As the world of industrial manufacturing becomes more sophisticated and refined, we are seeing more choices in the types of equipment offered, especially in the area of industrial mixers. Those responsible for researching and purchasing new industrial equipment are generally those at high corporate levels, as this kind of decision-making is a huge responsibility. Industrial equipment is a high-cost purchase, and the equipment must be right for the job and last for the long term. All of this is why it pays to really do some hard thinking and evaluating of choices before investing in a new mixer.

Many Choices Available in Mixers and Blenders

Today, as technology has created new refinements in equipment, we see more choices available in blenders and more pros and cons for different choices. As with any major purchase, it’s important to really take a serious assessment of your company’s needs, and what is possible on the available budget. While some mixers might seem like a “great deal” as they are offered at a lower price, the reality is that sometimes you really do get what you pay for, and it’s smarter in the long run to pay for real quality items from a reputable manufacturer, even if it is priced higher.
The different styles of mixers out there today offer different capabilities. Rotary drum blenders aren’t seen as much in the US but may increase in popularity over time. These mixers can mix materials quickly and thoroughly, and since they do not have moving parts inside the drum (unlike ribbon or paddle blenders) they don’t run the risk of shearing off materials on a blade during mixing. These blenders are also smaller in size, and they use less energy to run. These are all real assets that can make this type of blender a solid choice.

Fluidizers are another type of blender than is seen less in industry in the US, but they again may catch on more in the future. A fluidizer is a very efficient type of mixer, and can offer better results than avribbon or paddle blender.

Yes, there is a lot to consider when a company has to invest in equipment, which is why it’s smart to take the time to review your options thoroughly before making that major financial commitment. So, do the research carefully, and remember, “you get what you pay for!”