Become a certified Cisco Network pro – at 96% off


One thing is certain for any jobseeker – being a go-to bonafide specialist in your field will put you at an advantage over all those other garden-variety resumes in a hiring manager’s pile. And when it comes to IT networking and infrastructure, there are few more advantageous specialities than knowing everything there is to know about Cisco Systems equipment and services.

Cisco has been THE name in technology networks for decades, so be the person who knows exactly how their systems work and fit together with this double-barreled Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) & Professional (CCNP) Certification Prep Bundle. You can pick it up now for just $65.99, a mammoth 96% off its regular price.

This package gives you all you need to secure highly sought-after certification in two of the most needed fields for network engineers, support engineers, systems engineers or network technicians everywhere.

First, the CCNA course lays out the groundwork for creating an entire Cisco network from scratch for any business. You’ll master the installation, configuration and operation features necessary to build and maintain a medium-sized routed and switched network. Course graduates not only understand the hows and whys of IPs, LANs, VPNs and such, they’ll also have the background to troubleshoot issues if network problems crop up.

Then, take your networking knowledge to elite levels with CCNP training, focused on handling the most complex of IT networking problems. This advanced deep-dive into routing protocols, remote locations, EIGRP behaviors and more hands you the tools to identify and address nearly any hurdles a 21st century IT network can throw at you.

Best of all, you come away from both courses with full CCNA and CCNP certification, a proven seal of excellence that says you’re ready to tackle any company’s networking needs.

For coursework usually priced over $1,000, this $65.99 investment could change your earning potential for years to come.