Move More Livestock Provisions With Less Effort


If your operation has grown and you find yourself spending more and more time on the tractor hauling hay around to either store it, sell it, or give it to the animals, you need the equipment that lets you increase your work without adding hours to your day. For those with tractors sized to handle it, the double bale hay spear is just the solution, because it literally doubles the amount you can carry at once. If your hay supplies have increased year to year and you find yourself losing productive time, you need to consider how reducing haul times could help your entire operation.

Tactical Logistics

On top of the right equipment to save effort, you also need to make sure your operation is set up to keep things as close to their various points of use as possible without creating problems. Planning your entire property with an eye toward what needs to be moved where for all your work to be done will decrease distances and trip times when you are hauling hay, seed, livestock, or anything else you need. You should also consider what you’re using, because if you’re counting on a UTV to do the work that everyone else expects out of a full size farm tractor, you might want to repurpose that original investment to get more out of it and invest in the equipment that really fits your operation.

Do More Without More Hands To Do With

Don’t invest in more people if more equipment will get the job done with the same personnel. Instead, get the machines you need to increase efficiency, and invest in people when you reach the point where you really do have to add on because you’re growing faster than the technology to increase your capacity to work. That way, you can stay cost-efficient and keep your operation easier to manage.