Tencent Sees Profit on Smartphone Games, WeChat Now Has 980 Million Users

Tencent Sees Profit on Smartphone Games, WeChat Now Has 980 Million Users

Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd on Wednesday posted a 69 percent jump in quarterly net profit, beating expectations, on strong smartphone games revenue.

Net profit for the three months ended September rose to CNY 18 billion ($2.72 billion), China’s largest social media and gaming company said in a filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

This was above an average estimate of CNY 15.18 billion from six analysts polled by Thomson Reuters.

Revenue rose 61 percent to 65 billion yuan, against an estimate of CNY 60.78 billion.

Monthly active users of the social media mobile app WeChat hit 980 million, up from 963 million three months ago.

Revenue from smartphone games, helped by its popular title Honour of Kings, grew by 84 percent to CNY 18.2 billion in the quarter, Tencent said in the filing.


Best apps and games for getting out and enjoying the outdoors

Image result for Best apps and games for getting out and enjoying the outdoorsJust because you like being on your phone doesn’t mean you have to stay inside all the time.

Ahh, summer. For those of us who live in the North, it’s that brief couple of months where we can go outside and comfortably enjoy the outdoors. And yet, it’s still all too easy to stay inside, watch Netflix, and just lay about. Sometimes you need something to prod you up on your feet and set you off on a quick and fun adventure.

Whether you’re looking to set up your fitness game, or simply spend a bit more time outside enjoying that fresh air, these apps and games are worth checking out — and stackable! I don’t know about you, but the idea of playing Pokemon Go while outrunning zombies is pretty compelling…


If you’ve never tried geocaching before, you’re sure to be surprised with just how many little treasure hunts are hidden in plain sight all around you! It’s a fun hobby that’s really taken off due to cellphone GPS making it easier than ever for the average person to check it out.

Once you’ve registered and configured the app, geocaching is a fun activity you can do at any time, wherever you are. Simply load up an app, use the map to target a nearby geocache, then head to that location and start searching! The geocache will be cleverly hidden in the area. Once you’ve found it you sign and date the included, re-hide the cache exactly how you found it, then share your experiences online.

There are several geocaching apps available for Android, but c:geo is your best bet. It’s an open source app that’s super easy to use for beginners and includes all the features you need to start hunting. It’s an unofficial client for Geocaching.com, one of the internet’s biggest communities for geocachers.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and head out on your own geocaching adventure!

Download: c:geo (Free)

Zombies, Run!

Part fitness tracker, part audio drama, Zombies, Run! is the perfect app for those of us who really need to be motivated to keep running. Developed by Six to Start, this app has been around for quite some time, but it’s always a fun recommendation to throw out there for anyone looking to jumpstart (and maybe jump scare) a running routine. Simply load up the game on your phone, pop in your favorite workout headphones and head out on your adventure.

You fill the role of Runner 5, a survivor in an ongoing zombie apocalypse that must head out into the infected lands on missions to collect supplies and find new survivors. You’re able to listen to your own music for the stretches, with the story cutting in between songs. If you start slowing down, you may hear the living undead creeping closer — and it proves to be pretty motivating if you’re buying into the narrative. Of course, you don’t have to run. If you’d rather not have your evening jog or walk spoiled by a pack of audio zombies chasing you, you can turn the feature off.

The base app is free, but you can pay a monthly or yearly subscription to unlock all the missions and content at once. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Download: Zombies, Run! (Free w/ optional subscription available)

The Walk: Fitness Tracker

If running from zombies is a bit too intense for you, Six to Start also has a step counter app that uses the same storytelling mechanic to tell a different story. Developed and based in the UK, you are the star of an audio drama that spans 500 miles of walking.

While Zombies, Run! plays like a horror movie, the story here is more like a political thriller movie: A bomb has exploded in Inverness Station and you’ve been given a package that just might save the world. You must keep walking to stay alive and deliver the package to the other side of the UK, dodging agents of evil as the story continues to unfolds as you walk.

There are 51 episodes to listen that total over 800 minutes of audio. The game will track your steps even when your phone is asleep also adapt to your individual fitness level, so that it never feels too easy or too challenging. It’s another interesting app that might give you more reason to get up and take a walk outside, which is always a good thing.

Download: The Walk: Fitness Tracker ($2.99)

Clandestine Anomaly

Clandestine Anomaly is a pretty interesting game that turns your neighbourhood into a battleground between intergalactic rivals, with your smartphone supercharged with everything needed to keep the evil Leecher virus from taking over Earth.

