Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers


The practice of Yoga can be traced back to India, and over the centuries it has made its way across the globe, being adopted by people everywhere as a way to relieve stress, move into a more mindful lifestyle, and keep the body fit and healthy. It is widely popular today, and it can help to align your body which makes it a great exercise for those suffering from aches, pains, and general muscular discomfort. If there is somebody in your life who is passionate about Yoga and practices it every day, perhaps these would make good gifts for them when the occasion comes around?

New Yoga Mat

Yoga mats can help to make these exercises more comfortable and can provide a better grip than trying to do it directly on the floor. They are widely available, but some are better than others. If your Yoga enthusiast has an old mat that is looking worn-out and needs replacing, this could be a great gift. Even if their current mat is fine, getting them a spare one will always be useful.

Mala Beads

This is a slightly more exciting gift and a beautiful one. Mala beads are used in both Yoga and meditation to help people focus on their breathing. You can also repeat a mantra while you use the beads if this helps you to clear your mind and relax. If you think this could be a special gift that the Yoga love in your life doesn’t already have, you can find gorgeous, quality Mala beads at

Books on Yoga

Another thoughtful gift for someone who has a keen interest in this practice is one or two books on the subject. Yoga has an interesting and rich history, and it would be useful for those who practice it to understand its roots and cultural significance. This would make an even better gift if the person you’re buying for also has an interest in history, and you could even get a couple of other books about Ancient India.

Yoga Socks

A lot of people do Yoga with bare feet, but for those who prefer to keep their feet covered or for cold winter days, wearing a pair of socks is ideal. Wearing standard socks might not be the best for practicing Yoga as they can make it difficult to grip the mat. A pair of Yoga socks, however, will be perfect for this as they have been designed with grips on the bottom so that you can still hold your positions with ease.

Incense Burner

You don’t need incense burning to practice Yoga, but it can help to add to the atmosphere and make you feel more relaxed. Getting them a quality incense burner with a variety of scented sticks and/or oils for them to sample will not only enhance their Yoga experience, but they can use it at any time to let pleasant aromas fill their home.

If you have someone who loves Yoga in your life, consider these gift ideas for them the next time their birthday or a festive holiday comes around.