How to become a gear changing guru

How to become a gear-changing guru...

Whether you think you’ve got your gear-changing on lockdown or not, you should read our 6 tips to become the ultimate gear-guru. Let’s go champ.

Start off small

The best way to learn to use a gearbox is to ride a low-power 125 on which you will have to work the gearbox efficiently to make any respectable progress.

Not like this…

What’s happening ahead?

The best gear to use will depend partly on your speed but also what you are approaching. For example, when planning an overtake, a responsive (in other words, lower) gear will give you the power and control to complete a pass quickly and safely. Likewise, when entering a bend a responsive gear will give you good control through the throttle to fine tune your speed as you negotiate the corner and provide acceleration on the exit.

They’re not brakes

Do not, however, use your gears as brakes. Crashing down through the gears on the approach to a hazard is a very crude way to slow and is harsh on the engine and transmission. Instead, slow on the approach by braking or rolling off the throttle and then choose a flexible gear to negotiate the situation ahead. A flexible gear is one in the middle of your rev range that allows you control through the throttle to moderate the speed selected or to accelerate further.

More miles for your cash

Most large-capacity machines nowadays have such flexible and powerful engines that they are still very usable in the higher gears for normal riding. Selecting a higher gear where possible will reduce your fuel consumption and will have the added benefit of giving a smoother ride into the bargain.

Smoothly does it

When riding with a pillion do you ever get head butted by your passenger as you change gear? Try changing up early to smooth the transition from one gear to the next. Also, when riding on a wet road changing up early will keep power inputs smooth and enhance the smoothness and security of your progress.

Give it a blip on the way down

When downshifting, maintain your throttle position or blip the throttle slightly to drop the gear in smoothly and prevent any transmission lurch as the lower gear engages. Gear indicators are a common feature now on bikes and useful for both new and experienced riders as a quick double check and will also prevent you from searching for that mythical seventh gear!


Tech jobs changing face and costs of Western Washington

Image result for Tech jobs changing face and costs of Western WashingtonSEATTLE – As Seattle’s housing and rental markets continue to rise, we keep asking the questions who can afford to live here?  Experts point to the booming tech industry as part of the reason for the increase and lack of affordability.

A new report ‘Cyberstates 2017’ released today by CompTIA shows Washington as ninth in the nation for tech jobs while adding 10,600 jobs added in 2016.

The study reports the average person in Washington makes $57,800 a year. The average tech wage in Washington is $134,800. That’s 133% higher than the state average.

“Obviously, South Lake Union is definitely picking up,” said Amazon worker Michael Sharps.

It’s picking up and jacking up the price if you ask data engineer Shuvi Powers.

“The housing and the housing market out here is just insane,” said Powers.

The 440-foot-tall residential skyscraper Cirrus in Seattle has one 652 sq. ft. studio apartment available for $2,260/month, according to its website.  Just down the street at Skye Belltown, a studio apartment will run you up to $3,016, according to its website.

“Talking to people who just moved to the area, it’s a point of frustration to find a place that’s reasonably priced,” said Michael Sharps, who works at Amazon.

According to the report, Cyberstates 2017, employment at Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia and other tech companies grew a combined 5 percent last year.  Software engineer Carson Crawford says the word is out.

“I’ve encouraged all my friends to become software engineers because we’re hiring like crazy,” said Crawford.

Hiring and paying like crazy, according to the report, which shows Washington ranks second in the nation for average tech wages.

“The key is finding a company who pays competitively so you can sustain yourself out here,” said Powers.

For those who don’t, they likely can’t call Seattle or even King County their home anymore. That’s why the state is pushing for Washington students to go into STEM jobs or emphasis on math and science to fill up these companies with natives.

“It’s pretty rare to meet a Washington native and a Seattle native at that,” said Crawford.

But Amazon’s Sharps says there’s room for everybody. Transplant tech workers and those born and raised in the area should live and thrive together in a city that has affordability for different price points, he said.

“It’s something that as a community, we should look to work on,” said Sharps.

It’s a dilemma we’ve heard even from Seattle Mayor Ed Murray about embracing the job growth and economic boost, while working to find solutions for what the mayor calls the “affordability crisis.”


Guess How Amazon and Two Other Firms Are Changing Operations — Forever

Amazon and Uber are re-imagining the delivery business — creating a whole new market for freelancers in the process. Meanwhile, the way eCommerce is automated may be changing forever. Read on for a full list of headlines in this week’s Small Business Trends News and Information Roundup.


Amazon Flex, UberRush Create Freelance Delivery Industry

The logistics space is just about to heat up. On-demand transportation company Uber and eCommerce giant Amazon have launched their own courier services to deliver packages. With two big brands entering the logistics domain, it could mark the beginning of an all new freelance delivery industry.

Whitebox Automates the eCommerce Process

Running an eCommerce business isn’t easy. Even if you list products through popular platforms like Amazon or eBay, there’s so much that goes into the logistical side of running such a company.

