Apple tops Samsung in Q4 as smartphone leader: IDC data

IDC, IDC Mobile phone tracker, IDC Q4 2016, IDC 2016 smartphone, Smartphone numbers IDC, Smartphone sales, Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 sales, Apple vs Samsung, Apple IDC, Samsung IDC, IDC Q4 2016 smartphone shipmentsApple won the crucial 2016 holiday quarter as iPhone 7 sales helped the company beat rival Samsung, shows IDC data. (Source: AP)

Apple has won the crucial 2016 holiday quarter as iPhone 7 sales helped the company beat rival Samsung, according to data from the International Data Corporation (IDC). IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker says a total of 428.5 million units of smartphones were shipped in Q4, 2016 marking a 6.9 per cent growth. For all of 2016, smartphone shipments stood at 1.47 billion units, which is a marginal 2.3 per cent yearly rise.

“There’s no question that 2016 marked a memorable year for the smartphone industry in many ways,” said Ryan Reith, program vice president with IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Device Trackers in a press statement.

“This was a year that brought us the first down year for the iPhone, yet Apple closed out the holiday quarter by surpassing Samsung for the top spot in the smartphone industry. We also witnessed year-over-year declines in some emerging regions like the Middle East and Latin America where high growth was expected,” he added.

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Apple Airpod Review

However, the research firm expects a few turnarounds in 2017. First up, the firm expects the iPhone shipments to rebound thanks to the tenth anniversary iPhone and it also expects Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Latin America to return to growth in 2017.

While Apple topped the quarter with 78.3 million smartphone shipments thanks to the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus in 2016, overall 2016 didn’t bring such good news. As IDC’s data shows, “2016 marked the first full year of declining shipments for the iPhone with a 7 per cent year-over-year drop.”

Apple won the crucial 2016 holiday quarter as iPhone 7 sales helped the company beat rival SamsungTop five smartphone vendors of the world. (Source: IDC)

Samsung, which stood at number two in the quarter saw shipments declining by 5.2 per cent compared to last year with 77.5 million units shipped. However for all of 2016, Samsung remained the leader with a massive 311.4 million smartphones shipped worldwide; this was still down 3 per cent from 2015. IDC notes that Q4 bought Samsung’s worldwide market share below 20 per cent for the first time in over four years.

Huawei retained the number three position with 10.6 per cent market share and 45.4 million units shipped in the quarter. According to IDC, “The P series and Honor sub-brand drove essential volume in China as well as other countries in Asia and beyond,” and the company is now targeting the US market.

OPPO and vivo came in at number four and five respectively. OPPO saw 100 per cent year-over-year growth in Q4 with 31.2 million smartphones shipped. According to IDC, OPPO’s success in Southeast Asia and India have been the focal points for its growth. vivo shipped 24.7 million smartphones in the quarter.

“The top three Chinese vendors (Huawei, OPPO, and vivo) are persistently applying pressure on Samsung within China thanks to a vast portfolio of affordable, well-built devices. Not only is this pressure coming at the low-end, but high-end devices like the P9, Mate 8, R9s, and XPlay6 haven proven viable options for consumers looking to upgrade or save money without sacrificing quality,” said Anthony Scarsella, research manager with IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker.

Want to be a Creative Leader? Adopt These 10 Qualities


Creativity, innovation and adaptability are the hallmarks of today’s best leaders. Not CEOs mind you, leaders. Don’t confuse a title like CEO with the reality that most of us will lead from the back of the pack, or somewhere in the middle.

Creativity is a calling. Innovation is a burning desire. Adaptability is a personal trait.

CEO, COO, president and general manager are just job titles.

Most top officers find it difficult to be creative. There are too many responsibilities and constituencies to look after. Focusing on squeezing out profit every 12 weeks. Cutting costs to keep shareholders happy. When you are watching your back, it’s hard to keep your eyes on the road ahead.

A job title does not imbue the individual with courage or charisma. Those are personal traits. Creativity takes many forms, so don’t count yourself out because you are in accounting, operations, human resources, logistics, project management or any other field or specialty.

Employees, consultants, coaches, freelancers and suppliers: the opportunity to transform an organization (and with that your own career) is yours for the doing.

How do you start? It helps to hold a deep affection for your company and clients, since creativity is a gift you give. Think about the impact your company could have and the growth your clients could enjoy.

Creative leadership makes your job more meaningful and gives you visibility. Do something small at first — deliver a project early, come up with alternative courses of action, and whenever possible deliver unexpected added value. A bit of qualitative research or sentiment analysis (collecting comments made on forums or social media) is a good example of providing new perspectives that lead to new solutions.

David Ogilvy, one of the original Mad Men, a real ad man, espoused 10 qualities he saw in creative leaders. They are:

  1. High standards of personal ethics.
  2. Big people, without pettiness.
  3. Guts under pressure, resilience in defeat.
  4. Brilliant brains — not safe plodders.
  5. A capacity for hard work and midnight oil.
  6. Charisma — charm and persuasiveness.
  7. A streak of unorthodoxy — creative innovators.
  8. The courage to make tough decisions.
  9. Inspiring enthusiasts — with trust and gusto.
  10. A sense of humor.

