Suresh Prabhu Links Ideas, Business Opportunities To Cheap Goa Beverages

Suresh Prabhu Links Ideas, Business Opportunities To Cheap Goa Beverages

Suresh Prabhu’s statement did not go down well with some of the political parties.

Panaji: Union minister Suresh Prabhu has sought to link the availability of cheap beverages in Goa with “creativity and business opportunities”, a remark the Congress said was projection of the coastal state as a “liquor destination”.

Mr Prabhu, while participating in the Global Venture Summit in Goa on Friday, said the state government had reduced taxes on some beverages that help calm the mind and lead to creativity, which can be converted into business opportunities.

“Ideas are there, but to make ideas into a form that actually be converted into a business opportunity is some sort of creativity.” “And creativity comes when your mind is calm. And when it comes to Goa, mind becomes calm. And to make body calm, Goa government has reduced taxation on some of the beverages, which can make your mind soft,” the commerce minister had said.

Mr Prabhu’s statement did not go down well with some of the political parties.

Congress’ spokesperson Siddhanath Buyao condemned the statement, saying it was wrong to link the state’s culture and creativity to the availability of liquor at lower rates.

“Goa is known for its scenic beauty and warm people. Creativity is in the DNA of Goans right from the beginning. May it be in the field of science, art, culture, music and even entrepreneurship, Goans have contributed immensely to the country,” Mr Buyao said.

He said it is the same calm nature and creativity that draws Mr Prabhu to Goa often. “Does Prabhu come to Goa to enjoy cheap beverages and then get the creative ideas?” Mr Buyao taunted the minister.

“Instead of projecting Goa as a liquor destination, BJP should concentrate on restoring the governance, which has deteriorated due to the ill health of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar,” he added.

The Shiv Sena slammed the ruling party saying encouraging liquor consumption should be the last thing any government should be doing. “Prabhu should understand that liquor does not make mind soft. It is the natural beauty of Goa that inspires people,” said Sena state spokesperson Rakhi Prabhudesai Naik.

She said the BJP should stop linking Goa’s culture and tourism to liquor. “Union minister of the stature of Prabhu linking liquor to Goa is condemnable, especially when he always brags about his closeness to Goa


WhatsApp Gets Shareable Links Feature for Group Chat Invites

WhatsApp Gets Shareable Links Feature for Group Chat Invites


  • The latest build brings group links feature
  • Android users running v2.16.281 and above will see the new feature
  • The group invite feature is also available to iOS users

WhatsApp was rumoured to bring the shareable links feature to invite new users to a group since last few months. The most widely-used messaging has now received the feature in its latest Android beta app, and it is now available to users running the beta.

The new invite feature for WhatsApp groups is available to Android users running version 2.16.281 and above. Notably, the latest beta build also brings several bug fixes. The new group link feature is also available to iOS users running version 2.16.10.

Once upgraded to the latest beta build of WhatsApp, group administrators will have the ability to add new members through shareable links. To access the new link feature, administrators will have to tap on the add participant option to get the “Invite to group via link” on top of the contacts. Once selected, the “Invite link” page will open with text reading, “Anyone with WhatsApp can follow this link to join this group. Only share it with people you trust.” WhatsApp users will get a share link alongside other options for Send link via WhatsApp, copy link, share link, and revoke link. There’s another option to get a print group QR code option where new members can just scan the QR code to join a group.

The group invite link was first reported to be in testing back in June alongside the mentions feature.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp finally enabled the mentions feature on its Android as well as iPhone app. The mention feature worked same as it does on Facebook and Twitter. Users will use “@” sign in a group chat and the app will automatically suggest names of the group members. Notably, the feature is currently limited to group chats only.

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Twitter to stop Counting pics, links in one hundred forty-individual limit: file

Twitter to Stop Counting Photos, Links in 140-Character Limit: Report

hyperlinks presently absorb to 23 characters of a tweet.
The change could take region with the aid of the quit of this month.
Jack Dorsey said Twitter might simplify its product to attract new users.
Twitter will quickly forestall counting pics and links in its one hundred fortyperson restriction for tweets,consistent with someone familiar with the matter.

The alternate ought to show up in the next two weeks, said the person who requested not to be nameddue to the fact the decision isn’t always but public. hyperlinks currently absorb 23 characters, even after Twitter mechanically shortens them. The agency declined to comment.

it’s one step in a larger plan to provide users greater flexibility on the web site. leader government Officer Jack Dorsey stated in January that the organisation was looking for new methods to show text on Twitter, and could test based totally on how the people use the carrier. as an example, some people tweet screenshots of longer text in articles, or send many tweets one after the other to inform a tale.

Twitter’s 140man or woman restriction become in the beginning followed as it turned into a way tosend Tweets at the same time as fitting all of the facts within a cell textual content message a not unusual way for sending Tweets whilst the carrier debuted in 2006, earlier than the proliferation of smartphones.

The agency in advance this 12 months considered elevating the restriction to as many as 10,000 characters. however the quick, concise nature of Tweets has helped set the website other than theopposition. Executives have spent the previous few months emphasizing how Twitter is a destination forlive occasions and dialogue. removing the person requirement for links and snap shots may alsoinspire customers to feature more media to their posts.

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