Social Media

New Mobile Facebook Tab Adds Tons of Notifications

Facebook has once again upped its game, this time with a major upgrade of the Facebook notifications tab in its mobile app. The expanded and personalized Facebook notifications tab is now more of a you-centric news feed than ever, sucking some of the best widgets from the sidebar on desktop while giving notifications an easy to navigate and structured appearance.


Have 50 to 99 Uninsured Employees? Better Read This

Small businesses with 50 to 99 full time employees must offer affordable health insurance to employees and their dependents by January 1, 2016. Small businesses also need to file new IRS tax forms on the same January 1 date. Those that don’t have the staff, know-how, or time to do the work may seek to outsource it at a cost likely ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Could Your Business Handle a $70,000 Minimum Wage?

When a CEO slashes his own salary by 93 percent and uses the money to raise the minimum salary of all employees to at least $70,000, it is bound to make headlines. And that’s exactly what happened when Dan Price, founder and co-owner of Gravity Payments, made the big announcement earlier this year.


Small Biz Lending Up 11 Percent Over Last Year, PayNet Says

U.S.-based small businesses experienced an increase in borrowing in September compared to a downwardly modified reading of 135.6 in August, and rose by 11 percent over last year, Reuters reported. The Thomson Reuters/PayNet Small Business Lending Index rose to 140.4 in September from the previous month’s 135.6 score.


Would You Give Up 1/3 of Your Business Interests Like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he plans to give about one-third of his Twitter stock, or 1 percent of the company, to Twitter’s employees. But hold on. There’s a method to Dorsey’s madness. He figures a share in the company will give his employees a greater stake in its success. And he may be right.

Mobile Marketing Exec Assaults Uber Driver While — Mobile

A mobile marketing executive at Taco Bell was caught on video violently assaulting a freelance Uber driver in California. The now-fired marketing executive was too intoxicated to provide the driver with proper directions. The video also  demonstrates the potential downsides of being a freelance driver working through the Uber App.


Endurance International to Acquire Constant Contact in Billion Dollar Deal

Endurance International Group this morning announced it will acquire all the stock of email marketing company, Constant Contact.   The price for Constant Contact’s stock will be $32 per share, making the value of the deal $1.1 billion. Together, as a combined group, they will serve more than 5 million small businesses.

Product Lists

Best Business Gifts Under $10 for 2015

It’s gift giving season again. Even if you are not one to give in to holiday cheer, you can take advantage of the opportunity to show your appreciation to those you work with all year. And you don’t have to empty your wallet to give a great gift.

Small Business Spotlight

Spotlight: Need an Event Management Platform? Try Attend

Live events can be a useful for marketing your brand. But all the planning and logistics involved can be intimidating. That’s why Attend offers an event management and engagement platform designed not only to help businesses plan events, but also to help them manage relationships with attendees both during and after.


More African-Americans Are Becoming Entrepreneurs, But Gap Remains

Recently released data from the 2012 Survey of Business Owners — the Census Bureau’s snapshot of American business — shows that the fraction of businesses owned by African-Americans rose considerably between 2007 and 2012. In 2007, 7.1 percent of U.S. companies were headed by an African-American. By 2012, that share had risen to 9.4 percent. Raises $35 Million, Amasses 15 Million Users — and Closes

Shocking news out of the startup world:, a popular and highly-promising Israeli startup, has unexpectedly shut down. Founded in 2010, the startup reportedly built an ingenious launcher for Android devices that adds contextual capabilities to mobile phones and raised over $35 million in a series of financing from high-profile investors.

The Steve Jobs Movie Casts Entrepreneurs as Orchestra Conductors

“Steve Jobs,” the movie about the late entrepreneur behind Apple, bombed at the box office in its first weekend of release. And critics’ reviews have been mixed. But the movie may be best remembered for its interesting take on what it means to be an entrepreneur. In fact on fairly strong supporter of the film is Jobs’ former Apple partner Steve Wozniak.

Mobile Technology

Kangaroo is a $99 PC That Fits In Your Pocket

A $99 computer brings to mind something like the barest of bare bones systems but that is not the case for the InFocus Kangaroo Windows 10 Mobile Desktop. Although a ‘Mobile Desktop’ sounds like a contradiction in terms, that is how the company describes Kangaroo.

OnePlus X Phone Marks Spot Where Low Price Meets High Quality

Soon after the July release of OnePlus2, OnePlus started creating buzz about another handset due this year that would cater to a different audience. The OnePlus X phone — the Chinese company’s third phone ever and the second of 2015 — was officially unveiled at simultaneous events in Beijing and New Delhi, among other cities. The OnePlus X is many things.

Samsung Unveils 18.4-inch Galaxy View Tablet for Video Streaming

Samsung has stolen Apple’s thunder — again. The company finally put rumors to rest and unveiled its much anticipated 18.4-inch tablet called Galaxy View. The massive device, which is a cross between a tablet and a TV, is designed for video streaming. It boasts a huge screen with a full HD 1,920 x 1,080 resolution display and is powered by a 1.6GHz octa-core processor.

