How to find legitimate deals on tech


We all want to get our hands on the latest in shiny new gadgetry. Unfortunately, the newest tech tends to come with the most premium prices. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. By keeping an eye out for seasonal price changes, annual product cycles, special offers, and refurbished devices, you can make sure you’re buying your hardware at the best price point possible. If you want the best value from your future tech purchases, check out some of the tricks in this guide.

Become a web detective

Good news for eager bargain hunters: Plenty of online retailers are willing to slash prices in order to attract your business. To find these discounts, head to price comparison sites such as Google Shopping and PriceGrabber, which will list where something is selling for the cheapest price. Before you start your purchase though, check to see how extras like shipping charges and warranty costs will add to your total cost.

Don’t forget the biggest online retail behemoth out there. This guide to saving time and money on Amazon has lots of useful advice, such as tracking price changes with CamelCamelCamel. Plenty of the tips apply to other sites as well. For example, sign up for the email newsletters and follow the social media accounts of your favorite stores in order to receive a heads up on special tech deals you wouldn’t otherwise notice.

Google Shopping

On top of individual price comparison sites, you can install price comparison extensions for your web browser. The Shoptimate add-on fits right in your browser; when you visit one of a broad range of shopping sites, it will pop up to share additional price options in real time. InvisibleHand works similarly, and it also covers flight and hotel comparisons in addition to e-tail. Finally, Honey will lead you toward discount coupons and codes to take even more money off your total.

Beyond sites and extensions, you can compare some prices on your own. Scroll down to the bottom of a product listing on Amazon, for example, and you’ll see side-by-side spec and price comparisons of similar products. Every listing shows when the item first went on sale, so you can make sure you’re not comparing TVs or laptops from different years.

Once you’ve finished shopping, you’re almost ready to purchase. Before parting with your credit card or PayPal information, research the history and specs listings of the gadget that’s tempting you. After all your comparing, a low price might have tricked you into selecting an older product, or one that’s not exactly what you’re looking for.

Know your seasons and cycles

The time you shop can make a difference to the price you pay. So if you can hold off on a purchase, you might be able to get it for cheaper. For example, the sales bonanza that kicks off with Black Friday doesn’t really stop until Christmas. The biggest reductions during this period will be on older, mid-range tech rather than the very top-end stuff, so by all means splurge, but make sure you know what you’re getting.

When should you buy to get discounts on the best and newest gadgets? These deals don’t usually hit the scene until immediately before or after an updated version arrives. If you wait for the new model to appear, the current (and soon to be “old” model) is likely to be much cheaper. For the iPhone, for instance, shop in September, while Samsung’s Galaxy phones get less expensive around late February or early March, coinciding with the Mobile World Congress tech expo.

Apple iPhone

If you know when the new iPhone is coming out, you can save money on the older model.


Not every gadget has such a predictable release schedule. But a few minutes’ research online should tell you how long a tablet or a digital camera has been on the market and whether there are any rumors of a new and improved model in the pipeline. If you really want to get technical, look at the components. For example, Apple and all the other big laptop manufacturers base their product cycles around new CPUs from Intel, so you can predict when an updated range is about to arrive. (In case you’re wondering, the next batch at the time of writing should show up in late 2017).

You don’t have to become an expert on silicon. But keep a cursory eye on the tech press for Intel CPU news in order to choose the best time to make a purchase.

Take the refurb route

Ask yourself: Do you really need a laptop or a phone that’s fresh out of the box, untouched by human hands? Refurbished tech sometimes gets a bad reputation for faulty or knock-off gadgets that are priced to sell. But the reality is that you can make some serious savings on refurb tech that is virtually as good as new.

If someone has already opened your laptop, decided they don’t want it, and sent it back to the supplier, what do you care? As long as it works and you’re saving a chunk off the list price, you can enjoy your new product. These days, a lot of refurbed gear comes with a guarantee and warranty, so you’ll still have the security of purchasing a verified gadget—and the discounts can be substantial.

Apple Macs

The Apple site is one place to go to for refurbed tech.

