up-front cost. But remember, as tax professional J.K. Lasser points out, the money you spend on a tax prep app like those in our list is tax deductible.

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NASA appears To Public To assist layout robotic Arm

NASA Looks To Public To Help Design Robotic Arm

NASA is running on its own layout for the arm in an effort to have interaction with small gadgets in thearea.
ny: individuals of the general public, no longer to mention budding scientists and engineers with spare time and innovative minds, get equipped for some movement to contrive a robotic arm!

For, the countrywide Aeronautics and space management (NASA) is offering a danger to create the arm of a space station robotic, a media record stated.

In but every other crowd-sourcing effort, the usacorporation chargeable for its civilian space programmeis calling members of the public to assist with the design of the Astrobee – “a loose-flying robotic the distance company is making to live aboard the worldwide space Station (ISS)”, The Verge mentioned on Tuesday.

people who are interested by filing designs for the arm can check in thru Freelancer.com internet site.

in keeping with the record, the launch of the robot is scheduled in 2017 and the Astrobee that builds upon MIT’s SPHERES project, the three unfastened-flying robots which have lived at the station considering the fact that 2006, will autonomously roam throughout the ISS cabin, the use of sensors to conductinspections or cameras to movie the astronauts at work.

despite the fact that NASA is working on its very own layout for the arm in an effort to have interactionwith small gadgets within the space, the gap corporation additionally wants to see what differentthoughts humans may have in thoughts and provide.

to take part in the Freelancer.com contest, known as the NASA device architecture venture, theparticipants need to check in for the competition through filling in a survey that assesses theireducational merits and what kind of unfastened time they ought to commit to the task.

NASA will then pick out 30 people and deliver them $10 and a finalised breakdown of all of the elementsthey ought to supply to NASA so that it will win.

The finalists, who fulfil some of these requirements, will get $100 every. however, there was no word at the prizes for the winner (or winners).

6 Newly discovered Proteins may additionally assist combat Alzheimer’s, cancer

6 Newly Found Proteins May Help Fight Alzheimer's, Cancer

The analysis uncovered the genes for 6 new proteins, which were dubbed small humanin-like peptides, or SHLPs, 1 via 6. (Representational photograph)
WASHINGTON: Scientists have determined a set of six new proteins that could help disclose secrets and techniques of ways we age, doubtlessly unlocking new insights into diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer anddifferent growing olderrelated illnesses.

The tiny proteins appear to play numerous big roles in our bodies‘ cells, from decreasing the quantity ofdamaging loose radicals and controlling the charge at which cells die to boosting metabolism and assistingtissues at some point of the frame respond better to insulin, researchers stated.

The obviously occurring amounts of every protein decrease with age, main researchers to trust that they play an crucial position inside the growing old procedure and the onset of diseases connected to older age, they stated.

The studies crew led by means of Pinchas Cohen, professor at the university of Southern California Leonard Davis faculty of Gerontology, recognized the tiny proteins for the first time and located theirsudden beginning from organelles in the mobile referred to as mitochondria and their sportchangingroles in metabolism and mobile survival.

The contemporary locating builds upon earlier studies by Cohen and his group that exposed two greatproteins, humanin and MOTS-c, hormones that appear to have huge roles in metabolism and sicknesses ofgrowing older.

in contrast to most other proteins, humanin and MOTS-c are encoded in mitochondria, the structure insidecells that produces power from food, in preference to inside the mobile‘s nucleus in which maximumgenes are contained.

Mitochondria have their personal small collection of genes, which have been as soon as concept to playhandiest minor roles inside cells however now seem to have essential functions all through the body.

Cohen’s crew used computer analysis to peer if the a part of the mitochondrial genome that offers the code for humanin become coding for other proteins as well.

The evaluation uncovered the genes for 6 new proteins, which have been dubbed small humanin-like peptides, or SHLPs, 1 thru 6.

After figuring out the six SHLPs and effectively developing antibodies to check for numerous of them, thegroup examined both mouse tissues and human cells to decide their abundance in exceptional organs in addition to their functions. The proteins have been dispensed quite in another way amongst organs, which indicates that the proteins have varying features based on where they’re inside the frame.

Of specific hobby is SHLP 2, Cohen stated. The protein appears to have profound insulin-sensitising, anti-diabetic effects in addition to effective neuro-shielding activity which could end up a approach to fightAlzheimer’s disease. He added that SHLP 6 is also interesting, with a completely unique potential to sellmost cancers mobile demise and therefore potentially target malignant sicknesses.

“The findings are an important advance to be able to be ripe for fast translation into drug improvement forsicknesses of getting old,” said Cohen.

(This tale has not been edited by means of NDTV staff and is car-generated from a syndicated feed.)

Google Assistant to release With Hinglish assist; Allo and Duo Availability specified

Google Assistant to Launch With Hinglish Support; Allo and Duo Availability Detailed

Google Assistant to help Hinglish and English upon release.
Allo and Duo app to hit the marketplace between June and September.
Android N might be released in advance than ever.
even though Google unveiled a number of factors in the beginning day of I/O, there was little to no factsabout the particular availability of every product. Now, Google finally offers us readability to a point as towhen Google Assistant, domestic, Allo and Duo apps and other announcements made at I/O arepredicted to hit the marketplace.

The most thrilling bit is that the tech massive is unveiling its Google Assistant product initially only in English and Hinglish (a combination of English and Hindi). The Indian market might be one of the few markets to experience the benefits of Google Assistant in its local language (albeit a mixture). The techgiant has, however, stated that it will roll out the feature in other Indian nearby languages subsequently.

Google vaguely said that home will hit the market someday later in the yr, but did not specify which markets. It asserted that domestic is still in its early tiers and no information on launch date can befinalised but. Allo and Duo can be released sometime among June and September in 78 languages. boththe apps could be released on Android and iOS systems.

interestingly, Android N will see the light of the day “in advance than ever”. The organization will releasethe very last version to tool makers sometime “this summer“, in advance than its traditional release in fall. so as to make Daydream a nearby reality, Android N has been optimised and include an Android VR Mode. Google is even working with Android device producers to perform a little hardware tweaks in an effort to cause them to Daydream-geared up with the aid of the quit of the year. it’s far even sharing the viewer and controller reference designs with OEMs with a purpose to make their personal versions, Google is predicted to release its very own viewer and controller by fall.

Google says that the following version of Android wear and Android car are nevertheless in its nascentdialogue stage with recognize to availability, and didn’t have details to share at this factor. instant Apps, being a massive change, goes to take some time, and Google will be achieving out to builders in thecoming months.

After a leak via the conference agenda, Google on Day 2 of I/O officially introduced Google Play accessis coming to the Chrome. it will be first to be had on the M53 improvement channel on Chromebook flip, Chromebook Acer R11, and Chromebook Pixel (2015). Later this year, it’ll be enabled on all gadgets which are based totally on Intel Braswell CPUs, Intel Broadwell, Intel Skylake, in addition to ARM Rockchip 3288.more devices along with Baytrail gadgets will get the combination ultimately.
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