OnePlus 6 launch date confirmed for May 18, price tipped at Rs 39,999

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus will launch its upcoming flagship smartphone OnePlus 6 in India on May 18, Moneycontrol has learnt. The phone will likely cost Rs 39,999.

The upcoming OnePlus phone has been subject to a lot of speculation over the past few months.

The company, whose motto is to ‘Never Settle’, has released various teasers about the upcoming phone’s features under the slogan ‘The speed you need’. Here’s everything we know about the phone so far.

The phone will keep up with the latest design trend in Android smartphones and will sport an iPhone X-like notch at the top and extremely thin bezels on the sides and the bottom. Those who dislike notches will be able to black out the sides of the notches while in the landscape mode.

The company has been on a pursuit to provide its users with ‘burdenless experience’ and has confirmed the phone will be featuring the latest Snapdragon 845 processor along with an 8GB RAM. The confirmation also says the phone will be sporting 256GB storage.

Media reports had speculated that the OnePlus 6 could cost in the early 40 thousands, but a cost of Rs 39,999 would come as a relief to fans of OnePlus that like the phone for its top-end features and competitive pricing.

The company almost confirmed that the phone will be waterproof in the tweet below which says, “Don’t you just hate it when you have to stop using your phone when it rains? So do we”. However, it is unclear whether the phone will be IP67 or IP68 certified.

The slider button on OnePlus devices were traditionally used to shift between volume settings, but on OnePlus 6, the slider can also be used to adjust focus while clicking pictures.


Ford Freestyle India launch on April 18, 2018

Ford is all set to launch its new Freestyle cross-hatchback in the Indian market on April 18, 2018. Ford dealer outlets have already begun accepting bookings for the new model.

Additionally, Ford has also joined hands with Amazon India which will promote 100 units of the Freestyle on its website on April 14, 2018, 2pm onwards. A booking amount of Rs 10,000 has been set which can be paid by Amazon’s certified payment modes.

The Ford Freestyle features typically crossover-like exterior changes over the hatchback – including a new bonnet, grille, skid plate, alloys and blacked-out headlamps. Other exterior changes see the addition of metallic roof rails and extra body cladding; the car also rides on bigger, wider 185/60 R15 wheels.

The cross-hatchback is available in six monotone colour options – Canyon Ridge (a brownish finish), Smoke Grey, Moondust Silver, White Gold, Oxford White and Absolute Black. A roof wrap and body strip are also on offer, as accessories.

Along with the extra 15mm ground clearance, the Freestyle also sports a unique steering and suspension set-up, when compared to the standard Figo hatchback.

The Freestyle comes with a new Dragon-series 1.2-litre petrol engine, good for 96hp at 6,500rpm and 120Nm of torque at 4,250rpm with a claimed fuel efficiency figure of 19kpl. The Freestyle diesel gets a 1.5-litre diesel that produces 100hp at 3,750rpm and 215Nm of torque at 1,750-3,000rpm. A five-speed manual is standard on both engine options, although the petrol will get an automatic option, at a later date. Interestingly the Freestyle’s petrol variant comes with a 42-litre fuel tank while the diesel version – which has an ARAI-rated fuel efficiency of 24.4kpl – has a 40-litre tank.

The Freestyle is available in four trim levels on each engine option – Ambiente, Trend, Titanium and Titanium+. Even the base variant (Ambiente) gets a safety kit with ABS with EBD, dual-front airbags, three-point rear seat belts, reverse parking sensors and rear fog lamps.


New Apple Operating System Coming Sept. 18

apple ios 7

Business users may be waiting to get their hands on the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s unveiled by Apple in a special announcement Tuesday. But before that, Apple iOS 7, the new operating system on which both new phones run, will be ready for download.

The Apple iOS 7 operating system will be available next week as a free software update for iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later and for the iPad mini.

It will come loaded on all subsequent Apple mobile devices including the two new smartphones set to go on sale Sept. 20.

What’s Missing from Apple iOS 7

An official announcement from Apple lists a huge number of features available on the new Apple iOS 7. See a walk through of the operating system for iPhones and tablets in the video below.

