Distinct Web Design to host webinar consultation and Q&A

Business owners can now get their website related questions answered in a webinar provided by web services company Distinct Web Design.

“We find that small businesses have many good questions about getting started with a website, improving the look and performance of their websites, and figuring out the best way to get help with their websites,” said Vincent Aguirre, president of Distinct Web Design, and the company’s co-founder. “We want to use this webinar to provide the answers businesses are looking for.”

The goal of the webinar is to address the most common questions asked by small businesses either thinking about building a website or hoping to improve the website they already have. To this end, the webinar will also give attendees the opportunity to ask their own questions and even submit their websites for review and analysis by Distinct Web Design.

“We want to help small businesses thrive,” Aguirre said. “Creating great websites is one of the best things they can do to build their success, and we want to share our expertise and make that happen for them.”

The webinar will feature a panel of four website experts and two special guests, who will address a wide variety of website-related topics that are of interest to small businesses. These topics will include website importance, budgeting, and maintenance; search engine optimization; mobile responsiveness; choosing a website builder; design customization and more.

Specific questions that will be addressed include the following:

— Why do I need a website?


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— Can a small business like mine have a meaningful presence on the Internet?

— How do I know if my website is good?

— How do I get my website to show up in Google?

— What steps should I take to make sure my website is maintained?

— How can Distinct Web Design in particular help me?

— My website looks bad on a mobile phone. Can you help?

— Why pay for a firm to build my website when I can use a builder for free?

— How do I build a website that meets my business’ needs?

Four of the webinar panel members are part of Distinct Web Design, and two of them will provide an outside perspective. They will include Aguirre; Andrew Smith, an owner of Distinct Web Design and the company’s project manager; Ayon Madushan, a web designer with Distinct; Carl Hil and Patrick Springer, founders of CP Travels LLC; and Maximillian Heth, an SEO consultant based in Plano, Texas.

The webinar is scheduled for 11 a.m. Friday, Feb. 10. It is free and open to anyone wanting to learn more about web design and development for their business.

Registration is available at https://app.webinarjam.net/register/3584….

Distinct Web Design was founded in 2015 by DePauw University graduates Vincent Aguirre and Michael Woodsmall. The friends have one goal: To share their skills and tools with small businesses and individuals that can benefit from them.

The company boasts a wide selection of services from website development, hosting, domain name management and consulting services focused around business needs. Distinct is also the only local Google for Work Partner.

The company recently became the largest locally owned hosting and web design company in the Putnam County area, while also serving a national client base.


Distinct: 2d Technology Porsche Panamera Prototype Driven

2nd Generation Porsche Panamera Prototype Side Profile


It’s far the primary car to construct upon the Porsche-advanced MSB architecture
Shares a number of components with the imminent Porsche Challenge E
A five-seater version might be presented at a later level
Porsche Panamera
Porsche Panamera
1.37 croresOn Street Rate (Mumbai)
E book Test Pressure
The camouflage may want to fool you, but the nextGeneration Porsche Panamera is completely new – and on a Venture. Whilst the previous model changed into a standalone car, this one can be the technicalbasis for some of upcoming Volkswagen Organization uppertop rate automobiles. Internally known asKind 971, or G2, It’s miles the first vehicle that builds upon the Porsche-developed MSB structure. MSB stands for Modularer Popular-Baukasten. We applaud the fact that Porsche identifies a front-engine, rear-wheel Power layout as “Fashionable.” It’s going to underpin the following-gen Bentley Continental family,the next Bentley Mulsanne, the compact Bentley Velocity Six, and a possible -door version of the Panamera – for starters. And it Stocks some of additives with the upcoming, completely electric PorscheTask E, internally known as J1.

Bentley Velocity Six
(Bentley Speed Six)

The scale of the new Panamera remain virtually equal to the outgoing model, however the proportionshave been transformed – and rather stepped forward. The windshield is greater steeply raked, and the roofline above the rear passengers is lower by means of a full 20 millimetres – yet rear headroom, at minus3 mm, is truely unchanged. The side home windows lose their upwards kink and now look extra just like the 911’s. The wheelbase is elongated by 30 mm, and the boot grows appreciably.