David Nield/Popular Science

It’s not the only place you can buy refurbed gear, but eBay is a good place to get started. Look for refurbished versions of your favorite devices. Before you spend your money, check for good seller feedback and a warranty. Pay attention to the listing and the supplied photos as well, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

Many of the big tech companies, including Dell and Apple, have refurbished storefronts of their own. Coming from the companies themselves, you know the goods will be comprehensively checked and good to go, so you don’t have to worry about the hardware dying on you after a few months. Again, double-check the age and spec of whatever you’re buying so you can do a proper comparison with the prices for the newest, top-end models.

Go for older tech

If you know what you’re looking for, then you can find some great deals on older pieces of technology. You just need to learn the difference between a gadget that’s cheap because it’s almost obsolete, and a gadget that’s cheap because it’s just been replaced by something newer.

We can’t give you advice for every single laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, TV, camera, and wearable line out there. But let’s use smartphones as an example: The Galaxy S7and the iPhone 7 were launched last year, but they’re both still very capable devices. When you start shopping, focus on flagship tech that’s now slightly older, rather than tech that was originally in the budget or mid-range section of the market and has now fallen even further behind.

Amazon TVs

Electronics like TVs can hang around in stores for a long time.

David Nield/Popular Science

Again, the specs list can tell you just what you’re getting. The newest TV sets have support for 4K and HDR, so if you can live without either or both of these (perhaps if you’re shopping for a smaller bedroom set that doesn’t need the highest resolution), you can get a model that launched two or three years ago—instead of the latest TV on the market—for a significantly cheaper price.If you don’t mind used gear, from sites such as eBay or Craigslist, then you can save even more: Just follow each site’s official buyer advice and do your research into the item you’re purchasing and its seller. That means carefully checking the photos of the device and its description so you know exactly what your money is buying.


Screaming Deals: Gear Savings Of The Week

Our weekly column finds the best deals from across the web to save you money on outdoors gear. Many of these closeouts won’t be around for long, so get them now!

REI Co-op Half Dome 2 Tent: $149 (25% Off)

The REI Half Dome 2 Tent is perfect for jaunts in the woods. One of our editors lived in this tent for 6 months while traveling and can attest it’s easy to set up and durable. It packs down to 4 lbs. 3 oz., sleeps two, and has two doors with vestibules for gear. On sale until July 4th on

Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt: $224 (25% Off)

Up your hammock game and leave the sleeping bag behind with the Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt. Rated for 30 degrees F, this quilt can cinch together to create a warm foot box. Uncinched, this quilt provides warmth when you need it. Grab yours on

Osprey Porter 30: $82 (25% Off)

The Osprey Porter 30 works as a carry-on size backpack or duffle. Front compression straps allow you to flex when you need to and reduce size to fit in any space. The shoulder and hip straps tuck away, transforming the bag into a duffle. Gear up for your next trip on

MSR PocketRocket Stove Kit: $75 (25% Off)

Tried and tested, the MSR PocketRocket is made for the minimalist. It boils water fast, one liter in 3.5 minutes, and the kit is made for two hikers headed into the backcountry. Everything fits inside the included 2L aluminum pot for easy packing. Minimize your stove system on

REI Co-op Flexlite Macro Chair: $74 (25% Off)

The big brother of the original Flexlite, the Macro is 20% larger in all dimensions, with an increased weight limit of 200 lbs. REI claims this model offers a deep, comfortable seat with generous support and lightweight construction that’s a good option for a camping or paddling trip. Get yours for 25% off until July 4th on

Garmin Oregon 650T: $300 (46% Off)

Navigate better with the Garmin Oregon 650T. Rugged and waterproof, the dual-band GPS and GLONASS satellites provide excellent location accuracy. Plus, this GPS has a full-color, 3″ touch-screen display for easy navigation. Available on

Metolius Contact Hang Board: $71 (25% Off)

