Pay what you want for the Android Expert’s Coding Bundle of five courses

Android Expert’s Coding Bundle

If you want to make those dreams of coding prowess become realities in 2016, the Android Expert’s Coding Bundle is a good place to start. It offers five high-quality video courses on app development, and you can pay what you like for them via TechnoBuffalo Deals.

The tuition centres around Java, the native programming language of Android, starting from the very basics. The step-by-step nature of the video lessons makes it easy for coding newbies to follow along. After becoming familiar with the Android Studio environment, you learn about loops, arrays, and “if” statements, before taking on the object-oriented side of programming. Design is also covered in depth, with a look at how to follow the modern Material Design style of Android Marshmallow. You get a whole course dedicated to this most recent version of the operating system, plus a track on reskinning templated apps for (profitable) release.

You pay whatever you like for the last two courses mentioned above, but beat the average price paid to unlock the full bundle (worth $503).