One of the first thing you do in the game is outline the perimeter of the play area — about a square mile or so —and each new level pops up linked to a GPS location on a map. At its core, Clandestine Anomaly is a tower defence game where you use sensors to detect the Leecher pathways back to their spawning portals. You’re able to play and destroy the oncoming waves from the comfort of your own home — but if you actually head to the area on the map where the battle is going down, you’re able to use augmented reality to launch devastating attacks and gain the upper hand. In later levels, you need to be there to have any chance of being successful.

It’s a really intriguing concept and while you only get four levels before you’re required to pay to unlock the full game, it’s worth giving it a shot if only for a cool look at how augmented reality can be incorporated into games.

Download: Clandestine Anomaly (Free w/ IAP to unlock full game)

Pokémon Go

A fairly obvious inclusion on this list. As we get closer to the one-year anniversary of the release of Pokémon Go, love it or hate it, it’s still going strong with millions of regular players enjoying regular global events as they work to fill their Pokedex with the recently added Gen 2 Pokémon.

As we head towards summer, Pokemon Go may have a resurgence as we all look for more reasons to go outside for a walk somewhere. If you’re thinking of getting back into the game or trying it for the first time, you might want to invest in Pokemon Go Plus, a Bluetooth accessory that lets you play the game throughout the day without using your smartphone. You can pick yours up at online retailers like Amazon or Best Buy.

Download: Pokemon Go (Free w/IAPs)

The ultimate outdoor challenge

If you’re down for a challenge dive into the maps in c:geo, plan a nice long route with several geocaches on the way, then head out while playing Zombies, Run! and Pokemon Go with the Pokémon Go Plus all at the same time. See how many geocaches you can find, Pokémon you can catch, and zombie hordes you can outrun simultaneously in an hour.

Got any recommendations of your own? Drop us a comment!


Playing Online Rummy Games – Know your Limits

The internet has revolutionized the things to a large extent. The Rummy game has emerged to be one of the most popular games online, especially the Indian version of rummy. There are many rummy enthusiasts in India who play free classic rummy online. The game of rummy is also considered to be the most intellectual form of recreation as it requires certain skills to win the game. It also helps in giving a mental boost and develops your gaming skills. Online rummy games are also played for cash and you can win big with rummy!

The Risk Involved in Playing Rummy Online

Millions of players around the world play free classic rummy online along with its different variations. But you should be careful while selecting a rummy website as there are many websites that does not have legit certifications. It is always important to choose a rummy website after doing some research on it. While playing rummy, you need to understand your limitations. You should have play rummy with your skills and not with your emotions.

Establishing the Limits on Yourself

  • You must play rummy in your free time without becoming too addictive. One must not put aside the personal and professional priorities just to play rummy.
  • Making big money by playing the game of rummy can be a real fun. But know your limits and make sure that you spend money according to your budget.
  • Dropping the game is not bad; in fact it is a clever move to earn fewer points in the game. If the cards you have got don’t look to be promising, quitting the game is a better option.
  • You will not win every time. It is better to rebuild your strategies if you are ending up on losing side too many times.
  • Know that there are players better than. You may not end up winning always. So depending completely on this game for earnings is not a good idea.

Final Words

If you know your limitations, you can easily take part in the game in peace. These are the best practices for playing rummy online. If you remember these things while playing rummy, you can have a wonderful online gaming experience. Play Fair!

Following Mario’s mobile success, Nintendo plans to release 2-3 new iPhone games each year

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Following Mario’s mobile success, Nintendo plans to release 2-3 new iPhone games each year

Fresh off announcing results for “Super Mario Run”—which for now remains an exclusive to Apple’s iPhone —Nintendo will reportedly be sticking to a schedule of just two or three mobile games per year.

The Japanese game-maker’s plans were revealed by Reuters, though no new titles were identified. The company is due to release “Fire Emblem: Heroes” for iOS and Android on Thursday, and “Animal Crossing” for iOS sometime in Nintendo’s next financial year, April being the earliest possible timing.

“Animal Crossing” was delayed this week for the sake of “Fire Emblem,” as well as the Android version of “Mario,” which should arrive in March.

The trio could potentially represent Nintendo’s mobile slate for 2017, though it might have room for one more if it doesn’t count “Mario’s” arrival on Android.

At the moment the company is focused mostly on the Switch, a new console also launching in March. The device can double as a handheld with a tablet-sized display, which should help unite Nintendo’s platforms.

The company is presumably limiting its mobile releases to avoid eating into its proprietary platform sales. Unlike other console makers, it typically turns a profit on each device sold, and relies heavily on first-party games to draw people in.

For the Switch, though, some 70 in-house and third-party developers are working on 100 games, and the catalog is likely to grow from there.

Nintendo has so far generated over $53 million from “Super Mario Run,” based off an unlock rate somewhere over 5 percent. While more than what analysts expected, CEO Tatsumi Kimishima is reportedly dissatisfied, having hoped for double-digit percentages.