Which Is The Best Option For Data Recovery?

Different electronic devices are available for a person to store important data including the Computers and other storage devices. It will not always be a surety that this stored data will be secured at every point of time. This data will have a huge chance to be lost if the computer doesn’t have an antivirus software and is vulnerable to different viruses that can damage the information stored. There is a chance of computer crash if proper care is not taken. In such a situation, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is to recover their data in any case. A data recovery software has to be installed to get the lost data back to your computer that will act as the cure for the loss for which prevention had not been done earlier. To recover deleted files, you have to install a data recovery software free, one of which is the EaseUS software.


The reviews of this software are very positive that are given by the users who have already used it. There has been a lot of effort that has been put in designing the software which fulfils the requirement of most of the users. It is highly demanded by different companies because of the following reasons.

  1. Ease of availability
  2. Reviews are transparent for the already existing users
  3. Support from different operating systems including Windows, Android, IOS, Mac OS, Linux etc.
  4. Easy to launch into the device
  5. Can also be used by a layman who doesn’t have much knowledge about the computer
  6. Quick and convenient recovery of data
  7. Updates which are regularly available
  8. Supported by different devices like computers, mobile phones, SD cards, hard drives, digital cameras etc.
  9. Different languages available
  10. Follow of simple instructions
  11. All features usable in practical life

The working

The software is very convenient to use as there are very easy steps to be followed and a layman can follow these steps very easily. The instructions are provides for you to follow and these are very easy and the recovery of your data is done within minutes. The ease of recovery of files from the EaseUS data recovery software will surprise many people.

The process of data recovery contains two types of scanning techniques that are the quick scan and the deep scan. The quality of data recovery will depend upon how the scan is been carried out. The quick scan being the first type of scan helps to detect the data that has been lost. The second type of scan that is the deep scan which, as the name suggests, does the scan of the entire device in a detailed manner and detects lost files which cannot be detected by the quick scan. Only the files which are lost within 1-2 days can be recovered through the quick scan, but to recover files lost within the last week, a deep scan has to be done. After the desired scan, data can be recovered by previewing and with a single click.

How to Get into Someones Facebook?

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Though there are many social media sites available on the wide span of World Wide Web but facebook beats them all in popularity and the number of active users it has every month. Today it is the most used social media platform around the world. People share their photos, videos, chat with their friends, relatives and colleagues on everyday basis to keep in touch with them. It is an ideal platform where people stay connected to each other and express themselves.

The way facebook has entered into people’s lives is quite amazing but at the same time it can be used for various malpractices also. There have been reports that states how it is used by human traffickers to do evil practices. There are also many reports that states how people have harassed others or motivated them to do wrong things. Facebook has also become an ideal platform to spread hate among people on basis of color, caste, religion and against people who follow a certain ideology or stick to a political agenda. There have also been reports that kids have been targeted by bad people to follow their orders in order to avoid getting exposed on facebook.

All these incidences that happened in the past and are still continuing at present has raised serious issues for parents that take utmost care to safeguard their children from getting into malpractices. But there are little measures available that parents can take to safeguard their children from facebook’s bad effects. And one such measure is mobile spyware that is developed solely for the purpose of spying on a targeted mobile phone.

So if your child spends a lot of time online and uses facebook more than often it is time for you to find a solution about how to get into someones facebook. These spywares are quite capable of letting you know the GPS location, messages sent and received, call log details, see photos and other media, read whatsapp, facebook, Snapchat, Tinder messages and lot more things.   

All you have to do is to search online for best mobile spy app like mSpy and register for their service. You will then receive an email for confirmation and after confirming you can download the spy app on your phone and your child’s phone. The feature of these spy apps is that the targeted person will not get to know that he/she is being spied on because these apps run in background silently and doesn’t even consume a lot of battery. Don’t opt for spy apps that ask you to jailbreak or rooting the device because it will do bad than good.

Though you can use other techniques like third party spy applications in the form of keylogger or do phishing or use malicious facebook applications but they are way too technical for common people. On the other hand spy apps like mSpy provides you access to track everything as a parent to safeguard your innocent kid. So no more thinking about how to view someones facebook inbox messages, view chats, visit facebook profiles and see what is shared with whom because these spy apps will do it all for you.

Top 10 Medical Colleges In India

Some of the best medical colleges in the world are in India that aspiring candidates can get into through competitive exams like NEET and AIIMS. Various courses, both at post graduate and undergraduate levels are provided in these colleges in the field of medical science. Aspiring students have the opportunity to go for degrees like MD, MBBS, MS, BDS, and MDS.

