Three Ways To Understand And Apply Social Media Insights To Your Business


The internet has impacted the way most, if not all, industries have evolved. Keeping up with industry trends and available platforms is a job in and of itself. In particular, social media is shaping the way many companies engage with customers and drive sales.

In the education industry, the internet has revolutionized the way people learn and how they interact with their peers. Based on my experience working with social media influencers to engage students, I’d like to share three tips for entrepreneurs in any industry.

Learn how your target audience is using social media.

You can never stay hot for too long in the world of social media. One minute Snapchat is the app of the hour, the next it’s Instagram, and the cycle continues. Social media has secured credibility in recent years as a trusted source of information not only for news but also as a platform for consumers to engage with companies and exchange information.

My company’s target audience is students, and we have found that students today use social media in ways that are foreign to generations that did not grow up in the digital age. For example, “study with me” videos have become a popular internet sensation among youth. My company decided to capitalize on this opportunity by partnering with YouTube influencers to learn how students are using YouTube to study; we then applied that information to our platform to better help our users succeed academically.

Understanding how your target audience is using and benefiting from social media is critical to success. This applies to any business. Many companies are under the impression that all there is to social media is a simple press of a button to post content, but that’s not where the value lies. Building your presence is important, but understanding why you have that presence will help you properly utilize your channels and benefit in multiple ways.

To do so, connect with your target audience and customers. Create surveys, send personal emails or even make phone calls to understand how your customers are using social media and in what ways your business can have a valuable impact. Get a deeper understanding of your audience behavior and which channels you should focus on.


Crack the Code on the Creative Team: Apply These 5 Secret Techniques

Tips for Boosting Team Creativity

In every type of job, there is always room for creativity and innovation. It is not only art or technology that needs to be creative and innovative. Even in accounting there are ways to be more creative. For example; you can make more creative presentations. For this reason, if you want your employees to be more creative, try the below recommendations at work.

Tips for Boosting Team Creativity

  • Hire Diverse People: Different people with different backgrounds see things from a different perspective. As a result, when they are trying to solve something, they come up with different solutions. Therefore, if you hire similar people with similar education and similar cultural values, you can miss out on different options. For this reason, try to hire individuals who come from different places and who are at different places in their lives to increase creativity in your company.
  • Get Out of the Office: Especially if the weather is nice, then, take your team outside of the office for a meeting or for brainstorming. You don’t need to take them far away. You can even go to the parking lot and sit on the grass. Having some fresh air clears your mind and helps you think better. Thus, your employees can get more creative and find out new ideas.
  • Seating Plan: Have an open seating plan in the office. Also, try to have a seating plan where different groups will engage with each other. Some workplaces require their employees to sit at different desks everyday so they can meet with new people, learn from them and share their knowledge with them. Hence, collaboration and creativity among employees rise.
  • Try Stand-Up Meetings: When you are standing-up, you are more focused on the topic because you don’t get distracted from computers or phones. When you are more focused, the meeting time becomes shorter allowing you to use that extra time for something else. Also, the energy level of your body when you are standing up is completely different than the one when you are sitting. Standing up makes you more energetic and alert. As a result, your brain thinks faster and your creativity increases.
  • Have an Inspiration Room in the Office: Make an inspiration room different than any other rooms in the office so when your employees want to take a break or need some inspiration, they can go to this room and refresh their minds. Also, make this room social so your employees can gather together and have a lunch or coffee break. It is best to decorate this room in an innovative design to reflect that creative feeling so you may want to work with an interior designer for this.


Government Wants Designs For National War Memorial. How To Apply

Government Wants Designs For National War Memorial. How To Apply

The National War Memorial will be located near India Gate



  1. National war memorial planned near India Gate in Delhi
  2. Tribute to 22,500 soldiers to be completed in 5 years
  3. Government wants public to send designs, winner gets $30,000

Creative juice alert. A crowd-sourced design is what the government wants for a much-awaited war memorial near Delhi’s iconic India Gate.

“This will be a two stage contest. Competitors will be required to submit their Stage 1 entries on, and the top nine entries selected from the Stage 1 submissions will be eligible to participate in the Stage 2 of the contest,” said a statement from the Defence Ministry.

Nine shortlisted entries will win $ 2,000 each, and the design that’s selected will score $30,000.

No time for doodling, sorry, dawdling. Doodle away.

The deadline for online submissions is September 15. Scroll down for more details that could help.

The memorial for 22,500 soldiers who were killed in the line of duty will be located in the heart of the capital. Last year, the government sanctioned 500 crores for the project and a museum that will be housed nearby.

A statement from the government last year said, “The memorial will promote a sense of patriotism in the minds of visitors, and will award an opportunity to citizens of this vast nation, to express their token sense of gratitude to the brave soldiers, who laid down their lives for the motherland.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had tweeted, “The National War Memorial will be a perfect tribute to our brave soldiers who have given their lives for the nation.”

The government stressed that the memorial will honour not just those who died during war, but soldiers killed in counter-insurgency and anti-terror operations.

From The Government:

Competitors are advised to carefully study the design brief and the associated documents provided below, and register themselves at and at with the same email ID and contact numbers to participate in the contest.

For any queries please contact: [email protected]

The last date for online project submission is 16th September, 2016.


FIFA 17 to apply the identical game Engine as need for pace: record

FIFA 17 to Use the Same Game Engine as Need for Speed: Report

FIFA 17 will ditch the Ignite engine – tech unveiled through EA in 2013.
different sports games will observe healthy in coming years.
this could mean higher laptop ports of FIFA games in the future.
The Ignite engine powers EA’s sports activities games. it is a proprietary series of technology aimed atmaking digital presentations of sport get toward the actual component, most notably with stellarconsequences inside the lengthystrolling soccer sport series, FIFA. however this could exchangewith FIFA 17.

in step with GameInformer, bringing up more than one assets within the organisation, EA is looking toshift from Ignite to the Frostbite engine, which has been evolved by way of Battlefield studio dice. apart from the Battlefield series, Frostbite powers a huge bite of EA’s games. maximum high-quality of whichencompass need for velocity, Dragon Age: Inquisition, replicate‘s facet, and famous person Wars Battlefront to name a few. furthermore, it won’t just be FIFA 17 making the flow to Frostbite. within thefuture, other sports activities franchises like Madden NFL, NHL, and NBA stay will transition to Frostbite.

“FIFA 17 isn’t the primary EA sports sport to apply Frostbite tech; 2015’s Rory McIlroy PGA tour changed into constructed at the platform as well by EA Tiburon,” the submit on GameInformer reads. “at some stage in its press blitz for PGA tour, EA touted the engine’s prowess in growing outdoor environments andslicing load instances between holes. The transition must also be aided by means of the truth that cubealready integrated the ANT animation gadget aspect of the Ignite engine into Frostbite all through thedevelopment of Battlefield three.”

considering how proper video games like need for pace and superstar Wars Battlefront seemed, mainlyon a effective sufficient pc, it may spell the cease of shoddy pc versions of the sector‘s most famoussoccer sport. however it remains to look if FIFA 17 loses capabilities inside the move to Frostbite, what with improvement cycles for the collection being extraordinarily quick and time sensitive.

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