Take your indoor climbing regime to the next level and try hang boarding with the Metolius Contact. Build up finger strength with over 20 different holds and jugs. The top has mounted pull-up jugs, and rounded and flat slopers for a whole new training movement. Go get yours on

Counter Assault Bear Deterrent: $33 (25% Off)

Headed into bear country? Don’t let the fear of a bear encounter stop you from enjoying your trip. Read up on bear etiquette and carry bear spray with you for an extra piece of mind. Prepare for your next adventure on

SealLine Boundary Portage Pack: $75 (27% Off)

The SealLine Boundary Portage Pack is a waterproof pack for lugging your gear near and into water. Whether you’re headed on a big canoe trip or canyoneering, this’ll help keep your stuff dry. Available now on

Sawyer Mini Water Filter: $18 (27% Off)

Weighing only 2 oz. and sized to fit in the palm of your hand, the Sawyer Mini water filter is one of the lightest, most compact filters available, and you can use it to drink straight from a stream. The filter also threads on the included Sawyer 16 oz. reusable pouch you can fill in a lake or stream. Available for 25% until July 4th on


Court Deals Blow to Berlin’s Airbnb Ban

Court Deals Blow to Berlin's Airbnb Ban
An attempt by Berlin to clamp down on properties being rented out as holiday homes on Internet platforms like Airbnb suffered a setback on Tuesday as a court ruled in landlords’ favour.

The administrative court backed the claims of three homeowners, who had sued for the right to rent out their second homes in the German capital to tourists when they weren’t themselves staying there.

The same court had in June quashed a legal challenge to the law, which outlaws property owners and tenants from renting out whole apartments or houses for short-term holiday lets.

The ban still effectively prohibits primary residences from being advertised on Airbnb.

Tuesday’s decision had been keenly awaited as a further indication of how judges would view the new regulation.

Some landlords even received letters, seen by AFP, indicating that the city was waiting for a legal steer before proceeding against them.

In the case of the three landlords – who live in Rostock in northern Germany, Denmark, and Italy when not in Berlin – “private interest outweighs the public interest” in keeping the properties vacant, the judges said.
Berlin’s “wrongful use law”, in force since May 1, provides for fines of up to EUR 100,000 ($111,000) for people advertising their homes for Airbnb-style rentals without official authorisation.

Supporters of the law say increasing use of online rental platforms in Berlin – a tourism and party hotspot that draws visitors from all over Europe and beyond – is driving up property prices by taking large numbers of homes off the residential market.

Citizens can even report those they suspect of using an apartment for holiday rentals anonymously via the city government website.

In June 2015, the city also introduced a cap on rent price hikes in a bid to keep residential apartments affordable.

Share a screenshot and win Samsung smartphones worth Rs. 90,000 by participating in the #BrowseFaster contest.

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Windows Laptop, Activity Trackers, Printers, and More Tech Deals

Windows Laptop, Activity Trackers, Printers, and More Tech Deals


  • This week’s tech deals include home office products.
  • Apart from printers, there are also activity trackers.
  • Be sure to check back every week for the top deals.

This week we have good-looking fitness bands, curved-screen monitors, multifunction printers and lot more going for a discount.

1. Fitbit Blaze

fitbit_blaze_black.jpgNeed a fitness band that doesn’t look like you’ve strapped a spare hair band on your wrist? The Fitbit Blaze is a pretty decent option, especially with a discounted price of Rs. 15,999 (MRP Rs. 19,999) this week at Amazon. Fitbit Blaze is a fitness tracker packaged neatly inside a watch design. It includes a heart rate monitor, and connects to your phone’s GPS while you’re on the move. Fitbit Blaze has battery that can last around 5 days on a full charge. You can easily switch straps and customise clock faces. The fitness trackers can also track sleep timings automatically, and wake you up silently each morning. You can even receive notifications for calls, text, and calendar on the screen. The bigger display makes Fitbit Blaze a lot more easier to use.

