Glasswire Pro protects your PC by monitoring your network – 70% off

Glasswire Pro

By visualizing activity on your network, Glasswire Pro for PC makes it easy to spot suspicious activity, working in conjunction with your anti-virus software. Through TechnoBuffalo Deals, you can currently get the app for $29.

You view incoming and outgoing traffic via real-time graphs, and you can hover over any point in time to see which applications were in use. Glasswire will alert you if it spots a suspicious spike, and you have the option of storing up to one year of data. The app watches who is joining your Wi-Fi network, and also keeps an eye on your webcam and microphone. It runs in the background, requiring only limited processing power, and you can connect to any remote servers (up to ten) you own in order to monitor their network activity. Lockdown mode offers a temporary shutdown of your network while you are away, and Glasswire even provides a mini graph for easy monitoring from your desktop.

The current deal takes 70% off the price of a Pro license, and you can install the app on up to three computers.