From low maintenance fence screens to self-planting trees, this amazing tech will improve your garden!


Technology has done some amazing things in the gardening world. From low maintenance fence screens, self-planting trees, and amazing watering systems, this article gives you the low down on all the best gardening tech on the market right now.

Self-planting systems

Self-planting systems are the latest technology in gardening. These systems are pre-installed with plants and can be programmed to plant themselves after being installed, transferring their care from you to the plants! The plants are planted at certain depths depending on the weather conditions, which keeps them healthy year-round even without your help.

Fence screens

One of the older, low-tech technologies in this article is fence screens. These are designed to give you an extra layer of protection from wind and other outdoor hazards while still giving you a view. They come in various sizes which make them perfect for any backyard space.

The beauty of these low maintenance fence screens is that they are much easier to clean in contrast to the more traditional wooden screens of years gone by. That’s because polymer technology has improved so dramatically recently. Now, companies can offer a range of products that work just as well, if not better than the more traditional types of fence screens. These new products are stainless, too. That means they can be easily cleaned with a quick water spray and a garden hose. It’s hard to find any other type of screen that can handle all this stress without getting worn out.

Self-watering systems

These systems are a feature that you can install into your garden to ensure that it never goes under-watered. They include a water pump and reservoir, which fill up when the plants require more water. Because of this system, your plants will never suffer from drought conditions. This is because your pump is constantly working to top them up. The self-watering system constantly works to keep your plants happy and healthy.

Plant-health apps

These systems are created by some of the leading companies in the world. They help gardeners to stay on top of their plants, 24/7. These apps allow you to track moisture levels in your soil, which is an important factor when it comes to ensuring that your plants always survive. With these apps, you can ensure that your plants are always sprouting new leaves and also see if they need more water. It’s amazing for keeping your plants at their best level of health.

Digital pots 

These pot systems are the most high-tech on this list. They work by automatically watering plants when they need it, which is often much better than manual watering. That’s because plants have a natural “thirst” cycle. They only drink water when they really need it, so having a machine constantly doing it for them isn’t necessary. This system works by sensing when the plant needs water and then releasing it into the roots of your plants. It has a built-in reservoir that releases water every single time it senses that they need watering.

The future of gardening is now! These amazing technologies will make your garden look amazing and keep it well maintained for years to come.