5 Ways to Save Space in Your Home


There are many reasons why you might need to maximize the space in your home. Of course, you might live in a small place, but even if your living space is reasonably sized it can easily get cramped depending on how many people live there and on how much stuff each person buys. Here are some suggestions for how to save space and make the best use of the space you have.

1. Place storage boxes under your furniture

Some pieces of furniture come with built-in storage—the most common of these is probably beds with a storage box underneath. However, don’t forget that you can also buy freestanding storage boxes and place them underneath other types of furniture, such as a couch, a sideboard or a desk. You can even buy storage trays to mount on the underside of a desk or table. Choose fabric storage boxes in pretty colors and you will save lots of space without making your home look like a warehouse!

2. Buy a loft bed

A ‘loft bed’ is a type of bunk bed which, instead of having two beds, has a bed on top and a desk underneath it. A popular choice for children’s bedrooms, this clever contraption could also be a great space-saving choice for any adult who sleeps on their own. Some models even include an armchair beside the desk, combining three pieces of furniture into one for even more space optimization.

3. Install sliding doors

Sliding doors are a great way to save space because even when they’re fully open—which will be very often in a hot climate—they don’t take up any additional space and allow you to utilize the whole of the room. With recent design and technology developments there is now more to understanding sliding doors than you might think. The main distinction is between in-line sliding doors—which is the older and more traditional type of sliding door—and a newer type of sliding door called ‘lift and slide’, which is easier to operate even when the door is heavy, and presents the additional advantage of enabling you to only partially open the door without the risk of it sliding close again.

4. Use your suitcases for storage

If you travel a lot and need easy access to a suitcase, you might think that using it for storage while at home is not the best idea. However, you could place small items that you don’t use frequently inside a small storage box or a few tote bags, and then put the box or bags inside your suitcase. When you need to travel it will only take you a few seconds to empty the suitcase of its contents and place the storage containers where the suitcase used to be.

5. Put up floating shelves

Installing floating shelves on your walls requires a bit more work than using pre-made shelving units, but it will save heaps of floor space. Use this guide for advice on how to install floating shelves correctly. Happy space saving!