Do you want to increase the reality of possibilities in your career or business? Then pick one of these qualities each week for the next 10 weeks. Find every way you can to demonstrate the quality you’re working on. Add them up and in 10 weeks you will have transformed yourself, and perhaps the organization and clients you serve.

Creativity Photo via Shutterstock

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Alphabet’s X Lab leader Sees internet achieving Billions

Alphabet's X Lab Chief Sees Internet Reaching Billions

The “captain of moonshots” at Google determine agency Alphabet sees sizable, globalconvertingwireless net at the horizon.

Astro Teller, head of the boundary-pushing X studies crew, shared his vision of the future at some stage ina communicate on the TED convention here past due Monday.

Teller shared insights into the X crew‘s balloon-powered highvelocity net carrier referred to astask Loon,” which aims to get billions greater humans on line by way of attaining far off or rural areas that are notbut connected.

“There is lots of different technology available, rolling them out could be complicated,” Teller said.

however, someplace between 5 and ten years, it’ll alternate the sector in approaches we cannot likelyimagine.”

venture Loon commenced its first exams in Sri Lanka on Monday in advance of a planned joint task with the government there, the united states of america‘s pinnacle IT reputable instructed AFP.

It guarantees to increase coverage and cheaper charges for records services.

carrier companies can be able to get right of entry to better speeds and enhance the exceptional of their current carrier as soon as the balloon mission is up and strolling.

as soon as in the stratosphere, the balloons could be twice as excessive as business airliners and barelyvisible to the bare eye.

Teller instructed the TED target audience that he expected venture Loon balloons to be tested over Indonesia this yr.

Craziest concept to this point
The assignment, he quipped, is probably the craziest so far at the X lab, which changed into once part of Google but have become a separate unit with a restructuring that created figure employer Alphabet.

The name of the task changed into meant to remind the group how bizarre it to begin with regarded.

as with all their tasks, participants of the X team first tackled the hardest technical demanding situationsdealing with Loon with a watch toward quick scuttling the venture if the goal became now not practical,in line with Teller.

“We had round silvery balloons; massive pillow-fashioned balloons, balloons the scale of a blue whale,” Teller stated.

“We busted a whole lot of balloons.”

every doubtlessly terminal era project for Loon has been surmounted well enough to retain the task.

The modern design is a balloon within a balloon, one containing helium to keep it aloft and the other with air that can be released or introduced to regulate the burden and, as a result, pass up or all the way down to ride the wind.

The balloons can navigate pretty nicely, and send net signals to each other if you want to growth theirreach into far off areas.

As a Loon balloon floats out of a place, it arms the connection off to some other floating into that equalarea.

And, Teller stated, the bandwidth is ideal enough to stream unfastened on line TED talks for which theconvention is famend.

final year, one of the balloon stayed up for 187 days, he stated, circling the sector more than a dozentimes.

“Our balloons these days do the entirety we need,” Teller said. “So we’re going to preserve going.”

Kudos for failure
Teller stated his team refers to their base as “The Moonshot manufacturing unitbecause their goal is tomixture audacious ideas with the realities of getting them to market.

humans at the X crew get kudos, bonuses or even promotions for finding fatal flaws that kill tasks and thereby allow sources shift to more promising goals.

“We use the phrase ‘moonshot’ to remind us to hold our imaginative and prescient big, and the phrasemanufacturing facility‘ to remind ourselves that we want concrete plans to make them actual,” Teller said.

“We spend maximum of our time attempting to interrupt things and show we’re wrong.”

X lab’s paintings on an automatic machine for vertical farming was killed remaining year when the crewcouldn’t get it to develop staple plants consisting of grains or rice.

An extremelymild air-ship for hauling shipment changed into deserted after the crew found out thecharges to construct the primary prototype would be astronomical.

“We cannot spend $two hundred million (more or less Rs. 1,364 crores) to get the primary informationpoint approximately whether we’re on the right song,” Teller stated. “So we killed it.”

The lab’s self-driving vehicle become a herbal moonshot, and is buzzing along, consistent with Teller.

download the devices 360 app for Android and iOS to stay up to date with the latest tech information, product evaluations, and one-of-a-kind deals at the famous mobiles.

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Microsoft leader Satya Nadella Speaks On virtual Transformation In Delhi

Microsoft Chief Satya Nadella Speaks On Digital Transformation In Delhi

NEW DELHI: Satya Nadella is addressing college students, young achievers, builders and marketers in Delhi nowadays at the function of generation in fostering a culture of innovation and accelerating India’stempo in the direction of a digital future.

here are the highlights
it is poetry and pc technology, and i want to narrate the two inside the context of those large dreams
Dilli ok eek shaayar ne ek zamaane mein kaha tha, “Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi, ke har khwaish pe dum nikle… Bohot nikle mere armaan, fir bhi kam nikle” (A poet in Delhi once said, “heaps of aspirations such, that everyaspiration takes your breath away… I had many desires, however they still were not enough“)
Now, my interpretation of that Ghalib saying adjustments every yr.
I examine something new… there are such a lot of layers in there. on every occasion I read it, Iexperience as even though i’ve learnt it again.
however in my earliest interpretation I found out the electricity of what he was saying, that is, it is no longer simply your dreams being fulfilled, it’s miles your capacity to dream things that are well worthloss of life for.