2nd Era Porsche Panamera Prototype the front
(The car Stocks a number of additives with the imminent, absolutely electric Porsche Task E)

the new Panamera’s front and rear fascia are sharper and greater angular than before, and the LED rear lightsnevertheless hidden below cover at the checking out prototypes – are narrow and square. Up the front, there are stages of ultramodern LED lightsadditionally nonetheless hidden underneath hide. The Faster model is truely differentiated with large and greater aggressive decrease front air intakes. You could also inform the models aside via their exhaust tips: The 4S model gets four round tailpipes, theRapid sports activities 4 square ones; the imminent entrylevel Panamera could have two oval exhausts.

second Technology Porsche Panamera Prototype aspect Profile
(The 4S version gets 4 round tailpipes)

That is the lineup: There might be the bottom Panamera 4 with a singleRapid three.zero-litre V6 (approximately 350bhp), the Panamera 4S with a twinRapid three.zero-litre V6 (440bhp), and the Panamera Faster with a twinRapid four.zero-litre V8 (550bhp). The Panamera 4 Diesel will get a 3.zero-litre V6 TDI (approximately 340bhp), and the 4S Diesel will come with a twin-turbocharged four.zero-litre V8 TDI (420bhp). Down the road, there might be a plug-in hybrid, and an ultraeffective, 600+ bhp Turbo S that builds on the Faster engine. The 4S, Faster and 4S Diesel will come to marketplace first.

2nd Era Porsche Panamera Prototype Rear (It’s far the primary automobile that builds upon the Porsche-advanced MSB structure)

All models are geared up with a ZF-provided 8Pace dualtake hold of computerized gearbox, affectionately known as Porsche-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe through its creators. We truely decide on to name it PDK! That is the most effective transmission that will be used on any of the VW Group‘s MSBautomobiles, and It’s miles designed to contain an electric powered motor on hybrid models. The 6-Paceguide, to be had at the predecessor till 2014, become ordered in such low numbers that the concept of asubstitute become swiftly discarded.

The soundtrack of the brand new engines is stunning; the V8 diesel sounds like a petroleum engine, and the V6 twinTurbo petrol engine can provide the most marvelous exhaust crackle. In good Porsche style, Vmax is ungoverned, and whilst the feature four-dot headlights seem to your rear-view mirror, you mustflow out of the way hastily.

The chassis and structure are all-new as nicely. The MSB architecture is designed for rear- and all-wheelPower programs; at launch, the Panamera will be presented solely with an all-wheel Pressure machinethat may operate from a one hundred:0 to a 20:eighty rear/the front torque distribution. The Panamera stands on 19″, 20″ or 21″ rims; there may be a preference of steel or carbon-ceramic brakes, and the stability control device capabilities numerous modes. It can additionally be switched off absolutely. A rear-wheel guidance system is optional, and it makes a huge difference: the turning circle shrinks, there ismore agility on twisty roads and high-quality highVelocity balance. while exact with this 4WS machine, the Panamera is upgraded with a forty eight-volt electric architecture.

2nd Generation Porsche Panamera Prototype
(Porsche has managed to hold the burden underneath the extent of the predecessor)

An progressive software program connects all chassis systems, which include the 3-chamber air suspension, and adjusts The automobile to Street situations and driving force enter completely. Whetheron flat asphalt, in slim curves or on tertiary gravel roads, the Panamera sucked up the miles and swallowed the floor with tremendous ease.

Even though there are “a hundred kilos worth of substance delivered,” Porsche has managed to keep the load below the level of the predecessor. The outer pores and skin is crafted from aluminium, the B-pillars are manufactured from metal – the first-class solution to satisfy faceteffect law in western markets.

The user interface has been entirely rethought: The sea of buttons that adorned the first Era has beenreplaced with contacttouchy surfaces and a limited quantity of toggle switches. the brand newautomobile is all about easy surfaces: The principal air vent can be closed totally, the cup-holders want to be driven down into the console; whilst now not in use, and their backside rises to shut the floor, likeinside the VW Phaeton. some of functions may be accessed most effective through the big, principal12.three-inch principal display screen – and the display amazed us with ultrareduced gray-on-black pix. In front of the driving force, there’s an analogue tachometer, flanked by two 7-inch TFT presentations.

2nd Generation Porsche Panamera Prototype Cabin
(A five-seater version will be offered at a later stage)

While the Panamera is an exceedingly aggressive driver‘s car, it additionally pampers the driving forcewith an available suite of assistance structuresconsisting of a stop-and-cross capability for trafficjams, a night vision system, and superior connectivity that integrates a lot of your telephonefunctionalities. And the rear is as spacious as before, with pronounced rear bucket seats and a excessivecentre console. A five-seater model could be offered at a later stage.

Porsche is inside the final stages of readying the second one-gen Panamera for manufacturing; weanticipate to see it available on the market via early 2017. On the subject of driving dynamics, That isthe brand new apex predator in the luxurious phase. Quicker, higher looking and outfitted with 5bf1289bdb38b4a57d54c435c7e4aa1c electronics, this car offers a completely unique combination of sportiness, luxurious and area. Down the road, there can be a station wagon version as well – and the upcoming long-wheelbase model may want to nicely be the ultimate limousine – with a purpose tooperate within the realm of the Flying Spur from stablemate Bentley.