But what may be more important for business users is what will be missing.

A so-called “iCloud keychain” originally present in the beta edition of the operating system was expected to allow more integration with the cloud. But that feature was yanked before release of the Gold Master edition of Apple iOS 7 to developers this week, reports MacRumors.

It’s possible the feature is planned for release with OS X Mavericks, the next version of the operating system for the Macintosh computer later this year.

The keychain was intended to allow Apple’s iCloud to remember account names, passwords and credit card numbers and have Apple’s browser Safari insert them at the proper time giving users convenient but secure access to all their accounts while mobile.

The keychain feature suggested more integration with iCloud across all the Apple devices you or your business might be using. And that integration could eventually work seamlessly with Apple’s new TouchID software also introduced at this week’s product and software event.

With the touch of a finger, a small business user or a small group of trusted employees could access your business files and accounts from anywhere with relative security.

Obvious Parallels with Windows 8.1

There are obvious parallels here with Windows 8.1, which just shipped to hardware developers.

That software provides greater integration with Microsoft’s own SkyDrive cloud storage system and secure sign in from any device including one-click access to virtual private networks.

Of course, devices running Apple iOS 7 should be able to connect to iCloud using instructions found on the Apple website.

But a more convenient integration would be a huge plus for small businesses seeking to access the cloud from multiple devices and searching for an alternative to the Windows environment.


Trending:Small Business GrowthGoogleMicrosoftHolidaysOctober 18, 2016 Samsung Gear 360 – A “Virtual Reality” Camera in the Palm of Your Hand


The 360-degree video capture market is relatively new, but many see the technology as a stepping stone for virtual reality (VR) content. A truly immersive VR experience requires cameras that are capable of capturing everything a person sees in front of them. And that is what the new Samsung Gear 360 is designed to do, the company says.

Samsung announced the Gear 360 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and it is not the only company coming out with this type of camera in 2016. Kodak, Ricoh, Nikon, LG, Bublcam and Vuze are just some of the many you will be seeing in the market place.

The Samsung Gear 360 has a dual f/2.0 fisheye lens with 15 megapixel image sensors capable of capturing high-resolution (3840×1920) 360-degree video, as well as 30 megapixel still images. And if you just want to capture a 180-degree image, all you have to do is use only one of the cameras.

Th company claims to have designed the camera so anyone can use it out of the box. The Bright Lens 2.0 aperture ensures even low light conditions are properly lit and in focus.

The other specs for the camera include: a DRIMe5s image processor, 1GB of RAM, microSD card (Up to 128GB), .05-inch PMOLED display, accelerometer and gyro sensors, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4/5GHz) and a removable 1350mAh battery.

The video the Samsung Gear 360 records is output in MP4 (H.265) and JPEG for stills, which makes it that much easier when you are transferring the content to another device or your YouTube channel. It is compatible with Samsung smartphones including, the new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6. And if you want to use your PC, there is an app called Gear 360 Action Director.

So What are the Business Applications for the Samsung Gear 360?

samsung Gear 360

Since video has become the preferred way of consuming content, using the Samsung Gear 360 gives small businesses a way to showcase their services with more bang. Travel and tour operators, real estate agents, hotels, decorators and content producers are just some of the businesses that will be able use the camera.

When you add the VR component to the 360 content, it gives these businesses yet another way in which they can interact with their customers. Whether it is property tours or travel destinations, customers can see what they will experience before they even get there.

The Samsung Gear 360 is entering a segment that is getting more crowded by the minute, but name recognition and interoperability with its smartphones and Gear VR will give it a clear advantage over companies that are just making the cameras.

“Samsung continues to push the boundaries of the mobile experience to extend beyond the smartphone. Following last year’s Gear VR release, Gear 360 continues to push the limits on immersive content — providing a visual experience that makes capturing and sharing life’s moments even easier,” said DJ Koh, President of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics.

The Samsung Gear 360 camera will be available in the second quarter 2016, but the price has yet to be announced.

Images: Samsung

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