Price: Rs. 15,999 (MRP Rs. 19,999)

Link: Amazon

2. Epson L220 multifunction printer

epson_l220_black.jpgThe Epson L220 multifunction inkjet printer is down to Rs. 9671 (effective price after cashback) at Paytm this week. Use the coupon code LIT20 to get a cashback of 12 percent on your purchase. The printer uses separate ink tanks which can be replaced easily when they run out of juice. Each bottle then costs around Rs. 440, and can last up to 4,000 pages depending on usage. Epson also offers a warranty of 1 year or 15,000 prints whichever comes first. Epson L220 is one of the few multifunction printers in the market which make printing both hassle-free and economical. The printer is fairly easy to setup and use. The only downside is the lack of wireless connectivity options. If that’s not an absolute must-have feature for you, the Epson L220 is great at this price.

Price: Rs. 9671 (effective after cashback)

Coupon: LIT20

Link: Paytm

3. Samsung Curved monitor 26.5-inch

samsung_curved_monitor.jpgMake your workstation a lot more cooler this summer with a curved-screen monitor from Samsung. The 26.5-inch Samsung Curved monitor is down to Rs. 18,999 (MRP Rs. 22,000) this week. Amazon is also giving away a free Samsung DVD player with the monitor. The curved display promises a more immersive viewing experience, and the 26.5-inch display size can easily help replace two tiny monitors on your workstation. The monitors also include AMD FreeSync which makes gaming much better with dynamically synchronised screen refresh rate in accordance with content. There’s an eye-saver mode on the monitor that can help reduce the amount of blue light you’re exposed to.

Price: Rs. 18,999 (MRP Rs. 22,000)

Link: Amazon

4. Ricoh SP210SU multifunction laser printer

ricoh_sp_210su_white.jpgThe Ricoh SP210SU multifunction laser printer is currently at its lowest price point of Rs. 6,799 (MRP Rs. 13,038) at Snapdeal. The printer normally retails at around Rs. 7,500. If you are looking for a monochrome laser printer with copying and scanning functionalities, the Ricoh SP210SU is a great choice. The official refill toner costs around Rs. 525 for the printer which makes it quite cost effective. The printer offers a maximum printing resolution of 1200×600 DPI (dots per inch). The company promises a printing cycle of around 20,000 pages a month, while each refill toner can last around 2,000 pages.

Price: Rs. 6,799

Link: Snapdeal

5. Lenovo G50-80 15.6-inch laptop

lenovo_g50_80_black.jpgIf you’re in the market for a well balanced laptop in the Rs. 45,000 price point, the Lenovo G50-80 15.6-inch laptop is a decent option. Flipkart is selling the 80E5038PIN variant for Rs. 43,991 (MRP Rs. 46,992) this week. You’ll get an instant discount of Rs. 1,000 when you add the laptop to your cart. You can get an additional 5 percent off when you pay online using any credit or debit card. You can even swap your old laptop for this one to get an instant discount up to Rs. 15,000. The Lenovo G50-80 features a 15.6-inch display, and is powered by Intel Core i5 (fifth generation) processor, supported by 8GB of RAM. There’s a 1TB hard drive on board, and the laptop runs Windows 10 out of the box. There’s a graphics card with 2GB of RAM to take care of graphic-intensive tasks.

Price: Rs. 43,991

Link: Flipkart

6. Jawbone UP3 activity tracker

jawbone_up3_blue.jpgJawbone is another company that makes fitness trackers look good. If you don’t care about having a display, the Jawbone UP3 is packed with enough features to get you going. The fitness tracker is available for Rs. 9,749 (MRP Rs. 14,999), which is one of its lowest price points ever, at Tata Cliq this week. Jawbone UP3 includes a heart rate monitor and an advanced sleep tracking method that tracks all aspects of your sleep. The battery can last up to 7 days on a full charge, and the trackers syncs automatically using the Jawbone UP app available on iOS and Android. There’s a silent alarm functionality that can wake you up with a gentle vibration rather than a loud sound. If you’re looking for a decent fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor under the Rs. 10,000 price point, the Jawbone UP3 wouldn’t disappoint.

Price: Rs. 9,749

Link: Tata Cliq

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