Some of the top medical colleges in the country were founded during the 1950s and 1960s. The colleges were established through the effort of the state and central government. But during 1980s many private colleges have been founded throughout India. The quality and the standard of these colleges are taken care by the Medical Council of India. Currently, there are 273 medical colleges in India with around 31298 students recognized by the MCI.

Here we are providing with the list of top 10 medical colleges in India.

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi

All India Institute of Medical Sciences also known as AIIMS was founded in the year 1956 and is one of the main centers for medical education in the country. The Institute tops in every field of health care. It also has comprehensive facilities such as patient care, teaching, and research.

  • Christian Medical College, Vellore

Christian Medical College also known as CMC is a hundred years old Christian educational institute established by Ida S. Scudder. CMC is one of the best medical colleges in the word which ranks second in India.

  • Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi

Maulana Azad Medical College is a government medical college under the University of Delhi. It is named after the great freedom fighter from India, MaulanaAbulKalam Azad. The institute has the top quality medical education standard, along with the best facilities.

  • Armed Forces Medical College, Pune

Armed Forces Medical College or AMFC was founded in the year 1948. The Institute is a combination of different Defence medical organizations in the country. Now, it is a part of Maharashtra University of Health and Sciences and is recognized by the MCI for conducting undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses.

  • Kasturba Medical College, Manipal

Kasturba Medical College is one of the first medical colleges in the private sector. It was founded in the year 1953 and ranks among the top five medical colleges in the country. Students from all around the world studies in this institute and from around 44 countries students have successfully graduated from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal.

  • Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi

The college was founded in the year 1914 by Lady Hardinge. It is one of the top medical colleges in the country and is affiliated to the University of Delhi.

  • Grant Medical College, Mumbai

Grant Medical College is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. It is a State Government Medical College in Maharashtra and ranks among the top ten medical colleges in India.

  • University College of Medical Sciences & GTB Hospital, New Delhi

University College of Medical Sciences was established in the year 1971. It is a part of the University of Delhi with various medical and paramedical courses.

  • King George’s Medical University, Lucknow

This medical college in India was established in the year 1911 and is one of the best medical institutes in the country. The college came under ChhatrapatiShahujiMaharaj Medical University in 2012.

  • Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Chennai

One of the main aims of this medical institute is to develop the medical education standard in the country to advanced countries like UK, USA, and Australia. The college ranks among the top ten medical colleges in the country with good facilities.

Students who are interested in biology and wants to get admitted in good medical college should read about each institute carefully and analyze them carefully before taking admission in the college. All the above-mentioned colleges have different cutoff ranks, so students should find all the information about the colleges.

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With a degree in Engineering, ShankhaSamanta is a content writer by profession. He is a vehement reader apart from writing and blogging along with part-time teaching. He is presently exploring all about the digital education with Byju’s-the Learning App.

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EaseUS – The Best Data Recovery Software

Now days it is rather a general practice among people to procure and use data recovery software. Because of extensive use of music files, video files, documents and other crucial files people use many small storage devices and shift the data from one device to the other and in the process they may end up losing some data. In such scenario, they may need to have recovery software to recover the lost files. There are large variety of recovery software available in the market and one can choose as per the costing and technical specifications of the product.

Whatever choice you make to get the data recovery software you have to make sure that its giving you value for your money. If you are a first time user then you can consider downloading free online data recovery software .Since it is free so it would only cost your time spent with the software and nothing else. To begin with you can download   EaseUS free data recovery software and put it to use. You can try recovering lost data using this software and once you are satisfied with its recovery performance and other features you can then think of using its other services.

Method to Recover the Files

One has to first download the EaseUS data recovery software from the internet and then launch it on their system. It is very easy to install EaseUS data recovery software on the computer system. One can go for recovering the lost file after the installation is complete. The software will ask you to type the file name which you want to recover. It has the ability to recover and file such as Jpg, document, excel mp3 and many more other kinds of files.

The EaseUS data recovery software has excellent features to boast off. One feels great sense of satisfaction after one is able to retrieve’ the lost data with the help of this recovery software.  You need not indulge in multiple steps and wait for long time to recover the lost files. Rather, you can get the files back with in no time and greater ease. This software has the options of two scan modes which are deep scan mode and quick scan mode. These two modes are enough to get any lost file back into your system. You can search the lost files using different ways and this software is fast and saves your time and traces your files in virtually no time. All you need to type is the name or the extension of lost file.  This will enable the recovery software to search your computer thoroughly and cut down the waiting time for you.  Also to add to its amazing value, this software supports all types of Operating Systems. So, you can use this software on any Operating system without any inhibitions.  There is the option of previewing the file and you can check whether or not this is the file that you are looking to restore.  This software is available in  4 versions and one can choose what is required.