HTC A9 Phone Will Be A Little More Expensive After Nov. 7

The new HTC One A9 entered the market recently with a new design and features that pretty much made the phone look like a good value. But the price was what grabbed the attention of most, as the A9 came in at juat$399. For customers looking for a phone with great features at a relatively affordable price, the A9 looked like a potentially great option.

Technology Trends

Yet Another Business Use for Drones: WalMart Considers Inventory Option

Following months of indoor testing, Walmart has asked U.S. regulators for permission to test drones outdoors. Specifically, Walmart is requesting permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to explore the uses of these small, unmanned aircraft to deliver products to customers at Walmart’s facilities.

Newcomer “UpThere” Features Cloud Service with a Twist

The cloud is becoming the preferred method of storing the data we need to access, and while there are many options in the market place, UpThere is touting its service as unique. Here’s why. One of the inconveniences of cloud storage is the need to sync your devices.

Chase Pay: There’s A New Digital Payment Option in Town

With digital payment options all the rage, J.P. Morgan Chase will toss its hat into the digital wallet ring. J.P. Morgan Chase’s consumer banking arm is launching Chase Pay, a digital platform that will allow consumers to pay store and restaurant bills, among other things, via their mobile phone.

Bing Ads Bring in $1 Billion Making the Platform Finally Profitable

The approach Microsoft has taken in the search segment has been slow and methodical, and it is finally paying off. Bing, which was really not an option for many people when it came to search, has now turned the corner.

Amazon Packages Photo via Shutterstock


10 Ways to Market Your Business in a Changing World

The way businesses market to their customers is constantly changing, from use of new tools like Twitter and Foursquare to the need to cope with shorter customer attention spans.

So, businesses need to constantly update their tactics in order to stay relevant.

This week, members of the small business community shared some tips for continuing to adapt to changes in your industry.

Read the full list of tips in this week’s community news and information roundup below.

Skyrocket Your Twitter Marketing


If you use Twitter as part of your online marketing strategy, you might not be doing all that you can to leverage the platform. Sherman Standberry shares a few steps in this post aimed at helping businesses make the most of their Twitter marketing strategies.

Market to Customers’ Short Attention Spans

(DIY Marketers)

Consumers these days don’t spend a lot of time learning about different businesses and their offerings. If you can’t catch their attention in the first few seconds, they’re likely to just move on. Here, Ivana Taylor talks about how to get and keep customers’ attention in the short amount of time you have. BizSugar members then discuss the post further.

Take Geo Local Marketing Seriously


Twitter and Foursquare recently announced a partnership that could impact the way local businesses market to nearby customers. Though many have already dismissed platforms like Foursquare in terms of marketing value, it might be time for small businesses to take another look. Nicole Laurrari discusses the potential of geo local marketing.

Write the Ultimate Blog Post

(Blogging Wizard)

There’s so much that goes into creating a great blog post, from catchy headlines to SEO, and of course great content. Your goal should be to make every single post you write as great as it can be. And this blogging cheat sheet from Elna Cain might be able to help. You can see more input on the post in the BizSugar community.

Focus on Solving Problems with Business Apps


Wanting your app to make a lot of money won’t magically make it so. In fact, creating an app just to bring in some extra cash is unlikely to lead to success. As Jason Coutsodimitropoulos points out here, successful apps are those that actually solve a problem or provide a useful service for people.

Make the Most of Your Social Media Schedule

(Social Media Slant)

Running a successful social media campaign doesn’t have to be time consuming. In this post, Cendrine Marrouat explains how you can effectively run your social media campaigns in just an hour a day. The BizSugar community also shares some thoughts on the post.

Get Your Customer Service in Gear

(Yodle Insights)

Providing good customer service can make a huge difference in your company’s bottom line. Those who have been in business for a long time can provide some valuable tips for newer businesses looking to improve service. This post by Angelica Diamond provides some of those tips.

Consider Including a “Start Here” Page on Your Site

(The SITS Girls)

When a new reader gets to your blog for the first time, there’s a possibility that they could be confused or overwhelmed enough to simply click away. But if you have a “start here” page specifically designed for new readers, you could at least partially eliminate that problem. Laura Gelnett discusses the power of these pages along with some things you might include on them.

Target Your Ideal Buyer

(Riverbed Marketing)

If your marketing efforts aren’t specifically tailored to your ideal customers, they’re not reaching their full potential. In order to tailor your marketing, you need to first determine who your ideal buyers are and how to reach them. Todd Mumford shares some tips for doing so.

Make the Most of Your Business Travel

(The Marketing Eggspert Blog)

Traveling for business is often necessary if not always convenient. But you can use that travel as an opportunity to grow your business, as April Lisonbee discusses here. You can read more input about business travel in the BizSugar community.

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