KFC is asking consumers to fund its creative

Image result for KFC is asking consumers to fund its creativeKFC is taking a new approach to its marketing: crowdfunding.

For its latest stunt, the fast-food chain is asking people to pitch in and fund, via Indiegogo, one of five ideas in a so-called Innovation Lab. Customers can also offer creative advice. (Well, they are forking over money).

Should a project become fully backed by supporters, KFC will produce the funded idea. For smaller contributions, the company is offering KFC Innovations Lab-branded swag, such as sweatpants or a … 3-D puffy sticker pack. If a project doesn’t reach its target goal, all contributions will be refunded to individual supporters.

The ideas that people can contribute to include “Kentucky Fried Hot Tub,” which, as of Tuesday afternoon, had raised $95.

Another is “Colonel on Ice,” an ice-skating show that would tell the story of how Colonel Harland Sanders founded the chain with only a 6th-grade education ($45 so far).Image result for KFC is asking consumers to fund its creative

People into geo-tracking might be drawn to “Little Colonel Locator,” which as of Tuesday afternoon had raised nearly $600. It features a location-tracking necktie (it works if the person wearing it is within 100 feet of a smartphone).

KFC worked on the lab with its agency, Wieden & Kennedy Portland.

The chain is already well known for stunts. It’s currently running a campaign featuring Colonel Sanders as RoboCop to protect its secret recipe. It has even offered free bowl haircuts in Brooklyn, New York to promote its $3 Famous Bowls meals. And it has created items such as Colonel Sanders-styled pool floaties and a log that smells like fried chicken while it’s burning.


Innovative Sound Blaster Jam: Light-weight and Worth the Asking Charge

Creative Sound Blaster Jam: Lightweight and Worth the Asking Price

The appeal of Bluetooth headphones is that the person doesn’t ought to cope with cables that get tangled and messy as you operate them. Innovative, a popular audio merchandise brand primarily based out of Singapore, has greater than more than one Bluetooth gaming headsets within the Sound Blaster varietyand additionally a very succesful Bluetooth speaker – the Sound Blaster Roar . Moreover, it these daysdelivered a Bluetooth edition of its extraordinarily praised Aurvana headphones and it’s miles to be had intwo versions – Aurvana Platinum and Aurvana Gold.

Leveraging its understanding, the organisation has released an affordable Bluetooth headset for thehundreds – the Innovative Sound Blaster Jam. The Sound Blaster Jam’s USP is that it’s miles very Light-weight and may not burn a hollow for your wallet. Right here‘s what we think about it.

Layout, match and specifications
The Layout of the Sound Blaster Jam takes us returned to the early 90s while Sony’s Walkman cassettegamers used to include on-ear headphones. Those in the main black headphones were a styledeclaration lengthy earlier than Beats and Skullcandy existed. This nostalgic trip makes us admire whatCreative has tried to do with the look of the Sound Blaster Jam.

Innovative wasn’t kidding while it claimed that the headphones are Lightweight. At 83g, the Sound Blaster Jam, made totally of plastic, feels nearly non-existent while worn on the top. The padding on the earcups ismade from foam and doesn’t encourage self assurance, and there’s no padding by any means on the headscarf. Happily, the handled plastic can bend to a degree which bodes properly for the longevity of the headphones. The right earcup has all of the controls – one button for play/pause/calls, a quantity rocker, and a dedicated bass switch. It also has the Micro-USB port at the lowest and an LED indicator mild.

The Sound Blaster Jam can hook up with audio assets through Bluetooth four.1 and has support for the SBC codec. But, it’d had been extremely good if Innovative had delivered guide for 86f68e4d402306ad3cd330d005134dac AptX. If you have an NFC-succesful device, you could use that toquickly pair the Sound Blaster Jam as well. The headphones have 32mm Neodymium drivers. Innovativebundles a crimson USB cable within the box, and the headphones may be used with a computer thru USBwhile charging, that is a top notch feature.

