A lifetime of premium proXPN VPN service – for only $39


There are many tactics for defending your computer and mobile devices from cyber thieves, hackers and online snoops. But stopping short of going off-grid entirely, there’s no stauncher defense of your online information and privacy than a quality VPN provider.

Among the VPN elite, proXPN is unquestionably on the shortlist – so take the plunge AND save a bunch of money with this lifetime subscription to proXPN’s premium VPN service, now only $39, 89% off its regular price.

While some VPNs notoriously throttle internet speeds by bottlenecking connections through their networks, proXPN offers unlimited, blistering fast, secure connectivity through their strategically-placed server clusters worldwide. And with its inclusive support for both PPTP and OpenVPN, you get iron-clad protection thanks to proXPN’s 512-bit Encryption Tunnel and 2048-bit Encryption Key.

Tool from one corner of the web to another cloaked with a masked IP address that grants complete Wi-Fi security, even when you’re logged into public networks.

Meanwhile, proXPN users also enjoy their exclusive VPN Guard feature, which automatically shuts down any app on your PC, laptop or portable device that shouldn’t be running unprotected. If your VPN connection unexpectedly drops out, VPN Guard closes up vulnerable programs immediately without compromising your web anonymity.  

Finally, rather than worrying about monthly bills, you can knock out your online protection needs right now with one $39 purchase.  A lifetime deal with proXPN lets you buy it — and forget it!