4 Important Considerations Before Getting a Tattoo


Tattoos can be incredible ways to express yourself and there are some very talented artists out there who are ready to help you realize your vision. It can be addictive too, using your body as a canvas and commemorating special moments, people, and experiences that you want to cherish for the rest of your life. However, tattoos are permanent, unless you want to go through laser removal surgery which can be painful and still leave a scar behind. This is why it’s very important to carefully consider whether getting a tattoo is right for you before going through with it. Below are 4 key things you need to think about before getting inked.

1.    Design

This tattoo will be on your body forever, so you should think about the design you want carefully. Consider whether or not you think you’ll still like this style of tattoo in 10-years, or if you think you will have outgrown it. Does the design symbolize something special to you? If it does, this could be a perfect way to mark an achievement or experience that might have changed your life. Getting a design to symbolize someone special in your life can be a great tribute, but if you want to get your current beau’s initials or something that represents them, proceed with caution. You might think they are your soulmate now but have the opposite feeling next year. Whatever the design, make sure it is something you truly want and will still love in the years to come.

2.    Placement

Some people prefer to have their tattoos positioned in an area that is easy to cover up for work or certain occasions, whereas others are happy to have their ink in a more obvious place. The size of your tattoo will also determine where you can have it on your body, as larger designs will, of course, need a bigger area to be placed on if it’s going to look right.

3.    Finding the Right Tattoo Artist

When you are ready to get your tattoo, it’s very important to find a reputable tattoo artist to carry it out. Things to look out for are whether or not the parlor is clean, and preferably get a recommendation from a friend or relative who has a tattoo themselves, or use online reviews if you don’t know anyone who does. Lighthouse Tattoo in Sydney is a great example of the kind of tattoo parlor you should be looking for.

4.    Aftercare

You will need to follow an aftercare routine to help your tattoo heal properly and avoid infection. This is another thing to keep in mind when it comes to tattoo placement, as if you live alone, caring for a tattoo in a hard-to-reach place is going to be difficult. Your tattoo artist should go through this process with you, but you can find out the basics here. Think about if this is something you are willing to do/can do before you get your tattoo.

Tattoos can look amazing and be brilliant ways to show off your artistic side, but it is important to think it through carefully before committing to one. Make sure you have considered the points above to help you decide if getting a tattoo is right for you.