The Sound Blaster Jam isn’t always extremely good at blocking out ambient sounds, but because it canget genuinely loud, you can still crank up the extent to drown out one’s environment. That said, Thoseheadphones leak a lot on the maximum volume. To check the sound exceptional we performedSomething From Nothing by way of Foo Combatants, Jai Paul’s Jasmine, and Sam Paul’s Live With Me, and we additionally watched Pacific Rim on Blu Ray.

The primary component that we observed whilst taking note of any song on the Sound Blaster Jamchanged into that the sound is tuned to thrill bassheads. taking note of Something From Not anything a couple of instances found out that the mids are not too powerful or even the treble is quite thin. As an instance, the cymbals within the music, once they will be heard, had been very tinny. At the very bestvolume the sound cracked a touch as nicely.

Fireplace up a bass-heavy song like Jasmine and the Sound Blaster Jam can cope with it with aplomb. Thatsaid, the bass is so overwhelming that Jai Paul’s rather autotuned vocals sounded remote; almost non-existent. That is precisely the purpose we would recommend against switching on the bass improvefunction – it just distorts sound even similarly. Sam Smith’s Grammy-award winning vocals in Stay With Mefailed to sound extraordinary but the drum beats inside the history did.

The sound signature of these headphones is not intended for clarity or precision audio however for fun, laidback listening. In Pacific Rim, the soundscape is packed with steel clanking, huge explosions and speakin between. The Sound Blaster Jam just made a mess of this complex set of sounds, and as predicted, voices have been overpowered at times. If you are making plans on looking quite a few Televisionindicates heavy on dialogue, the Sound Blaster Jam must be simply pleasant.

One region where the Sound Blaster Jam leaves the opposition in the dirt is battery existence. Creativeclaims that Those headphones can ultimate for 12 hours on a unmarried price however we simply gotmore than that. On a single price, the Sound Blaster Jam lasted thru round 14 hours of track playbackbefore it died. That is really top.

Priced at Rs. three,499, even hard critics like us are inclined to forgive a number of the Sound Blaster Jam’s shortcomings due to the ease it offers. First of all, there is no cable tangling to fear approximately. Secondly, it suits like a glove with out causing any sort of discomfort. Finally, it can closing longer thananother pair of Bluetooth headphones we’ve got tested inside the past.

We might be finicky about sound pleasant, however for lots humans the loudness and the bass stagesshould be sufficient to make a buy choice in favour of the Sound Blaster Jam. In case you need Some thing that sounds higher but costs extra, do check the JBL Synchros E40BT.

Google Asking Users What ‘Android N’ Should Be Called

Google Asking Users What 'Android N' Should Be Called

Google has started asking people what Android N should be named via its Google Opinion Rewards app. The move is in line with what Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed in December during his India visit, saying the company may use an online poll.

Android Police reports that the Google Opinion Rewards Android app is now letting people answer few questions and win Play Store credits in return. For those unaware, the Google Opinion Rewards is an app created by Google Consumer Surveys and let’s people answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credits.

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The first question the app asks people is about the food that comes to mind that starts with letter “N” and the second question lists some names of “tasty treats” starting with letter N. Some the treats listed include nachos, noodles, nougat, Neapolitan ice cream, and Nori.

google_opinion_rewards_app_screenshot.jpgIt’s worth noting that the questions are not available to all users and regions as the app is not available in India.

Considering Google had last year confused people with a video that claimed to have included possible names of Android M. We can expect to see more of such campaigns from Google I/O 2016 – which kicks off May 22.

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In separate news, Google is reportedly internally referring to its next Android version as New York Cheesecake or NYC. Android Police spotted the codename first and adds that the “nyc” naming showed up in the AOSP repository a few times. To place this in context, Google had for past Android versions used “klp” name in repository for KitKat, “lmp” for Lollipop, and “mnc” for Marshmallow, using different dessert names like Key Lime Pie internally to ostensibly misdirect speculation.

Google last week released its latest Android N Developer Preview and also introduced the Android Beta Program offering enthusiasts the chance to stay up-to-date with the latest pre-release builds of Android. Apart from the release, Google also looked determined to “hand off” the final Android N release to device makers by summer.

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