How to Support Indie Authors


Reading is such a wonderful past-time, whether you’re getting lost in a fantasy land of a rich fiction book, or learning something new about the world; the experience enriches your life. If you are someone who is an avid reader and devours books, you might also enjoy discovering new authors that you haven’t heard of before. While the shelves in bookstores are full of all kinds of excellent stories written by many talented people, other great writers out there might not be getting the same kind of recognition. If you would like to support indie authors more who are getting the same kind of promotion as big-name writers, here are a few tips on how you can do this.

Do Some Research

If you want to explore works by authors you haven’t read yet, the best place to start is by doing some research. Looking up books online in genres that you’re interested in and selecting works from writers whose names are unfamiliar is a good start. You should also look on websites and in groups on social media that are dedicated to promoting indie authors, as this is where you will discover a whole new world of writers that might soon become some of your favorites.

Visit Online Bookstores

Amazon is a good place to find a lot of indie authors as many publish their work through these channels, but this isn’t the only place you can find quality books. However, if you are looking for an alternative to the conglomerate online store, Blurb is another excellent source to discover indie authors and professionally crafted books to add to your collection. They also cover a range of topics from fiction to fine art, so finding something that interests you shouldn’t be difficult to find there.

Visit Indie Bookshops

Independent bookshops will stock a lot of well-known authors, but they can also be great places to find titles published by indie authors too. They often work closely with independent publishers as part of the community, and you will be supporting these wonderful businesses as much as you will be these talented, unsung heroes of the written word.

Talk About Them

Keeping your favorite indie authors to yourself is not only limiting your support for them, but you could also be denying someone else the joy of reading their work. If you have found a writer that you’re passionate about, tell people about them! Follow them on social media and share their posts or link to their book to your followers instead. Tell friends who you think will love their work to buy a copy, or get one for them as a gift.

Review Their Work

Finally, another great way to support indie authors is by leaving a review of their books on places like Goodreads or another review site. If you think it’s a great book, sharing this review will only encourage other people you don’t know to take a chance on it, and it will be lovely for the author to hear positive feedback on their work, too.

If you want to support more independent authors and help boost their profiles, consider the points above and give them a try.